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Using the Optimal Breathing Pattern Stabilizer  (OBPS)

Question from a previous customer. "It seems there is a breathing strap that comes in the basic breathing kit, however, it is recommended to as well use another strap. Can you comment on this? "
Mike's answer.  The 12 foot one that comes with the 176 VIDEO is for making rapid change in breathing volume and balance. The OBPS is gentle and you sleep with or wear it during the day or both. It holds the volume and balance change to better integrate that change during waking activities and sleep.  Make the change with the 12 footer and hold it in place to let the "cement settle" or the body to reshape into homeostasis.

From a recent self help program client. A difficult case. I added in the relevant links.

"Mike: When I mentioned in my email that I am definitely feeling a difference... I would like you to know that I think that my breathing dysfunction has been more challenging to change than for most people (I think). I should add that I used the blue strap quite a bit for about a month (slept with it for about 14 days, and wore it just about every day for several hours. I think that using the blue strap combined with the 176 program was particularly effective for me.

As soon as I put the strap on I felt calmer and could focus on my work more (I work from home and find it easy to get distracted). For a few weeks, when I would take the blue strap of, in the morning after having slept with it for example, I could sense some 'confusion' in my chest and abdomen about how to organize the next breath, then I would go into high chest breathing again. I sensed that I had to retrain my body somehow, and by working persistently with your program I feel I have been successful in shifting the breath into my lower abdominal area. I feel my lower back, sides and front of my lower abdomen expanding and relaxing with each breath. I particularly notice the sensation with my lower back as being entirely new for me. Chronic jaw tension that I have had for years has completely disappeared (I had suffered a lot from this!) and shoulder tension as well. In general I have a much better sense of well being.

I don't really feel the need for the blue strap now. I am going to continue working with program #176 and the DS daily as well as BBE #1 and BBE #2. I am so pleased with the results I have had that I am hoping to come and take a course with you at some point."

"Dear Mike: I think the biggest thing to help keep my blood pressure at bay is the BVS -
thanks for recommending wearing it 24 hrs/day."
Hi Mike;
I wanted to let you know what a difference the OBPS has made in my sleeping.  I am now sleeping from 9:30 PM-4:00 Am without being awakened by panic or anxiety or whatever it was.  I also purchased you e-book on sleeping and going through that as well. For some reason, I awaken every morning at 4:00 AM???  I wear the blue strap most of the time, to work and to bed at night.  Also I am sleeping on my back more.  The strap is amazing.  Is it okay to wear it as much as I do? Absolutely.
I am wondering if you could send me 2 additional blue straps as I want to use one  when I rinse out the other.  I love the strapping too.  I am practicing the breathing techniques to the best of my ability.  I have massage therapy friends that are very interested in breathing and would like to add this to their practice.  They would like me as an RN to do what you do.   Rita my friend and I want to come down to your business/clinic and receive training.  I am absolutely dumb struck how your program has already helped me.
Now I know why my Thyroid went wrong as well as fatiguing my adrenals.  I can't thank you enough for what I have learned. Linda
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