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The Breathing Storetm

"What we truly and earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. The mere aspiration, by changing the frame of the mind, for the moment realizes itself." 
- Anna Jameson, Irish Novelist

The "Being All You Want To Be"
Training Set
Audio cassettes or compact disc versions
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  • Increased self understanding

  • Better decision making

  • Greater motivation

  • Being a self starter

  • Alignment between inner drives and outer expression

  • Comfort with personal expression

If experience is the best teacher and we are not in touch with our feelings, we can not learn from our experience. 

We can be the way we are but what if we are unhappy with the way we are? With ourselves? If we are not being the way we want to be we can become the way we want to be.  The secret is in the thoughts we think, the food we eat, and the way we breathe.

This program develops breathing so that it in time becomes natural and second nature so thus the breathing will as well bring a heightened sense of awareness and health.

This program includes 3 special tools for transformation:

1. Breathing In Intention: 
Choose anything you want to improve, your life, work, relationships or experiences. As you visualize and breathe in a certain way you are guided towards, and develop the focus and energy for  manifesting what you really want in your life. 

50 minute recorded audio cassette.  

2. The Watching Breath: 
A special mind development practice handed down for 4,000 years from Himalayan monks and spiritual teachers. 
Focused concentration, heightened awareness of body sensations/emotions, plus improved memory. Some have called this an "Himalayan bodymind machine". 

Audio cassette-  Level One and Level Two: 52 minutes total. 

3. Breathing Self Esteem:
The ultimate biofeedback.  Positive attitude enters the body through natural pranic energy combined with selected affirmations.   A guided breathing exercise combined with selected self image supporting statements supported by an exquisite collection of Tibetan "singing" bowls and bells.  You think it, say it and breathe it into you.  50 minutes

4. Rapid Breathing Improvement Video. Rapidly expand the length, width, breadth and ease of the way you breathe 

5. Free Your Breath Free Your Life

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  • I am a 58 years young woman, High School teacher, and have spent much of my life off and on going through periods of adrenal exhaustion (of which I really had no name for up until a few years ago) and wondering why I couldn't catch my breath, actually have to crawl up stairs sometimes, waking up at night breathless etc. This all would come to pass when I was going through some kind of loss or what I perceived as a loss, or just any old time especially during times of a great deal of change. Interestingly enough when I was not going through those times, I have amazing energy, accomplish a great deal and rarely get tired. It became clear to me about 15 years ago that losing my mother at 3 years of age and not being told until I was 5 where she went, and simply living in hell with my father in one of those abusive long term dis-functional stories (tragic but boring) put me in so much fear that I learned to hold my breath and do all of the stuff that goes along with the flight or fight syndrome. 

 Long story short approximately 10 years ago described these symptoms to my doctor, adrenal surges, not being about to catch my breath, waking up at night  many times gasping for air and feeling like I am suffocating was put on Zoloft or  Paxil off and on for about 10 years. I would tell the doctors, that I didn't feel depressed and really had no idea why these physical symptoms would happen   to me and be so debilitating, but they just treat symptoms with meds. People  would tell me, well just take a deep breath. OK I'll do that I would say but I could n  not seem to get a handle on being able to get a real breath when I'm suffering  t h is panic and anxiety.

One fine day last October it finally dawned on me, I do not know really HOW to breathe! With all of the Yoga, meditation, bodywork, no one has been able to really teach me "HOW TO BREATHE". So I got on the WWW and said help!!! Punched in "breathing" and Wa La came "breathing.com" and Michael. Got Michael's tapes inn his Breathing Kit

Breathing Exercise Tape #1 was such a shock for me, what I mean is I had no idea there was a reflex action at the bottom of the exhale breath that actually "breathed your body". The shallow breathing that I was in the habit of doing had never allowed the development of that reflex action. So naturally I'm waking up at night breath holding, panic stricken and clueless why this is happening. My body has been oxygen starved and getting worse as I get older. EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THE CHILDHOOD ISSUES ARE WORKED OUT, GONE, DONE WITH, the old breathing habits had remained, I was not aware of something better.

Breathing Exercise #2 was even more fantastic! The exercise uses what you have learned in tape #1 and gives you the tremendous tools and power over the physical disablement of  being oxygen starved and emotionally stressed.

Very soon after starting the tapes, I visited Michael for 6 days in North Carolina to get private instruction. I can only tell you all that it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am now of course still practicing proper breathing (50 years of bad habits), off meds, and have not awaked at night even once since starting the tapes and getting private instruction from Michael.

Again Michael, thank you a million times over for actually dedicating your life to helping people understand the importance of the breath and actually in detail showing how to really practice it.


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