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Spiritual Hygiene

"In my earlier times I spent some years in a catholic seminary as a novice student.
In that seminary there were priests, brothers and novice students.
We were about 60 of us, from every nationality of the Western world, of different ages, of different natures and backgrounds. Indeed a great variety of characters, in health and in not so good health, everything.
Our meals were the same, ALWAYS, there was one large kitchen were there was a brother in charge and he COOKED the meals.  Virtually always cooked meals, bread, puddings, meat, dairy, sometimes a salad, sometimes a bit of fruit.  Mainly and overall the standard Western diet.
HOWEVER: there was always a great atmosphere of harmony, of kindness, of brotherhood and except for the distinction in functions of priests, brothers and novices, there was oneness, equality, justice.
A person in the outside world, and not of understanding would and could suggest that we, as cooked meat eaters, Western diet eaters, could not live in peace and harmony, that we were all very sick (only some were!).  Some may even suggest that we, as cooked eaters were "cooked" in our attitudes, maybe violent, aggressive and in negative states.
BUT, WHY was there such a rather happy and graceful surrounding, experience??
My answer to this is, from my therefore own personal experience, that our focus was on our spiritual life, hence, on that "Love" which was proclaimed in the bible.  It is from THIS where our strength of unity, oneness and equality, brotherhood and justice came from.
We may attempt to practice Natural Hygiene as much as we like, we may advocate raw, eating fruit, of course there is nothing wrong with that as I see it.  However, many of us fail as we can see and which can be proved from the messages on our lists. Some succeed better than others. Many of us are "struggling", are having many problems to overcome. Why?  Where is our focus?

The way, to reach our goals is to start/begin with our spiritual Self, with the SPIRITUAL HYGIENE, and once we have peace, love, brotherhood, harmony, kindness, justice and equality in our hearts and PRACTICE these qualities of integrity to the best of our ability, then we have a fair chance of succeeding with our MENTAL HYGIENE, to align ourselves then with the PHYSICAL HYGIENE.

After all, what is "LOVE" and "Harmonious Living" but that of pure health and well being!!!  Let it come from our Spiritual "top", down into our mental minds, then down into our physical bodies, then, I think, we will succeed to reach the Paradise of Peace within.  Ultimate health in happiness and joy will be our company forever and, mind you, this can be very contagious!
Peace and love, harmony, brotherhood, equality, justice to all".    Rene.  "

from "Elisabeth B "Jehovah's Witnesses, however much many people misunderstand about them, enjoy exactly the same spirit of harmony and unity regardless of race, background, education, social status, nationality and so on  but on a global scale.  6 million+ united people worshipping together in genuine peace.  Those who formerly hated each other, (perhaps they were on different sides in a faction or religious conflict), but later became Witnesses have now learned to live together in love, peace and harmony.  There have been so many media comments on this amazing phenomenon too!

What you said is true Rene, it is *true* spirituality that creates peace between humans and the Bible teaches how to achieve that. 
Choice of diet is just that - choice of diet.  It may influence our physical health, but those who have a real relationship with their Creator are the ones who achieve the true inner harmony".  Hugs,  Elisabeth

From Mike: I just love the above e-mails.  Breath is spirit. To purposefully breathe in and then breathe out to express spiritual principles is to be with holy spirit. I remember how heavy and groggy I used to feel after a day of junk food and nowdays how more tuned into my surroundings I become when my diet is mostly (not all, just mostly) raw and/or environmental debris free. To eat clean burning, non toxic foods makes it easier for me to experience my spiritual self, my lightness of being.  God bless you Rene and Elisabeth. 

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