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Chakras and Breathing

Blocks to the breathing waves are also blocks to the chakras.

When the physical/energy channel is blocked, the breathwave and related energy flow forming the body sensation/feeling/emotion relationship, can not freely proceed along its pathway and allow fullbody (somatic) expansion or expression. 

When the breath wave is blocked the following energy centers may be blocked.

 1.    Sex center. (Pelvic segment*). Positive aspects: Grounding and sexuality. Connection with our legs, feet and the earth or whatever we are standing on. Fulfillment, and deep satisfaction. Negative aspects:  Lack of self-assertiveness and confidence in life, lacking a sense of direction, often feeling insecure, anxiety, constant worry, mentally rigid
(being a pushover).   Survival issues. Never enough sex food or money, Shame of self and body. Physical symptoms. General weak condition.  Postural problems. "Weak in the knees". 

 2.    Hara Center; lower tantien; abdominal segment:
Two inches below the naval.  Positive aspects: vitality and sexual energy. Physical balance, willfulness, grace of movement, The foundation of your sense of inner strength and character.  Negative aspects: Lacking inner strength.  Negative aspects: Plagued by doubt. Butterflies.  Too easily overcome by fear. Passivity.  Physical symptoms: Shallow and irregular breathing.  Frequent low energy or irritability.  Lower back complaints, constipation, migraines, problems with sexual potency.

4.     (Purposefully out of numerical order). 

Heart Center. (Thoracic segment including hands, arms and shoulders)  The seat of positive attitude. Confidence in relationships and developed sensitivity. empathy, openness, trust and love for self and others.  Kindness, generosity and openness.  Flexibility and adaptability.  Reaching out and accepting. 
Positive aspects:  Self love, compassion, trust, empathy, optimism, generosity, high states of excitement and joyous arousal accessed and supported with the power of the hara (abdominal segment) and unhindered by the Speed Bump. See #3.   Understanding, compassion, wholeness balanced with inner strength and creative compassion.  You ask for what you want.  Healthy aggression when supported by the second and third segments.  Negative aspects:  Chronic sadness, shame, unworthiness, longing, pity, loneliness, a "bleeding heart". Often accompanied by held down, rounded or locked shoulders blocking a reaching out or wanting expression with the arms and hands.  Negative physical aspects. Collapsed, stooped and or rounded shoulders, flat chest,  general breathing problems, diseases of the lungs and skin.

3.   The solar plexus/diaphragm segment(The Speed Bump).  A central release point for all tension in the body.  The hand of the marionette that tightens or loosens the strings attached to the pelvis, stomach, back, chest, shoulders, throat, face, jaw and eyes, even ankles. The fulcrum or point of balance of sympathetic high chest/parasympathetic abdominal response; the balance point between our "lower" grounded, sexual, confident, creative self with the (upper) compassionate, heart felt, trusting, empathetic self.  They meet and balance or compliment one another as needed or wanted. 
Positive aspects:  When eliminated it supports balancing brain hemispheres.  Ability to express or control strong emotions, both negative or positive, spontaneously or at will; Trust in change, centeredness, willingness to overcome physical and mental limitations, ability to resolve conflicts, more in touch with emotions. Contentment and a sense of lightness, clarity, fulfillment and self acceptance. Stronger digestion.  Acting vigorously, powerfully.
Physical symptoms:  Stiffness, fearful, angry, rigid, muscular tensions, stomach problems, digestive and lower back problem.
Negative aspects:  Defensiveness, insecurity, bored a lot, chronic sadness.  Less able to segue from passion to peace of mind or visa versa.  Being stuck in negative or positive (power hunger or zealotism) emotions, fear, or anger.  Sexuality with little or no joy; Expressive inhibition. Egotism and unrefined emotionality.  Negative physical aspects.  Stiffness and  rigidity.  Small lung capacity. Heart ailments.  Unbalanced blood acid/alkaline acid.  Unhealthy circulatory system.

5.     Throat center segment. Including jaws, mouth and lower face.  Positive aspects:  All energetic forms of expression come up from the lower segments and are allowed to pass freely and fully.  Lots of creative ideas and good communication skills, with unblocked expression of them.  Be able to express how it is you feel, what you want, how you want things to be.  Voice flexibility, singing, shouting, laughing, moaning, making faces, giggling. Negative:  Like water in a hose it can be restricted, even pushed back. We can  "swallow" our power and pride, stifle our expression, "choke" on our own words. We may have learned this by muffling self expression in accordance with our parents wishes.   Negative physical aspects.  Exhaustion, digestive and weight problems.  Tension in shoulders and back of neck and head.  Frequent colds, sore throats and infections.

6.     Visual center/segment. Third Eye, sixth chakra.  Concentration, strong powers of the mind and will.  Imagination, intuition and perceptions that determine how you see yourself and the world around you. Your eyes are the reflection of your deep self.  Visions and symbols are imprinted on the subconscious mind.   Positive aspects: Clarity, vitality, sparkle, insight and the opportunity for intimacy.  Strong connection with one's inner guide and self.  Openness toward spirituality.  You are nearing a sense of the sacred.  Negative.  Compulsive achiever.  controlling behavior, denial of reality, repetitive thoughts and inner dialogues.  Forgetfulness.  One hides behind ones partially closed eyes. A tired, lifeless quality of low energy or partial commitment to a passionless cause; lacking direction.  A diverted focus representing a failed purpose.  Negative physical aspects:  Eye and vision problems, headaches.

7.     Crown Center or (brow segment).  When open, you experience the seat of the soul and the door to the universe; Cosmic oneness.  A vision, or purpose and inner knowing shines outward.  This center needs energy from the breath and other centers to fully realize its potential. A continuous flow from head to toe.

Positive aspects.  Beyond this corporeal world into states of unbridled eecstasy.  Connection with visible and invisible energies. Extreme clarity. A strong sense of wholeness. Negative aspects. Undeveloped sense of wholeness and basic trust.  Excessive need for rationality and analysis.  Constantly active and lacking confidence of one's intuitive powers.  Negative physical aspects:  Unbalanced brain hemispheres.  Thyroid, parathyroid,  and genital organs and muscular ailments.  

* The word "segment" stems from Wilhelm Reich's perspective on what he labeled "body armoring". 

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