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Juicing: A multiple day supply.

I am a bit of an efficiency freak so I choose the path of least resistance to getting healthy juices daily. Think of juicing as getting healthy and smoothies as staying healthy. Make just juice and take it straight for weeks to months/recovery and include with other things like e3live, ground flax seeds and raw protein add-ins to various recipes for smoothies.
For inspiration the juice part.  Watch several Netflix documentaries like "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2"

Read Norman Walker's classic FRESH  VEGETABLE  AND  FRUIT  JUICES.

Equipment:  Breville or your choice of juicer. I prefer one that makes the most the fastest; Foodmaster to vacuum seal WIDE MOUTH Mason jars and lengthen shelf life; half gallon wide mouth mason jars.

Makes around 2.5 gallons. Takes about 1.5 hours.

Carrots 7 lb, kale 3 bushels, cabbage 1 medium,  ginger 3-5 thumbs, large cucumbers 9, granny smith sour apples 3-5 lbs, 2 bunches beets (6) including greens, three celery bushels,  2 fennel, 6 lemons, 4 limes,  2 pineapples, 4 pears.

Put FRESHLY JUICED LIQUID in jars and set lids on them to minimize oxidation, when all juiced then pour ALL together in large tub to mix them well and quickly strain off most of froth with a colander. The froth in the tub produced from juicing is THICK and not juice but mostly oxidized matter.  Pour to fill minus 1/2 inch in large ? gal WIDE MOUTH Mason jars and Foodsaver vacuum seal with WIDE Mouth Adaptor (online only) to remove oxygen. Refrigerate upright and do not shake until you have removed the lid and scooped off the top scum that is dried out useless oxidized matter. Shake, pour and enjoy.   Takes me about 90 minutes to do 2.5 gallons. When I open the jars there is still some dried froth at the top and I tablespoon if off then shake and pour. YUMMY.

Blended drink: add e3live, fresh frozen spirulina, freshly ground flax seeds, aloe vera gel, your favorite protein powder (we like pea powder), nutritional yeast etc.

Note on the vacuum sealing. I tested a pealed banana and avocado placed in a jar and sealed and a week later there was ZERO discoloration.

I have drank this juice when it was 2 weeks old and it still tasted fresh providing I had resealed it every time I poured some from a jar. One can argue the reduced health benefits after a few days or even minutes) of storage (so make 3 days worth instead) but I feel great when I juice and not so great when I do not. 

Proteins. Non animal.
Raw hulled sunflower seeds, half cup = 15 grams, more or less to be blended in the juice. Men add eighth cup more or less raw hulled pumpkin seeds for ongoing prostate health.
Source = Nuts.com organic and good pricing. Soak them (including
 ground flax seeds) in water overnight to wake up their enzymes and watch the bowel movements get fuller. Ensure they "leave easily" via OxyCLeanse and you have a great daily cleansing/detox aspect of your regimen .

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