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The Drug Industry's Terrorism is Infinitely More Deadly than Bin Laden's.  

From F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 1931-2004

 Dear Friend:
"As you know, I have been crusading for the past number of years against the use of medications in the treatment of health problems that are no more than dehydration-produced. I have hit my head against the wall with the medical establishment and the media. The reason is obvious, money. One of the front-page articles of "The Washington Post of March 29, 2002, 'Blockbuster' Drugs Drive 17% Increase" highlights the reason why there is this increase in spending. In short, "greater number of doctors are writing more prescriptions for the most expensive, heavily marketed drugs." The main reason given in the article was the vast sums of money lavished on doctors and for promotion of these chemicals through the media. The cost of these particular drugs prescribed for the year 2001 was $175 billions-not over the counter drugs, but very expensive brand name prescription drugs.
The act of treating people with dangerous medications is a form of terrorism, when all that the body of these people needs is simply more water. The drugs routinely prescribed are officially and scientifically recognized to make millions sicker and kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Yet they continue to use them, thinking their long list of warnings can absolve them of the responsibility of poisoning people to early death. They know when a doctor prescribes a medication; the patient has no choice but to take it. This is when catastrophe strikes millions of people.
Join my crusade for warning people about what is going on in medicine, please forward this to your relatives, friends and your doctor, to your favorite people in the media, and your congressman. Invite them to also share this with their friends and colleagues. We need to do all in our power to fight the drug industry's brand of terrorism against innocent and trusting people in America. Let us use the Internet for the good of all people. "


The signs of chronic dehydration manifest themselves under the guise of seemingly insignificant and/or unrelated ailments.

For example, allergies (and even asthma) can be a symptom of chronic dehydration. Dehydration increases histamine levels, which causes the body to release cortisol (a stress hormone). This suppresses the production of white blood cells, making the body vulnerable to allergens.

Chronic dehydration can also cause or contribute to:

gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD)
joint pain (due to dried out cartilage)
kidney stones
acid/alkaline imbalance (causing fatigue)
high blood pressure
obesity (dehydration causes a craving for foods rich in water, which confuses the body into thinking its hungry)
eczema (because the body does not have enough water to dilute toxins, which then irritate the skin)
urinary infections
rheumatoid pain (toxins build up and cause pain because they have not been flushed out)
premature aging


From Mike: According to the late F. Batmanghelidj, M.D "many prescription drugs cause or worsen dehydration".

Morphine is one of them.

Combat "Tactical Field Care" care is historically less effective then in-hospital care making the combat soldier increasingly vulnerable to illness or injury. Combat injuries and many combat stress related illnesses often cause increased use of prescription drugs.

Dehydration dries out the lungs and makes them less efficient. They take in less oxygen, use up more of the body’s water needed for cellular function. Dehydration impedes elimination of waste products naturally excreted from the lungs, skin, colon and urine.

Sadly Dr. Batman as he called himself, even with his "water cure" had asthma. I lived nearby and offered to help him with that. He never showed up and died soon thereafter.

But his point is well taken. Less dehydration means less need for drugs that also dehydrate. God bless our troops.  Bring them home safely. No more wars.

Here is my favorite water machine. Everyone should have one of these.  It will pay for itself in health and time and you will feel the difference almost instantly. 
CLICK HERE for its free ebook and several great PDFs about water.

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