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"Clinic" is defined as
"A place where instruction in any subject is given"

We do not treat sickness or disease. We simply develop people's breathing and find that often as the breathing improves so does the person's health. The key is understanding the primary markers for breathing improvement.

The clinic is for more difficult breathing development cases involving things like asthma, COPD, sleep etc that are better aided by temporary residency near our Optimal Breathing Center in Charlotte; those with symptoms of breathing challenges that prefer a one on one approach.

The clinic consists of the attendee and optional care giver receiving all relevant Optimal Breathing development work that pertains to their particular goals as well as training any care giver present (additional $600.00 fee for optional care giver). It includes all attendees being worked on and trained by Michael White, OBDMT and when needed and associate OBDS.

Cost is $125.00 per hour with a 5-25 hour approximate session time over 4-10 days.

If you are accepted into our program there is s strong likelyhood you will leave significantly improved. Our goal is for you to be able to take over after that.
To apply. clinic@breathing.com

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