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Optimal Breathing Lecture Demonstrations

     My Optimal Breathing™ lecture demonstrations are developing into informative, interactive and engaging sessions of life enhancing/saving information about breathing.  Simple self assessments and key insights guide and inform one about why breathing is so important and how much we take it for granted; until it is too late. 

After a recent lecture and video portion I chose an attendee volunteer with a quite recent bout of pneumonia. I gave him two primary self assessments and one of several different quick and easy Optimal Breath Releases (OBRs), to basically expand his breathing ease and size. He was quite pleased with the 10 minute session after-effects. 

A primary reason for recurrence of pneumonia and most COPD is that the lungs get clogged up and won’t gas exchange or rid themselves of toxins. The lungs lose their elasticity and the rib cage may as well have contracted or stiffened from lack of expansion inviting toxins, germs, fungus and bacteria to build up which invites more infection.

When the clogged lung tissues are unclogged or reactivated they help the rest of the cardio respiratory system toward more ease and balanced function. The breath slows, pulse evens out and often slows, blood stops clotting too quickly, adrenals rest, digestion improves, blood pH stays more in neutral, the brain receives more oxygen, the entire body’s 70 billion cells begin to function better with the increase in oxygen. The body is better able to heal itself. Challenges are met with more calm directedness and clarity.

Schedule lecture demos at 1 704.597.6775.  A sample promotional piece is below

Sample Titles
The Ins and Outs of Optimal Breathing
Health and Wellness Alert
What Nurses Need to Know About Optimal Breathing

Sample flyer information.

What do speaking authentically and convincingly; preventive health care and optimum wellness; recovery from trauma, surgery or illness; athletic stamina; blood oxygenation; loss of work days; ALL have in common?

They are greatly to severely impacted by the way we breathe, the quality of our respiration.

Do YOU know how to breathe optimally?

Join us in an Interactive Seminar on Breathing  with Michael Grant White.

Spend some "quality time" with "The Breathing Coach" and learn why and how to breathe better.

Prepare to be engaged, informed and inspired.

This is NOT a "breathwork" program of Yoga, meditation, chi Kung or high intensity energy work. It will be an experiential demonstration/lecture teaching the actual mechanics of optimal breathing.

So many of us have learned poor breathing habits. Childhood traumas, stress, poor health, anxiety,

Too fast a pace of living - all contribute to faulty breathing habits. And in turn, faulty breathing affects us negatively as follows

¨ Weak Voices & Unable to Project

¨ Respiratory Illnesses (i.e.bronchitis, asthma, emphysema)

¨ Symptomatic Problems (i.e. coughing, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure),

¨ Mechanical Problems (i.e.cramps in back or neck, hyperventilation, tightness across chest),

¨ Emotional Symptoms (i.e.anxiety, depression, shallow breathing

¨ More of any or all sicknesses

We will include

1. Insufficient breathing’s relationship to heart attacks, cancer, strokes, poor memory, sexual energy, shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and laryngitis.

2. Assessing for breathing blocks and breathing quality; personal assessments that tell you how good is YOUR breathing.

3. Why one breathing exercise might be better than another.

4. The benefits, dangers and confusions of "deep breathing".

5. A cross cultural generic way of using breathing to reduce stress and increase natural energy.

6. Why mainstream medical and alternative practitioners may not know what healthy breathing looks, feels, sounds and acts like.

7. Mike will work on a person(s) from the audience and change their breathing and or singing right there in front of everyone.

For more information about the breathing tests click on http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm

More information at http://www.breathing.com/school.htm

Call me at 1 704.597.6775 for information, interviews, lecture scheduling etc.

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About the Optimal Breathing
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An MD recommends  Optimal Breathing®


Optimal Breathing 
Self Mastery Kit

3. Energy, stamina, recovery, sports, gentle yoga, breathwork, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi
   4. Focus, Concentration, Learning
   5. Meditation
   6. Smoke or Smoking Recovery 
   7. Shortness of breath including  Asthma   Bronchitis   COPD  Emphysema
   8. Singing, Speaking, Acting, Personal Power 
 9. Sleeping, Snoring 
  10. Weight Management

  11. Most other goals or chronic challenges are Control-Find searchable in the Supplemental material CD included in the Kit.
General breathing development
   2. Deepest Calm for: emotional regulation, 12 Steps, anxiety-panic,  headaches, high blood pressure, pain reduction, stress management, immune strength


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"He who breathes most air lives most life."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mike's Optimal Breathing teachings should be incorporated into the physical exam taught in medical schools as well as other allied physical and mental health programs, particularly education, and speech, physical, and respiratory therapy."

Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
cancer, mental illness, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, you should consult your health professional before undertaking these practices.