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Transformational breathwork.
A generic term long used by many for decades to designate using the breathing for personal transformation. Not to be confused with Transformational Breath which is a Trademarked name by Judith Kravitz.

Can be healing, ecstatic, and sometimes catastrophic

The most widely known version is called Rebirthing. Rebirthing is one of the most powerful transformational techniques or modalities ever conceived.  Created by Leonard Orr in the mid-'70s and approaching critical mass in late '80s, made Rebirthing a leader in the New Age, pop-psyche quick fix techniques with many benefits and some dangers.

The upside is being able to breathe through blocks to monumental aliveness, attaining awesome inner direction and strength of purpose, as well as experiencing awesome altered states of consciousness that often defy description.

The downside is the danger of becoming unbalanced energetically, mentally confused, emotionally disoriented, out of touch, out of place and out of luck.

I classify Rebirthing in the cathartic breathwork category along with Reichian therapy, Radix, and Radiance Breathwork. Reichian therapy, Radix, and Radiance Breathwork differ in they are taught primarily by health professionals possessing academic degrees and or a decade or more of personal/therapy experience.

Rebirthing on the other hand has historically been  more often practiced by well-meaning but often improperly trained recipients of the Rebirthing process itself.  A psychotherapist colleague described teaching many forms of transformational breathwork as "like giving a 357 Magnum to a ten year old. It can be like setting a bomb of in the basement. You will certainly 'knock something loose' but what then do you do with it?".

Yet with all this seeming negativity, being encouraged to breathe through resistance, developing willingness to let go (and let God?) and the rapid increase of potentially extremely positive and healing energy is to many, well worth the risks.

I am trained in rebirthing and Radiance Breathwork and use the techniques very sparingly. I prefer to facilitate in my clients a firm "internal landing base" before heading for the "outer limits".  A place to come home to. Some might call it an integrated center or groundedness. Denis Ouellette calls his version of this Integral Breathwork.

As for a credible facilitator, look for someone who has worked with that person and have them share with you their experience.

Our list of recommended Transformational Breathworkers;  there may be many others.

Those that have attended our Optimal Breathing school such as Denis Ouellette in Montana

Those we know are highly skilled and responsible and teaching somewhat close to what we recommend even thought they have not attended our school: Tom Goode, in Colorado

Do you know how to breathe right? Click here.

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