Dr. Bruce West

Health Alert

December 2009, volume 26 Issue 12 page 7

"SLEEP APNEA, the Non Disease.
Most physicians believe that there is no proven cause of sleep apnea. Yet most of sleep apnea, the non disease, is caused by prescription drugs that cause respiratory distress syndrome. More is caused by gluten, wheat and pasteurized dairy. And some is simply caused by obesity and related poor breathing habits and lung capacity. 

If this is your situation, you can almost always take charge of your breathing and get back to normal.  Start with your prescription drugs. Simply look them all up in the Pill book by Bantam or a similar publication that lists the side effects and see which ones cause respiratory distress or breathing problems of any kind. 

This sounds simple but can be difficult.  If you take three drugs, none of them may cause breathing problems or apnea. But combined they may well team up to cause your problems.  And there are no drug books that you can use to figure out which combinations may cause your sleep apnea. Therefore, always suspect your prescription drugs as the cause of sleep apnea until ,,,,,,,,,," .......

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