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My nomination for athlete roll model of the decade.
Consider that his physical condition ( I want him to slow down) helped him survive this stroke. Then read on.

A stroke "recovery" at Age 91 January 10, 2015. Forward often.

"Hi, Pat????
Just a line to say I seem to be recovering well from the scare of last week.
For a while, it seemed like I?d either be crippled or a goner.
A smart, young neurologist suggested trying a new kind of clot buster and the family agreed. The danger was that after busting the clot, the medicine
tissue plasminogen activator? or TPA
would keep circulating and find weak spots on the vessel walls, breaking thru and causing numerous spots of internal bleeding. They had not used it on anyone over 80 for that reason. They took a chance on  my physical condition and it worked. Clot dissolved and no bleeding! I?m lucky, but then also Irish.
Holly insisted I write what I saw and felt in this near-death experience.

I've been asked to write what I remember while undergoing a stroke on Jan. 7, 2015.
There was much light, but of no visible source.
The aurora came and went in green, not fading.
There was no moon or stars, or sun, but there were astro trails
in the distant sky.
There was no sound; no grass; no water, no footing.
If I thought about moving, I was there at once.
I saw no religious symbols.
I thought I was dead, and figured I should find some native.
So I called Joan's name, but got no noise out.
I started zooming everywhere to look for someone.
I began to suspect what I saw was movie special effects, and in English.
This was not the next world.
That should be indescribable.
At this point, all faded and I began hauling hard on Bob's fingers to reel myself home.
He later said I had never let go.
Charles Boyle
Jan. 10, 2015"

Charlie Boyle. Champion Race Walker. Age 86 and counting.

From Mike. We worked for two days. Below is the email Charlie sent after his competition the following day from his return home from our office. Note his upright posture
Just woke up.
Briefly, you made possible three first place medals.
At 10 today, I ran (not Race Walking) the 1500 meters.
At 1 pm, the 1500 meter racewalk.
At 3 pm, the 800 meter dash.
The gratifying part was having a lung reserve at the end of each race.
Your tests and exercises surely made that happen.
The leg muscles were giving out before gasping would have called a halt.
In addition, time in your lab changed my apprehension about having emphysema disease. 
Also gratifying was lowering the Maryland records in my age group
for these 3 events. My own time is the Maryland record in the 1500 Meter
85 age group, and I brought that down by 9 secs.
Normally, I don't do more than one all-out event per day in the Sr. Games.
For years, that event has been the RW only.
Also, the officials rate the events and will not allow more than two
"hi-risk" events per day. Both of the runs were in that category.
Today, however, I felt sassy as hell, and just wanted to keep going.
After the race I staggered home and sat in a tub of ice cubes for 20 minutes.
That's the sure cure to avoid being sore for the next week.
Thence, to bed.
I'm still sleepy and am about to return to the sack.
More later. 
Thanks for your contribution to a very productive today.
Driving home was a 10 hour nightmare.  Rain and wind and accidents all over the place.

More from Charlie:

An artlcle about Charlie.

New news
I noticed in the MD Sr. Olympics records that the best times for running got closer to the times for racewalking in the upper age groups.

SO, to test a suspicion, I entered four races for runners, but racewalked the events.

Outcome: I broke the existing state records for the 800, 1500, 5K and 10K.
My friends who are runners donít think thatís funny.  
Early in the year, I was honored (and paid) by the editors of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL:  RUNNERS.
From 3000 entrants, they chose 100 inspirational stories about running.
Then, they added a non-runner item: my essay about racewalking. They were very open minded.
At the end of April I hosted the first-ever Racewalk Clinic in Annapolis.
Dave McGovern came as the trainer.
We held indoor classes at my house, with 32 trainees.
Joan hid for the whole weekend, praying for no damage to her beloved furniture.
Another person has volunteered to host The 2nd Annual Annapolis Weekend Racewalk Clinic next May.
A thrill came this spring when an envelope arrived containing an American Record certificate signed by Vince Peters and Roy Funkhouser. It recognizes a 3K time that I set on March 28, 2010 in Age Group 85-89 at 23:11.86.

Languishing news:

I hope that you can help me to resolve the (p) time of 22:26.55 that I set at Landover in 2009, also in the 85-89 age group. Itís faster by about 44 sec.

You had focused on helping me to resolve the issue as shown in your e-mail below.

I worked very hard for that Landover record, and am sure that Iíll never do better.

Therefore, Iím anxious to get it recognized before more time goes by and it becomes a victim of puzzling administrative processes.

I was really on fire after Landover, because within two weeks I was 13 seconds faster in an unsanctioned, but rigorous and respected 3K regional event. Itís been held for about 20 years at the National Mall of Connecticut.  My time there was 22:13.0  

Summary:  My best times for the 3K event in 2009, age-group 85-89, were therefore 22:13.0 (CT) and 22:26.55 (Landover, MD)

A year later, in 2010, my time had slowed by about 44 sec. to the recognized record of 23:11.86

I hope that you can motivate a decision to recognize the (p) pending time of 22;26.55 

The consistency of performance at the time should help with the resolution.

 Best wishes,   Charlie Boyle

3 years later at age 89.

I recently established an American record in my age group

(85-89) for the US Track & Field Masters indoor 5K racewalk.

I became 89 Nov. 22, 2012 and wanted to try for this 5K goal before growing out of my current age group. I also hold the National record in the shorter 3K racewalk event for age groups 80-84 and 85-89, as well as holding a variety of Maryland Sr. Olympics racewalk and running records.

Charles Boyle holds All-Time Track & Field records in the Senior Olympics for the 1500 Meter Racewalk (2001, 2003, 2008), 800-Meter Dash (2009), 1500 Meter Run (2009), 5K Run (2009), and 10K Run (2010). In 2001, while in the 75-79 year age group, Charles set an All-Time Track & Field Championship Record with a time of 9:35:20 for 1500 Meters. For those who are not familiar with 1500 meters, the distance is .93 mile (just under one mile.) Yes, under a 9 and 3/4 minute mile!

And girls, he's funny too.

Charlie Boyle and Bonnie Stein world class race walking trainer

From Bonnie:
"If you want to be able to get out of your chair by yourself at 90, you need to be able to comfortably walk a couple of flights of stairs at 80.

If you want to be able to walk up stairs at 80, you need to be able to walk two miles in under 35 minutes at 70.
If you want to be able to walk two miles under 35 minutes at 70, you need to walk stairs regularly at 60.
If you want to be able to walk stairs regularly at 60, you have to get out of your chair more often."


Recommendation for amateurs
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