• From Hadia Jocelyn  Chouinard

    Health and Movement Educator of "S.O.S." for the Office

    "There is also ample testimony that every young person who shot and murdered their classmates and teachers in the numerous tragic US shooting cases, were all children who had been subscribed Ritalin as a supposed "treatment" for ADD and ADHD. Even the concept of prescribing a dangerous psychotropic drug to young and innocent children is beyond comprehension and, as such, the physicians and the pharmaceutical companies should be held fully accountable for destroying and ending countless innocent lives. In fact, the only reason that we all suffer the consequences of physicians' dangerous and irresponsible prescribing of untested and highly dangerous drugs is that the pharmaceutical giants offered massive endowments to the University Medical Faculties - but at the cost of allowing them to dictate the education of the physicians. The purpose of this blatant 'coup' was to ensure that our MD's primary focus is to ensure a continual flow of massive revenue for the pharmaceutical companies, especially since virtually all prescription drugs are designed to maintain illnesses, not to cure them.
    Our entire "Health" care system, with the exception of critical and emergency care, has become a Sick Care System. This is especially tragic, especially with the excellent training and powerful, effective treatments offered by countless "Alternative" Health Care Practitioners and MDs, including Osteopathic, Naturopathic and Homeopathic physicians.
    It is past time to wake up and reevaluate!! "