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Love and Breathing

"I noticed a couple of years back how my breathing has changed. When I was unhappily married and unhappy with who I was, I was a shallow breather. It was as if I didn't love myself enough to breathe deeply of this basic necessity. As I began merging with my true self and loving myself, I noticed a shift in my breathing. It is always a subtle sign to myself if I catch myself breathing shallowly. I take that as an opportunity to breathe deeply and shine some love all over the situation, including me.  When I am around others who are breathing shallowly, I focus on breathing deeply and evenly. I send thoughts of unconditional love and thoughts of ease to them. It may not be a quick fix for them, but I know every thought of love I offer them is there ALWAYS and can be redeemed in this moment or years in our future. The great thing about love is it never expires."

From Mike:
Well said. There is great value to this. And one must remember to free up the breath so that it EASILY operates spontaneously this way just in the process of day to day living. You also learned that conscious focus on the breath can make it larger and along with that the heart center can open and we can feel loving more deeply.  That is if that is what we intended. Deepest calm for lasting love.

Question: I believe good breathing can help alleviate stuttering. Do you recommend any particular breathing exercise(s) for this problem? Thank you. T.T.

From Mike:
Extending the exhale several times more then the inhale has worked with some. Take the Breathing Tests for hidden signs of breathing blocks. Our skyped one one one program can pay big dividends. But get this program first so you have a few key tools on hand. Singing/speaking program

Opera Singing

I am currently training to be an opera singer, and still do not feel that I have mastered the correct breathing needed to create the sound I desire. I would like to know if you have any experience with singers, and what technique you feel is best for me to use. I am able to support my sound somewhat of course, but my voice often tires quickly. I recognize how important breathing is to my career, and would like to use proper breathing to preserve my voice so it will be robust for many years. If you wish, I will complete the Breathing Tests listed on this page, in addition to any others you might feel appropriate.

From Mike: I've had lots of experience with singers. I love to work with singers. With few exceptions, they are some of the healthiest and happiest people in the world.

Think of your entire internal body as a sound producing instrument. You must be both standing, relaxed and properly erect simultaneously. This is for most contradictory as gravity and being bent and twisted in subtle ways creates breathing blocks. It takes years to release them unless you can feel immediately what it is like to make the sound you want. Click on to get a sense of what I am referring to. When you work with me you experience some techniques that help you find the inside sense of what the easy, full, voice feels and sounds like when it is unfettered with internal tensions and weaknesses.

I combine various techniques and exercises to get you there in a few hours instead of months or years.

I can’t easily tell you what I do because it is something like riding a bicycle, juggling, eating and smiling all at the same time. But I can often coach you into the proper place within a few hours. The trick is to experience the sound NOW so that you can go back to it as a kinesthetic felt sense experience instead of a technically correct and often somewhat restricted experience that might sound good but not have the optimal internal coordination to invite a strong and more spontaneous singing voice that comes from who you really are.

I am looking for highly motivated people that are totally committed to living life to the absolute fullest. Tell me how much chest expansion you have now by taking this test. Take a cloth tape measure (included with the DVD2) and wrap it around your upper chest below your collar bone.

Exhale fully and measure the distance. Inhale fully and measure that distance. What is the difference between the two measurements.

Fully Exhaled = 35 Fully inhaled 371/4
Expansion is 2.25 inches.
1-2 inches is average depending on your height.. 4- 5 inches is great. I'm 6'2" & have a 4 inch rise..

If you haven’t already, access

And send me the results.

I can get a pretty good picture of your situation from all that.

I look forward to meeting you.

Recommended program

The Weather

Question: Does weather affect a COPD's breathing?

Absolutely. Lack of fresh air, dryness, dustiness from windy areas, pollen, altitude, low oxygen in the air from rain that reduces oxygen due to its volume of moisture, nutrition that is non-optimal and allows the environment to exacerbate the symptoms, even a relationship with a friend that was troubled by the weather and therefore troubling to you, would all adversely effect breathing.  Recommended program


Past Lives?

To Gay Hendricks
From Mike White

Seems I recall you writing or saying that an issue was always handled by something in this life time and that past lives were perhaps too far fetched. and often put the person out of taking responsibility. They could now put their problems off onto someone or something else. At least that was the implication to me. Is this accurate and or addressed in any of your writings? 

From Gay
Yes, I have found that people who are concerned with past lives are always out of touch with something they need to be focusing on in their present lives. The past life is a way of avoiding contact with the present pain. I regard concern with past lives as the problem, not a solution. I see plenty of things from this life and from being inside your mother during her life and from being an egg inside your mother when she was inside her mother. You don't need a fanciful explanation outside genetics--there's plenty to work on there.

Recommended product

Deviated Septum

Dear Mike,
I am contacting you to ask your advice. I am 65.  I have a deviated septum...since birth I have not been able to breathe properly ...I have huffed and puffed my way through Ballet , Motherhood and Grandmotherhood....I want to learn to breathe and I don't know if that is possible without undergoing surgery for my deviated septum and extensive retraining....In January I injured my back and when a Chiropracter came to help me he broke four ribs and I now have pneumonia in my left lung where the ribs were broken. Your site was given to me by a friend yesterday when I got back from the hospital( for diagnosis ) Of course I am unable to do the test at this moment.. I will do so however as soon as I can. I would like to have some feedback from you. I am not telling story for story's sake, but rather to give you an overall view of the situation.
Thank you. T.H.

From Mike:

Try sleeping with BreatheRight strips over the bridge of your nose.

The ribs must heal. The chiropractor might be taken to court or at the very least give you a complete refund; This "Rack-em and crack-em" style is often harmful and should be partially replaced with more tissue oriented work such as myofacial and deep tissue.
The next chiropractor you use must integrate bodywork. The septum probably must be fixed by surgery or Rolfing. Rolfing may or may not work and will be extremely painful. Perhaps more so than you can handle.

Drink mostly liquids with lots of antioxidants until the ribs heal. Get a few cases of
e3live liquid to accelerate healing.

Asthma #4

I am interested in breathing because I have had asthma most of my adult life which is now gone because I went to a herbalist instead of an MD as I had severe stomach problems also and a friend of mine recommended this man (he's a doctor in China). In two weeks he had helped me when no doctor had been able to do so for some 40 years (I'm not young - 69). 

So now I use him and an acupuncturist for all my health needs here in Florida and in NYC. Its expensive because its not covered by medicare but its worth every penny. It also cured my asthma attacks usually brought on by colds which turned into bronchitis. Now I still get coughs but they don't turn into asthmatic breathing. I also did some yoga breathing exercises on my own - very effective. So I haven't had an asthma attack in over a year, and I don't have to take antibiotics which make me ill, give the illusion of a fast cure which did not prevent the asthma or really stentorian breathing.

But I know I don't breathe as well as I could which is what interests me about your site because I believe proper breathing is a huge help in maintaining health especially as you get older. I also smoke which is not good but it is a habit I have been unable to break except once in a while - during bronchial illness or asthma attacks I don't smoke - I'm not insane just addicted. So I'll read your articles and see what you say. Its a good site, I've seen much worse done by experts. And maybe when I've decided I want to stop smoking, I'll consider your program although I lean towards hypnosis which I like for bad habits. Thanks again for your sensible response which made me believe you are intelligent, considerate and not a fraud - there are a lot of those out there. Sincerely yours, Mona R

From Mike:

Herbs, Chinese medicine and stopping smoking will help greatly but it still will not regain what you have lost.  That is where the significant health and longevity is. You can though regain what you lost but you MUST work at it. I smoked 18 years and now have a 4.2 inch chest expansion.

The Stop Smoking program will add volume and ease to your breathing.  It is much less expensive then supporting, as good as they can be, alternative medical professionals.   

Breath is life. What is your choice of the kind of breath you will have?.

Mike   Stop Smoking Program


Mike, I noticed when doing a net search on breathing, that some are touting a stabilized oxygen product called "Vitamin O". Is it beneficial? I am a cancer patient and have decided to make improved breathing an integral part of my life style changes, along with diet, meditation, etc. Thanks! LB

From Mike:

Dear LB:

Oxygen bars, oxygen liquid, everything but natural oxygen the way we evolved 4+ million years. I do not trust all that stuff. I don't think it can harm in reasonable quantities. It may help some but doesn't come close to learning to breathe better.  Rather it dilutes the focus towards more meaningful approaches.  We are not playing games here. You have a life threatening disease. Look into intravenous ozone, exercise and nutrition. Study them carefully. Learn to breathe better. 
Some cancer victims have unresolved emotional or attitudinal issues that need resolution.  The breath will resolve almost anything given the time and intention.

Capture the combined synergy of ALL holistic practices. You may need a therapist that uses the breath consciously. Get some E3live. Click on My heart goes out to you.

Respiratory Psychophysiology

Dear Mike

I am currently enrolled in the psychophysiology course at, and was wondering if you have any research or information that could be helpful to our research. Thank you for you time. J H.

Dear JH

I have lived psychophysiology for the last 35 years. Look closely at the website and you will see that. 

1. You must practice specific breathing exercises and get the "Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing" .

2. Share the study with your instructors. Put it to class scrutiny.

3. Study the website and stay on the email newsletter.

Do ALL of this. Reading and writing about it is not even close to experiencing it. You MUST experience the breath to know, understand, benefit from it and then be able to speak with authority and integrity. Full bodied experience is the essence of integrity.

Mike     Recommended product

Exercise Induced Asthma #2

I have experienced a difficulty in breathing after extensive walking and I think it is exercise induced asthma. Never had asthma before.

Seems to disappear when I lay in bed. What is it and how can I get rid of it?

From Mike:

Exercise induced asthma comes along with precursors of a subtle sometimes undetectable constricted chest and poor breathing coordination. Get the SOB Breathing Improvement program

Mouth Breathing - Exhaling Through the Mouth

I came across your page and it feeds right into what I am doing.

I teach the 5 Tibetan Rites (as detailed in "Fountain of Youth" by Kelder). A question arose as to the proper breathing.

The book says breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the mouth. This feels right to me. But I then read in some esoteric yoga books from India that you always breathe in and out through the nose.

From Mike:

There are so many people that do not study the breath, pass themselves as experts and teach harmful practices.

Exhaling through the mouth is very bad information.

We uptake most of our oxygen during the exhale. The size of the nostrils creates back-pressure that holds air in a little longer so that the O2 has more time to be extracted from the air in the lungs.

The more you can function by breathing in and out through the nose the better except when singing or extreme states of fight, fight, freeze, faking it or fun. including sex). Then you will need to take in a lot of air and need both nose and mouth.

If you inherited your very large father’s lungs and your very small mother’s nostrils you will have to breathe in AND out through the mouth more often or always. This is an extreme and rare example but it illustrates better the issue of volume and air intake hole size.


Recommended product

Sleep Apnea


I have taken sleep disorder tests 3 years ago, and have been found to have sleep apnea. I could not tolerate the sensation of air blowing in my face/nose so cannot use the standard equipment available to help me sleep. I hold my breath when dreaming (these are not nightmares - just normal dreams). I become so interested or intense, I "forget" to breathe. I  find this happens during the day also when I am awake. Occasionally, if am totally absorbed in something - I hold my breath without realizing what I am doing. A missed heartbeat will remind me of what is happening. At night I am taking beta blockers because the lack of breathing will cause my heart rate to accelerate and this in turn wakes me up. My doctor has also prescribed Clonazepam at bedtime. Any ideas on breathing exercises or? I would love to get off the above medications. My doctors have never worked with someone with this "breath holding syndrome." This is something I have always lived with, but after a bout of pneumonia 3 years ago this has become a major problem. I have had to rely on the above medication to sleep. Any suggestions? I might also add, I take no medication during the day.

From Mike: Get my Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing manual and have someone open up your breathing with the OBR's that are described within.

Recommended product


Question: Over the past two months, I've experienced a rapid decline in my ability to process information (written, spoken, and thoughts) and to recall things (short-term memory). It's made me miserable! Could the way I breathe be a factor?

From Mike:

Absolutely but it is impossible to even begin to assess the situation without the Breathing tests. Get some E3live and take the tests.

Swimming Underwater and Free Diving

I enjoy going snorkeling, but i would like to be able to stay down longer. are there any ways that I can increase the length of time i can hold my breath while underwater?

From Mike:
Learn to relax and increase your natural breathing reflex. Get the Sports Performance Program

Breath Holding

Question: what is the longest that a person can go holding their breath, safely.

From Mike:
It depends upon their volume and conditioning. Pipin Ferraras who holds the world free diving record can dive down to 435 feet below the surface of the ocean on one breath. This requires tremendous practice and exercises to offset the breath-holding restrictions that it invites. My sense is that he has trained himself to lower his metabolism, heart rate and breathing rate at will. Something similar to what Yogis do when they are buried alive for several hours or days. This takes years and years to perfect. I counsel against breath holding for most people as it blocks the breathing system including the speaking and singing voice    Sports Performance Program

Jogging and Breathing

What is the proper technique for breathing while jogging? i tend to breathe heavily and i cannot take in too much air through my nose before I’m ready to exhale again when i jog i tend to breathe heavily

From Mike:
You need to free up your breathing BEFORE you jog. Read breathing lessons then get my Sports Performance Program and focus on the Strapping techniques and OBR's.


I have briefly perused your great website. I am looking forward to reading it in-depth. This probably sounds silly. I have not asked anyone else this question.
I feel very inhibited by the pollution in the Northeast US. I have chronic sinusitis and definitely need to do breathing, but I feel like I am also taking in more pollutants (indoor and out)! Can you show me the flaw in my thinking here?
Thanks for the information and support.

From Mike:
No flaw. You are in a classic double bind. Wanting to breathe better and worried about what it is that you are breathing. Feed it, develop it and protect it.
If it is THAT bad, go to work to change the environment or LEAVE it. The latter is probably the most direct and effective. Antioxidants are also a way to offset environmental and stress oriented oxidation.

I am moving to Waynesville, NC . The energy is easy and the people warm and caring. Come visit us and learn to breathe better.

Asthmatic Bronchitis

What is asthmatic bronchitis and does one keep the asthma after the bronchitis is gone?

From Mike:
The bronchitis will help constrict the lungs and invite either bronchitis and or asthma to return. let me know if you can't get rid of either and or keep getting one or the other.

In any event you should release the restriction your breathing has experienced due to the asthma or bronchitis. That means doing techniques described in the Rapid Breathing Improvement Program

Peak Flow Meters

You honor me with your concerns. I agree that the medical industry is blind to the healthy optimal breath.  The breath measuring meters can actually make the problem worse by tightening up the rib cage on the forced inhalation and the exhalation as well. I am not convinced that the peak flow is an adequate measure. Many people with good peak flows have not had the internal sense of power of people with much less peak flow. There is something to be learned here.

From Mike:
Try this. Let a breath come in. Let a natural in and out breath occur. Begin at the bottom of the exhale, an extended exhalation. Force the out-breath slowly making push out much of the remaining air as you comfortably can.

Use the stomach muscles to squeeze the last bit of breath out and then let go and allow the breath to enter without "helping" it. Do you become more relaxed? Repeat for 10 minutes. Does your inhaler use lessen even slightly over a few days? If you become nervous this will not work for you in this way. Diet is also very important.

The Voldynne 5000 is a better way to measure your breathing volume. Even it is not deep enough for most really good breathers.  Recommended product


Question: How is hyper-ventilation normally treated?

From Mike:
Four ways I know of are drugs, surgery, breathing into a paper bag, and biofeedback. The first three are inefficient and worsen or develop bad breathing habits, the last is ok but not as effective as Optimal Breathing techniques and exercises.   
Recommended product

Deep Breathing Difficulty

Question: I have been experiencing an irritating problem lately. I find that when I am eating, I begin to have difficulty getting a deep breath.

This also happens at other times but not as frequently. I am a person who runs so I am in excellent shape. I'm 40 but I do not look it. My weight is deal for my height and frame. I would like any suggestions on what you feel might be going on. It's frustrating for me because I have to work to expand my lungs over and over before I finally get a deep breath ......sometimes this is enough other times it doesn't satisfy for long.

From Mike:   Recommended product

Best Environment for Breathing?

Question: Has there been research to determine the best possible environment for people to live in ie; humidity, temperature, air purity, and oxygen concentration. If there is where could the results be found?

From Mike:
Probably different opinions depending on nutrition, lifestyle, stress. My choices would be moderate to low humidity, cool to comfortably warm climate, absolute clean air, 21.8 % oxygen, sea level to 1,700 feet*. Lots of negative ions. *Studies show that that is as high as you want to go before the altitude stresses instead of conditions. Develop your breathing along the way

Running and Mouth Breathing

Question: I am 17, I run cross-country and middle distance track and I have been trying to figure out the best method of breathing. For a long time now I have been breathing in and out of my mouth. I have experimented with changing the speed of my breathing with different paces. I thought that the best way to breath would be to take longer breaths and to exhale fast. Is that a good way of breathing? NO
From what I have picked up the best way to breathe while running is in through the nose and out the mouth. NO
I have been trying to breathe this way while I run, but when I get tired I start  breathing back through my mouth only. Is there anything I can do to correct this, or should I breathe a different way?

From Mike:

It is better to breathe in and out thorough the nose. Try filling your mouth with water and run that way, slowly at first for you can get used to it. Or count clearly in a whisper as you run. Let me know how that works for you. Read ALL the pages of this website starting with exercise and FAQ and tips. Get the Sports Performance Program

Breathing Program

Mike, I purchased a program for deep breathing it's breathing and positions. the breath consists of inhaling deeply though the nose then when of you can't take in any more oxygen you take in 3 more sniffs then exhale  through the mouth then push out for three more puffs. I've been doing this  for a month and haven't had any results other than feeling like i can't  breath comfortably, I've read a couple of books on deep breathing and am  aware of the benefits yet whenever i try them i don't feel any better no  energy no calmness nothing just more tired. did you say you shouldn't exhale through your mouth? even when doing deep diaphragm breathing? i really would   like to feel better and have more energy please tell me what I'm doing wrong 

From Mike:
What program is this? Sounds like a real rip off. A distorted kind of pranayama exercise, many of which are terribly dangerous. I would like to review it. 

Breaths Per Minute

I hope I will not embarrass you, I am asking this question in regards to a trivia question which is, how many breaths a minute does a healthy adult take?

From Mike:

Optimal would be depending on the activity engaged in. Deep deep rest could be less than one per minute but as a practical matter perhaps three.  Eight is good but not great.   Pauses are critical.  See the Breathing Test answers for more insight on pauses.

Beyond that the longer, slower, effortlessly deeper breaths taken in most any activity would seem to be superior than faster ones. I repeat effortlessly because many force the breath which force actually restricts the deepest easiest breath. Rapid Breathing Improvement

Candida Questionnaire

Was this questionnaire developed through blinded scientific testing?
How were the weights assigned to the various questions?
How can you score fatigue when lack of sleep can be the cause?
Has this "test" been confirmed by documenting a Candida problem in those with a high score? How were the score breakdowns determined? What is the sensitivity and specificity?

I scored a 71 and I am quite sure I do not have a problem with yeast. I would suggest that those on Vocalist who could open the attachment view it with a high degree of skepticism. Indeed, I would suggest the whole concept of Candida/yeast related illness be viewed with a high degree of skepticism. I have read some of the popular books that purport to explain much of our problems by blaming yeast. I am under whelmed by the scientific data provided.

John xxxxxxxxx, MD Medical Director
xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx Health Group, Palmyra, PA   

Recommended Service

For Dr. John xxxxxx: From Mike White, California State Certified Nutrition Educator.

Deny probable candida and you deny strongly suspected cancer precursors and exacerbation of almost every known malady. 

Focus on Dr. Karl Donsbach or Dr. Crook's information in their Candida books and argue the point with them. Wait for double blind tests and you  will be long dead before the results. The safe natural way of addressing candida is being taught in natural healing circles. There is a strong grassroots trend against prescription drugs in general and no drug exists that will safely and non toxically rid the body of harmful yeasts that have transformed into parasitic fungi. Stool tests ordered by aware physicians are very much in order.

Try the diets, try the probiotics, try the cleanses but don't try to tell  someone that has used this test to discover why they were sick and gotten well. You TOO will be thought of as foolish. This is a free test, and it is not harmful. Do try the "Pill Book" by Bantam, it is the consumer's perspective of the PDR and discover the negative side effects of prescription drugs in general and see how many diseases are man made. A side effect of a drug is a disease. If you have the side effect and haven't taken the drug it would be called a disease, pure and simple. ALL of these drugs were okayed via scientific testing which is often BAD and or incomplete scientific testing with often very obvious profit motives.

Prescription drugs are at least the fifth (JAMA 1998) and probably the third leading cause of death in this country.

As in ANY written test there are weak points and strong points. Denying "probable" existence of candida is not only harmful it can be downright deadly. The less the medical profession addresses the simple, obvious and inexpensive, the more people will stay sick. This is good for the medical business and damned bad for the public.. I have used this test too many times with positive results to deny its worth.


Recommended product

Pranayama #3

Dear Mike,

Thanks a lot for the prompt and encouraging reply.  I would give some of my personal background .

I am 35 years . For the past 18 years I am in the business of ............................ I have got a ................................................................

Reaping monetary benefit is not on the top of my agenda. I will certainly as you have rightly advised join a yoga class. 

I fully agree to your view that breathing is often steeped in esoteric agendas here in India. That was exactly the reason that I decided to look out for other sources from where I could gather information, learn and inculcate good breathing habits. 

When I read some Indian books on Pranayama they appeared to me to be not touching the immediate subject, that of the psyche and the physique. When I asked about Pranayama to some elderly persons, I was warned not to practice or to think about it as it was considered to be dangerous when what I only wanted was knowing good breathing habits.

I have no direct control on my heart. Hence I cannot directly control the pace of my heart and whatever other functions it may be doing. There are innumerable such organs, systems and processes which are beyond my voluntary control and hence I cannot meddle with them. Which entails I cannot directly influence them and do them incorrectly or wrongly.

However since breathing has a voluntary part in it, it can be done incorrectly. More the reason I felt that I must know what is correct breathing. What is correct breathing when I am eating, relaxing, doing physical work, reading, having a work out, traveling, sleeping, etc.etc. That is all what I wanted to know.

After having visited your website and that of Dennis Lewis, Illse Middendorf, Carl Stough I recognized that the physical and psychic aspects of correct breathing are very important. Without any foreign body intervention in our body this magical gift of breathing has the potential to do wonders to us.

Importantly for me it is absolutely and truly the natural way of living.

Having come to this conclusion I feel I could live correct breathing as well as make a livelihood from teaching it when I become proficient enough.

Thanks a lot for your invitation. I will remain in touch via the e-mail and the net.



Shortness of Breath Program

Breath Holding and Self Harm

Question: To the Panel: Is it possible to hold your breath long enough to harm your brain, harmed due to lack of oxygen (or other cause)? I ask because I like to snorkel rather than scuba dive, but I still appreciate diving down as far as I can, and often push myself to the limit on depth and time length. So at what time (or ratio), if any, would I be hurting myself? : Benjamin H

Dear Benjamin: rather than holding your breath when snorkeling, how about exhaling, that is with closed lips blow bubbles very gently for as long as you can while you are under. I would suggest that you come up for air if possible before it feels uncomfortable. I don't have hard data on how long you could go for, but certainly you don't want to push it so far you may become unconscious. We have all heard the CPR & Red Cross quotes that you can become anoxic - lose significant O2 supply to the brain within 3 min, but that is when you are holding your breath. That is very different from developing prolonged exhalation ,which can gradually increase with practice and is best done in your comfort zone. Mike White has many valuable suggestions on that on his web site.  Sincerely, Margaret Leong, M.A., P.T.

Recommended product

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