The Sentient Temple highly recommends the O2E2

Dr. Alexander states,  I believe all of our partners in healing will benefit from using this machine for good health and optimal benefits.  Dr Fern, Dr Terri and I use it every day.

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From The Breathing Optimal Association

In order to provide the most affordable prices to our customers, we use a variety of market leading brand generators and sometimes combine them to enhance their effectiveness. While our machine brands may vary, you can be confident of the top specifications of your unit when you receive any of our O2E2 approved machines. Only the top performers receive our O2E2 trademarked sticker allowing peace of mind that you are receiving the best!

Our personal commitment is to deliver oxygen generators that have industry leading specifications while offering affordable prices to our customers. This allows more people to enjoy the opportunity of owning their own personal machine.

Dr. Alexander's special machine prices are reflected when you click on the ADD TO CART button.
Style Price


For home or health professional office.





10 LPM

For home or health professional office.




1 unit  5 LPM
Cont. USA $599.00 - $1010.00
Refurbished and new Quantity Discounts in cart

laska, Hawaii, Canada $702.00 -$1110.00
Refurbished and new


1 unit  10 LPM
Cont. USA $1235.00 $1735.00
Refurbished and new

Alaska, Hawaii, Canada  $1375.00 - $1845.00
Refurbished and new








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