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What do you want to know about breathing? Answered in our newsletter


Fast Relief and Prevention for COLDS, FLU, SINUSITIS, BRONCHITIS and Hopefully Most PNEUMONIA

This is for people who do not wish to or cannot afford to get sick or to speed recovery. As it is not FDA approved so use the remedies below at your own risk.

My son, while living with my ex-wife, kept a cold for 2 weeks. When he came to live with me at age 13 he’d have it only for a day.  He and I (until the recent vaccine  talk about at the bottom of this article) haven’t had a cold in over 15 years*.  I‘ve already cut back from eating bagels 3 days a week as that gives me guaranteed bronchitis. I found out that gluten is part of the cause as well as the amount one consumes. Cold or flu symptoms must be addressed at the first sign(s). My mantra is "If you feel a tickle, don't be fickle. Attack it now." Every minute you delay will risk lengthening the sick time.

How are colds, flu and pneumonia spread?

Most are caused by either bacterial or viral organisms already present in your body. These can spread in a number of ways, including:

  • coughs or sneezes that aren’t covered
  • sharing cups or eating utensils
  • touching a tissue or other item after someone with bacterial or viral pneumonia has used it
  • not washing your hands regularly, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.  Shaking hands with someone who just did that.

Not everyone who is exposed to these bacteria or viruses will get sick. People who are at higher risk include:

  • children under 2
  • adults over 65
  • pregnant women
  • anyone with a weakened immune system (such as people with HIV/AIDS, people with an autoimmune disease, or anyone undergoing chemotherapy)
  • people with a chronic disease, like diabetes
  • people who have been hospitalized
  • people with poor elimination. Your "toilet" backs up and your body tries to kill the toxins via extra white blood cells and you feel the "congestion". Pizza NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Recommended Films
  • people who smoke
  • people with certain food allergies like gluten   Recommended Films
  • people who eat too much   Recommended Films
  • people who eat too many processed foods  Recommended Films
  • people with lung disease (such chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma) or heart disease

For prevention (especially in winter) or as a remedy, start with a daily dose of Oregacillin. Add 2 caps x 3-5 daily Oregacillin for flu, coughing and chest or sinus congestion/inflammation and 4-5 oxycleanse at bedtime daily (and ongoing internal cleansing for prevention) to flush out the colon using oxygen based bacteria and promote internal cleansing. Add Prescript Assist daily at bedtime 1 capsule or 3 x 3 daily if you are fighting an illness. Sinu Clenz, neti pots (below) round out the full program.

Reach the TOP (sinuses), MIDDLE (lungs) and BOTTOM (colon).

The forehead sinuses act as a reservoir for bad bacteria that never gets destroyed and constantly trickles down to the rest of your body. 

Super sinus cleansing – lying down on your back in bed with your head hanging over the edge, tilt your head WAY back over the edge of the bed and get a good amount say 20 drops each nostril of SinuClenz to your upper sinuses. Dr. George Manlove in Chapel Hill, NC and I both suggest using an Inversion Table (yes i have one) or a Teeter Hang-up to get upside down enough so the liquid travels up as high in the head SINUS and not lose the liquid to swallowing and bypassing the sinuses. This takes at least ten minutes so stay with it. After 5 minutes add more drops say 10 to nostrils still plugged. This can burn like you have never felt before. Repeated usage stops the burn. This is a sure sign that it is killing the bacteria. If the burning sensation is felt in the head sinus, this proves that the solution reached the place where you want it most to be.  I noticed that even only 2 hours later i repeated the process and still produced yellow mucous. I doubt this is due to a normal cold but rather the Pneumoccocal (PCV13) Vaccine or just plain pneumonia/bronchitis etc but i can't be sure. I suspect for some the same repetition of yellow or green mucous will occur due to waiting too long to address the symptoms. After I was able to breathe from my nose, albeit  a bit stuffed still, I was able to relax upside down so well that I could go into a mild meditative state and not be concerned with time.

The head sinus is where a lot of hard to get bacteria lives, so Neti Pots are helpful as well and some of our essential oil combinations Respiratory Enhancer INHALE at 2-5 drops per pot.  Add a 1/2 TSP salt and then shake the pot. To use the solution in the Neti Pot via an eyedropper.  The neti pot helps offset the need for nose blowing but we must often blow our nose anyway and we then force germs back up into the upper sinuses hence the hanging upside down approach is best. Blow the nose anyway then use the Neti pot bending over the sink.

In the first several days of the treatment, I felt nothing in my upper sinuses until the 5th day when the burning sensation was felt (left side first) and my Kleenex was full of mucous. I repeated 3 times a day for 10 minutes each and STILL got plenty of yellow mucous during the blow.  After a few times a day the pain should lessen as the infection decreases. After which, you will feel open nostrils and often more clear headed.  

Dr. Manlove, who has his own mycotoxin protocol suggests that the sinuses can harbor bacteria related to hearing loss.  Makes sense to me and a poor diet will help maintain the bad bacteria in full force. In general and especially for the cold season avoid eating grains, sugar, and chocolate as well as mucous causing foods like red meat and pasteurized or processed products, even raw milk. Use hemp, rice or maybe make almond milk (nut allergies possible) instead and take Vitamin C, Oregacilin, oxycleanse, Prescript Assist, immune system enhancer, Vitamin D, Vitamin A daily.

For the vitamin C part get powdered sago palm or crystal C and make fresh OJ and insert 15 grams C into 1qt OJ. Drink to bowel tolerance meaning until you get the runs then back off till they stop but do not quit.  Because toxin elimination/cleansing responses often start in one’s upper body and later move downward, a hot pad on the chest that has been rubbed with Vicks Vaporub can help loosen chest congestion. Rub the bottoms of the feet with the Vaporub as well. Add half a teaspoon of Baking Soda in 8oz water and drink this two to three times daily (it turns the urine and saliva alkaline). REMEMBER the longer you wait after any tell tale signs of cold, flu, bronchitis  or pneumonia coming on the longer and more intense you have to attack it. The sooner the better.

So basically this remedy leads to starving and drowning germs with copious liquids which is a safer bacteria killer alternative together with enemas or cathartics (ExLax for kids and have a toilet nearby) as well as avoidance of grains, processed foods or red meats. A cup of hot water with a juice of half a lemon taken  4 times a day.  All the probiotics and natural bacteria killers you can find. Remember that breathing volume is the primary marker of longevity so use the tools and nutritionals to ensure you develop it as best you can.

Vitamin C for bowel tolerance: Enough ingested Vitamin C will give one a runny stool. When this persists, lower the large dosages of Vitamin C until it stops but do not quit the large doses until after 3 days of no cold symptoms. RE-introduce the danger foods slowly if at all. Go raw as much as possible.

Enemas and colonics are also quite helpful in relieving sinuses as well as oxygen bar sessions.
Coffee enemas.
Add coffee enemas if you are VERY sick or just think it might be a good idea. Which it is.

1. When possible an enema bag of clear plastic that you can see through. Otherwise a douch/enema bag combo can suffice.
2.  Special soft French or plastic catheter to fit over the hard plastic tip of the enema bag.
3. A large stainless Learn more

OH, almost forgot. I fell in love with Kombucha. You can spike the flavor with your favorite nectar or drink it as it comes from the bottle. I sought out  a keg or tap version like at the Physical GraffiTea store at 96 St Marks Place in NYC. mike@breathing.comSearching "kombucha in kegs and your zip  found two in Charlotte and learned they have it in pony kegs (large frig needed). Lenny Boy. Small bottles too.

Cold and sinusitis fallacies

• The common cold is the body’s self-purification action, a response to an internal toxic overload. 

• Colds are not caught. (Pneumonia can be.) — they are self-inflicted by stress and unhealthy living practices including bad air.

• “Curing a cold is illogical—the body is in the process of restoring health via internal cleansing when it is experiencing a “cold.”

Flu Fallacy?

• Influenza, or “flu,” is the body’s self-purification action, a response to an internal toxic overload.

• “The flu” is self-inflicted by unhealthy dietary choices and eating practices, where indigestible foods decompose in the gut, which causes extreme gastrointestinal distress and acid-waste poisoning.  Recommended Films

• Mainstream pathology researchers commonly point to viruses in animal foods as the common link with incidences of flu. Viruses and other pathogens may indeed be present; however, those who develop “the flu” typically maintain unhealthy eating habits all the time, and periodically experience various levels of pollution overwhelm diseases anyway.

• Flu vaccines” are often illogical—some work but many more contain severe, harmful poisons. MMR being one as it puts three vaccines together. Watch VAXXED the movie


Communicable Diseases & Possible Contagion Fallacies

Think: Why do some "catch it" and others don’t. 

• Toxic matter CAN be passed from body to body by invasive contact, and groups of people CAN be exposed to the same toxic dietary fare and air pollutants as well as physical stress, resulting in toxemia. You body becomes weakened and that invites any bacteria or virus present to proliferate.


Groups of people with similar disease symptoms have similar toxic influences that violated their bodies. If the body enacts a purification response to rid the toxins (whereby we experience disease/illness cold-flu symptoms), it is the weakened body itself that invited the so-called “disease”; the “disease was not communicated, caught or contracted, it was already there and made worse by the additional exposure of concentrated germs.


So in a sense, our bodies try to do the germ-killing, cleansing and strengthening of the immune system and prevent the symptoms but become overwhelmed and need to kill and eliminate the negative invaders. The longer we take to enhance the germ killing and purification process, the deeper the invasion sets in.  Never forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Shaking hands? Big pharma is making us paranoid about germs. Shaking hands is being replaced by the fist pump for many as they back off human contact. Hopefully they wash after using the toilet or sneezing into their hands (especially if they are sick) but shaking hands largely does us a service as transfers germs and allows our immune systems to develop antibodies for them. 


IMMUNE SYSTEM.  I think of our primary immune system as our respiratory system.  Ischaemic heart disease (hearts go into spasm due to lack of oxygen)  stroke (oxygen loss to parts of the brain), lower respiratory infections and chronic obstructive lung disease have remained the top major killers during the past decade. In hospitals most die from pneumonia.


At the bottom of every shopping cart is a list of ten products that strengthen the immune system from the sinuses to the colon.  
Do not miss any.

*My recent experience with a Pneumoccocal (PCV13) Vaccine. 

After a recent vaccination I am rambling a bit but feel the need to share my experience.

On December 14 2015 (age 74) I was required to get a vaccination due to a proposed cochlear implant surgery on my left ear.  They kept calling me super healthy, so why the vaccine?
I got very sick. 
Allergies? There to my knowledge are no definitions  of what an allergic reaction to this vaccination consists of. 

Do any one or all the reactions listed in my write up constitute allergy? If so then would it not be wise to hold off for bit to let my immune system recover?**   Note to Dr. P. 12/20.15 "You do not have a Subject: URGENT category. 36 hours from surgery is urgent IMO
Wednesday I got very sick from the vaccination on tuesday. Almost recovered but am wary of surgery whilst feeling so run down.
Surgery was delayed to Jan 5. There no lists of side effects in your IMPLANT JOURNAL that i can find except a near 50 letter url that may or may not list them so i went to MAYO Clinic page. Side effects were: coughing and chest mucous; difficulty swallowing; sore throat; extreme fatigue; (I add brain fog) general feeling of discomfort or illness; loss of appetite; nasal congestion; runny nose. Add fear of getting surgery.   What are the implications of my bad reaction? (1/4/16 8am no answer yet.)
What i see in your blue sheet is "about 4,000 people die per year from Pneumococcal infections. Any of those caused by vaccination?"


**So for 5 days and in 12/20/15 I tried to resolve this using everything I suggested above. I suspect it is pneumonia or Diptheria or both from the vaccine. They say if one is allergic to the vaccine do not use it but
1. If this is the first time how does one know.
2. They  do not specify just what an allergic reaction is.
I suspect that my reactions were not about allergy and the they use allergy as a euphemism for actually being made sick with pneumonia and diptheria toxin (They force infants to have these shots i hear).
At 12/21/15, I felt much better but there was a delay on the surgery due to my concerns that my immune system has taken a severe blow and my chest and head was still congested. 12/22/15 I delayed the surgery to give time for the shot reactions to back off. Meanwhile I am doing the above program almost daily now including the 
oxygen and zero antibiotics. 12/29/15 still a bit mucousy in the chest and head. Normally a cold would have been gone long ago as this is over two weeks. 1/1/2016. Decided to take the antibiotics to help accelerate the infection with the surgery being scheduled tomorrow for Jan 5.   If I make it through the surgery and am still cogent enough i will continue this writing. Good odds I hear.

A year later post surgery and now I have to wonder how many of those little bugs take up housekeeping in people/s forehead sinuses and never get evicted.


Vaccine dangers


Recommended Films

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