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Health Q and A
Page 2

Tremors and Breathing

From Mike:
I worked on a woman today that had tremors much the same as I evidenced Katherine Hepburn doing during talk show interviews.

This woman's breathing was horribly uncoordinated. She met me with defeated posture and downward gaze. She had very little sense of what breathing should feel like and how it should function. 90 minutes later she left me feeling "very good". Color came back into her face. She shacked less.

There are very specific, safe and painless techniques even a relative or close friend can be trained to do for a loved one. 704.597.6775

1. The Breathing Kit   2. Hands on


I just wanted to express my appreciation for your web-site and, what I suspect is your passion. My experience with pranayama and other eastern breath practices for going on 25 years has been, shall we say, a "learning" experience. The path I took would have been better served having had someone like yourself around to correct the unintended mistakes (learning from experience is not always the best way). My current understanding certainly supports and agrees with your well-written perceptions. Thank you. Gary A

Recommended product

Does Lack of Sleep Cause Poor Breathing?

Rather a general question i know, but is it possible to develop poor breathing patterns due to lack of sleep. For the past three years i have suffered severe sleeping problems ie: difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep which has left me drained and physically fatigued to the point where i now suffer laboured breathing, tight neck and shoulder muscles and a tight diaphragm which has to be manipulated by a Osteopath regularly. Although my sleeping patterns are gradually getting better i am still left with the physical pains of poor sleep. Does this all sound familiar, and what can i do to help break this cycle of bad sleep leading to bad breathing and visa versa? i will be forever in your debt if you can help.
Many Thanks,

From Mike:

Stress causes bad breathing. Bad breathing worsens stress. Bad diet causes bad breathing that worsens stress.  For the most part, bad breathing causes bad sleep. We find that when the breathing improve so quite often does sleep.  Keep going to the osteopath, get the Kit and take it to that doctor. It will serve BOTH of you quite well. The OD would be a good choice as a medical doctor but probably can not do all of what you need for your breathing.  You might want  to rule out sleep apnea but I believe that apnea is caused by faulty breathing and can also be helped by herbs and diet.    Recommended product that includes BHLN

Bench Pressing and Breathing

Hi Mike, Just purchased your kit. What had brought my attention to your offering was a web search. i had been walking during lunch at work with a rather "competitive" colleague. Turned out to be a bust because I was inhaling so much pollen + exhaust that I was making myself sick with phlegm and extreme shallow breath. This made me very nervous. I have been listening to your tapes and the bells in the background are very relaxing. The exercise has helped me take fuller -better quality breaths which in turn has helped me to relax which in turn has improved my life. I also have a question - does bench pressing weights (which ads bulk to the pectoral muscles ) have in any way a restricting effect on breathing???? Bud 

From Mike:

Absolutely. Bench pressing is what I do the least of in my workouts. If you got the manual you will find the weight training series of about 25 exercises around weight room equipment. Good stuff when used judiciously.


judiciously- is the key word, as in most things in life, moderation is the key.  Mike Recommended product

Brassiers and Breathing

Dear Mike:
I would love to talk to the bra fitter you were talking about. Does she have an email address?? Victoria's Secret has a new bra fitting certification program, but supposedly it only lasts for one hour!!! And you get a certification for it!! It's appalling. So, I would like to try and connect with some fitters who have gone through specific training to be fitters. There is an actual certification program, but it is for people to fit mastectomy patients and the program is longer than one hour. I have to find out more information. I'm really concerned about the women who will be fitted by fitters from these stores.  Recommended Product


Hi, ever since I was diagnosed asthmatic at the age of five I have held my breath to relieve wheezy ness. It seems to work. Why do you disagree with asthmatics holding their breath if it works?

From Mike:

Because holding your breath constricts the upper chest and invites later problems with over active accessory breathing muscles.

Daily for 5 minutes or when an asthma attack is occurring, lie on your back, take a big belly breath, raise your leg and make a shhhhhh sound all the while you are slowly lowering your leg. Repeat 5-10 times with each leg until the attack subsides. Let me know how that works for you.

Recommended product

Singing and Voice Problems

The following Singing and Voice Problems email typifies a problem often overlooked by many classical voice teachers. The teacher, no matter how well intended, rarely takes the student beyond where the teacher has gone him/herself. If you breathe you can sing. If you can sing, you do not necessarily know how to breathe. Trust me on this. It is an axiom of the breath. 

Dear Mike,

Hello! I have been looking at your web site for the past two days, I looked and read every single page, I found it so interesting, touching the particular issues I was looking for on the internet, the web site is also very well designed, I was really happy to find it. Telling you a little about myself, my name is Benjamin I am 22 years old, I go to voice training it’s been exactly a year from now since I started, I luckily found a great voice teacher that devoted himself literally (our relationship is far more than between any regular teacher and student), I started with a  small little voice very nasal, today I am a tenor (Lyrico- spinto) with a range of a little less than 3 octaves, we’ve progressed tremendously in such a short time, I can already sing most of Pavarotti’s repertoire, and Jewish Cantorial. All the credit go to my teacher, but we are both determined to continue on improving, developing the vocal potential. My teacher never put any special emphasis about the proper way of breathing as other voice methods would, "we were born with the natural best way of breathing" he says, he himself was a terrific world known Opera singer, "I always had enough breath", his career was cut short due to a pneumonia, he couldn’t perform anymore, feeling that he wasn’t able to sustain an opera anymore (before that he used to be a real lion on stage), since then he stopped and much later he began giving voice lessons. That is actually the purpose of me writing to you, in the beginning of my voice, training, singing Arias felt physically very hard, after half an hour singing I felt how the diaphragm was getting tired, especially at the higher registered, although being within my vocal range ability, I was unable to continue singing, my teacher kept saying that it’s normal for someone that just begins singing, and taught me how to approach it lighter. We did special scale exercises for that, to built the flexibility and make the diaphragm stronger, now it is really different, I can sing for much longer, but I still feel that same feeling, in a smaller way of course, I also run out of breath sometimes especially singing in the high register, that’s why I would like to have your opinion on that, if your method for breathing improvement may be able to help me, I would surely buy it, my teacher agrees that improving the "natural" breathing can only be helpful for a singer. (I read your reply to the opera singer in the "FAQ" section, but I felt the need to tell you about myself, in order for you to help me better).

Reading about how your method can cure or reduce stuttering, arose my interest as well, I do not have a severe stutter, but I hesitate when I speak, sometimes for a long time, it is usually ok, but I wish to work on that too. I thank you very much for taking your time reading this long letter Mike, I wish you a lot of success in your projects, by helping people breathing correctly and optimally, I look forward hearing from you.

Your truly.   B

PS: Feel free to put my letter in your web site for other people, that need the same kind of help, I would just ask you to take out the personal things, thanks. 

From Mike:

Well done Benjamin:

You have uncovered the key to a lasting, free and easy singing voice. Optimal breathing.

I am pretty sure that if your teacher had seen me he would not have had to quit the business. I would love to work with you BOTH. Your teacher is WRONG about everyone breathing normally.

Many develop breathing blocks due to trauma, emotional suppression, forcing the breath or gasping during other exertions. Technique alone will not sustain the singing voice and will often sound like technically perfect but slightly unreal communication. when it needs to use the power of classical song.

It would be an honor to work with you but you must come to our office for a few days.

I could put you in touch with a classical voice breathing student of mine in California who sang Carnegie Hall in July 1999. Prior to that she was losing her highs and was very troubled abut that. We got them back plus lengthened her low note sustains by about double. It took three sessions.

mike    Recommended program

Weight Loss

Dear mike,
         i am a young girl and i am a bit chubby. I'm not obese, but my friends are perfect weight and they are smaller than me. I'm not saying that i would like to lose weight for my appearance, i would like to be healthy and live long. i exercise every day and i don't eat to much junk food, but i need something more than that. i saw your web site and i am quite impressed with all the great results, but i did not see any results under " weight loss". if i do these breathing exercises, will it help my weight problem? i thank you very much for your time and effort to making people feel better about their selves.

From Mike:

All the so called weight loss breathing exercises I have reviewed can add energy but also lock up  the breathing so that later you will have breathing blocks. 

If you start taking VERY LONG walks carrying extra weight you will lose weight.  Ever meet an overweight backpacker?  I never have.  Walking is probably the safest most generic exercise there is. It is always available, costs nothing, and takes only reasonable amounts of time.  If you add extra weight you increase the conditioning factor.  The fair weather walker loses half of the privileges of the sport. Snow and rain, sunshine, fog, heat and cold, - no other exercise can match it for variety.   
My favorite exercise walking oriented machine is listed in the Secrets manual along with several gym equipment training techniques. Think not of the time walking as being spent.  Think of it as being invested. You must invest time in your health.  It will repay dividends far beyond anything you could ever obtain with money.

If walking is not practical or interesting please try the exercise at Breathing Exercise #2. It would be a real good idea for you to have the weight loss program.

Asthma, Buteyko and Theresa Hale

Dear Mike,

I recently perused a book by a woman named Hale who described a remarkable discovery in breathing to treat Asthma and Emphysema.


Actually Shallow relates to the total amount of breath used - the main point of the doctor’s evidently very successful work hinges on - CO2 DEPLETION!

Evidently - most Asthma etc patients hyperventilate and have a CO2 deficiency which reduces the amount of tissue available O2. The technique revolves around the "Lock" - whereby after a normal exhallation, one holds the breath for increasing extended periods. I think the approach is compatable with SLOW abdominal breathing. Are you familiar with this work - what do you think?

From Mike:

Read http://www.breathing.com/articles/breath-holding.htm

I've read it. It is a mixed blessing. If it works, great. It does not always work. AND if it does work it trains you to underbreathe which is I believe essentially an illness model bias. http://www.breathing.com/articles/hyperbaric-oxygen.htm

I believe your slow abdominal insight is a better one for the long haul. Several breathwork professionals including myself are engaged in a discussion group about this. You can stay in touch with us by subscribing to the newsletter. So far the opinion is that it gives short term benefits and the wrong insights for long term health and well being.

SOB Program


Hi Mike, I am from Australia, and I would like to know the price of your book and tapes or whatever I would need for asthma. I was very sick for the last 2 years, have had breathing problems since childhood, 18 months ago tried Buteyko, Blah! doesn't work, waste of money, I finally started myself on deep breathing exercises self taught, and I have picked up in health, still cant walk for hald an hour but sure would like to, so how much money would this cost here in Aus

regards Barbara

From Mike:

Asthma can be a little different from person to person., I have received good reports from Breathing Exercise #1 and Breathing Exercise #2. I would add the manual so that you can get other insights that may aid your recovery and maintenance. Rapid Breathing Improvement

Singing and Breath Control


I am so glad I have found your website! I have sung for several years and have one major problem - I have no breath control.

What products/information would you recommend to get me on the road to better breathing as well as better singing?

Thanks for your help.

From Mike:

Begin with "Opposing Forces" listed in the manual.



Rapid Breathing Improvement

Feelings and Emotions


I've had a look at your emotions and breathing page. I was wondering how you differentiate between "feelings" and "emotions".

Could you elaborate a bit more? Thanks

From Mike:

Feelings and emotions are often used interchanging one for the other. 

Emotion: energy + motion = emotions.  To me feelings are energy but more about body sensations. They are precursors to emotions. Emotions involve action or increased intensity of feeling and ideas about those feelings that allow us to place relative importance on those feelings.  You experience a feeling such as a hunch and it may not yet be an emotion.   Because emotions are so interdependent upon breathing, shortness of breath can distort or hinder access to all our sensing, intensity, experiences and abilities. Deepest Calm

Backpacking and Breathing

Mike, I read with interest your article on proper breathing versus restrictive clothing. You make some very good points. My passion is hiking and backpacking. As you know, most of today's packs are designed to transfer a lot of weight to the hips via a padded hip belt, which must be strapped on fairly tight to be of any use. Such belts around the abdomen at the hip level make "belly" breathing a bit difficult. Your comments please and maybe some suggestions.

From Mike:

That is very interesting to me.

When I go walking I walk with weights (26 pounds) wrapped criss cross front and back over each shoulder across me like a bandelero for bullets, made of tough leather-like plastic filled with steel or lead beebies.

They were special made years ago from a man named Steel and I can not find the manufacturer but they are great because they allow my chest to expand in all directions and to breathe fully. Water might work as well instead of the beebies. Could be a good product. I would give free breathing.com recommendation to such a product.

The first thing that comes to mind is to carry things on the head but that is not easy and has cervical dangers.

If someone were to make a special pair of pants like a jump suit that had side pockets at the hip that the pack slipped into to distribute the weight? But then we still have the shoulder pressure.

I notice that the real heavy packs are balanced a lot above the shoulders. Reminds me a little of African and Tibetan bearers. There is wisdom there,

Lighter packs and pack animals would me MY choice if I needed to carry my food and equipment.

The hip versions out now might want to be less belly and back invasive if possible. Certain exercises like the Sit Bend and shhhh in the Secrets manual and the BASIC BASIC http://www.breathing.com/secrets.htm can be used to offset the low back weight-pressure-invasion by the back pack. There are others to offset other stresses of movement and portage.

All of this reminds me of meeting Will Siri of the Sierra Club back in the 70s. He was on the first American team that conquered Mt. Everest. He did it in his 50s I believe. What a rock of a man. he was awesome, even in his sixties. 

mike    Sports Performance

Shortness of Breath

Hello Mike,

I have a question about my breathing. For about the last 4 months or so  I have been having shortness of breath. With the minimal amount of exertion I am totally out of breath. For example, walking to my car, walking to the kitchen from my bedroom. I work out regularly but I just do not understand why I am having shortness of breath with the most minimal amount of exertion. What would you recommend?

From Mike:

Many possibilities. Take the tests at http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm

Never overlook that shortness of breath is one of the signs that many medical doctors forget to mention is a possible sign of a heart condition or even a warning that you are having a hear attack.

I would rule out a heart condition first. Given an ok from your Doc then you need to know that consistent, long term shortness of breath can create or accelerate a heart condition. I would get the Breathing Kit in any event and use it to augment whatever you decide.

SOB Program

Running and Mouth Breathing

i know i am a little out of shape but when i jog i start breathing ok but even before i get to the 1/4 mile marker i am breathing heavily. i try to inhale through my nose and exhale thru my mouth. i've been told that this keeps you from getting tired too soon. i'm good for a while and before i know it i'm breathing in through my mouth and exhaling through my mouth. it's somewhat embarrassing because i notice people turning around to see who's dying. thanks for you help

From Mike:

Whoever told you to breathe out your mouth was dead wrong unless it is VERY hot. then it lets the heat escape faster. But if it that hot you should probably not be running in the first place..

Practice when it is cool to warm and try to stay with nose breathing. Go slow and easy.


Energy Program     mike

Child With Breathing Problem

Question My nephew is 9 years old and he's been suffering from breathing problems for quite some time now. He is always inhaling and exhaling through his mouth and when he sleeps he makes noises as if he couldn't get enough air. He visited a physician recently and he will be tested for allergies (his skin tends to be very dry) but it seems that he has some kind of inflammation in his nostrils that is obstructing them so he isn't getting enough air. Now he is showing signs of "laziness" and he is not doing well at school. Are this symptoms related? Can you suggest good books on the issue? Thank you very much. A

From Mike:

If you do not address the mechanics and nutrition of his breathing you will be subject to many possible mistakes and overlooking of the/a primary cause of breathing problems.  http//www.breathing.com/secrets.htm   Bring the manual to your MD. 

Shortness of Breath   http://www.breathing.com/articles/prescription-drugs.htm

Poor Breathing

Dear Mike:

I live in England and was trained as an ACTOR at the "name withheld by mgw" in the mid ‘60s. I am 50 years of age. Breathing - correct breathing -is part of the actors training and I believe " " was a leader in the field at the time. My problem is I breathe badly and am aware that I am not getting the most out of life by continuing the bad breathing habit. I now need to seriously concentrate on a breathing programs that will address some of the problems that I have…stress, exhaustion etc. It seems crazy but I know that the answer to most stress related illnesses has its roots in poor breathing…. I seem to have done little about it.

From Mike:
ANYONE can develop breathing blocks. You are fortunate that you have become aware of them. Even world class athletes, actors, public speakers, woodwind instrument players, yogis and yoginis, martial artists, and opera stars.
Take the Breathing Tests for hidden signs of more breathing blocks. Purchase the Shortness of Breath Program for an exercise and strengthen your insights with my study called “The Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing”  Share with me your experience and results.
Or better yet, come to California or promote a workshop in England. If you are interested, ask for my workshop outline. I would be there for private sessions as well.

Recommended product



I just received a post from a correspondent who tells of her mother's death, less than 24 hours after being admitted to a hospice. It appears they "eased her suffering" (from emphysema and cardiac complications) with morphine.

It was suggested that I post a message about the danger of morphine, etc, in treating pulmonary patients.

Prescription Drug Dangers 

Weight Loss #2

Dear Mike

In your answer to the young girl who asked if your breathing exercises would help her loose weight, you stated that it would produce "breathing blocks." What do you mean? As you know, there are a number of popular TV infomercials touting the use of deep, high-rate breathing to loose weight. If I knew what you meant regarding "breathing blocks" I would be in a better position to know if these breathing exercises are "dangerous."


From Mike:

Many of these extra breathing styles can give the body more energy. MOST of the tapes I have seen invite constriction from forced breathing. Some can help to burn off fat. Everyone is built differently and I suspect that a great many are going to receive initial benefits. The problem lies in that they are going to do the same thing over a long period of time. Variety is key to most things and the breath is no different.

ALL forced breathing is eventually negative. Initially if it works great. Use my tests #1, 2, & 3 at http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm as primary markers. If the test numbers keep improving then they may be ok. When the test markers level off it is time to be cautious. Any other negative symptoms need be addressed as well as breath influences ALL of  life and living.


Recommended product


Dear Sir:
I am a therapist practicing Yoga & few procedures of Alt. Med. I am interested to know your novel ways of treating depression through controlled breath. Dr. A.P.

From Mike:

Dear Dr A.P:
Think of depression as depressed mid chest breathing. The heart chakra shuts down. Get them to breathe into the chest or whenever the breath isn't , let them cry, and if it is not too invasive, do bodywork that releases the chest and opens it up for easier breathing. Breathing will alter the emotion. Breathing, nutrition, attitudinal healing, and supportive environment will sustain it.
Recommended Product.


Thyroid and Singing

The thyroid can swell to capture more of the substances it needs to feed itself. This may cause tightness in the vocal area.
There is a good inexpensive test for hypothyroidism that is under Thyroid.

Recommended program

Falun Gong

From Mike:

Falun Gong has been taking some heat in China. Arrests and censure from the authorities. They are calling it a cult. It may be. I reprinted an Excite news article I got when I preprogrammed them to send me articles about "breathing" and included the URL about the arrests See archives about "Trouble brewing in Tienenman Square" ARTICLE REMOVED http://www.insidechina.com/news.php3?id=130581 and sent it out to my subscriber list. One percent of the list cancelled. One person complained about "was this a political e-zine?"  No it is not. All along I was referring to "breathing free" which is VERY American and I am an American, tried and true.  And partly because of that I am reminded of the Tibetans and how THEY have been murdered (over a million) and suppressed.  Whatever Falun Gong may be, it has the right to be heard. If it is a cult as some say then you have to decide if it is a bad cult or one with socially redeeming value.  I do not know.  What I DO know is that i it is really easy to have the Chinese government castigate what it does not agree with.  REAL EASY.  Here is one reply about the subject.

Dear Mike:

Very interesting to me since I recently read a blurb in a magazine about someone who cured Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome with  Falungong. Because of the article, I ordered a book on it (still backordered by one of my book distributors). Blessings. B 

From Mike:

Anytime you breathe more than you usually do you create the possibility of healing. Not the probability because many breathe very poorly and to try to breathe too much too soon can cause them more rapid decline; but definitely the possibility. http://www/breathing.com/articles/oxygen-benefits.htm.  

Falun Gong says it is superior. (I have the book.) This is ego talking. My psychologist friend Michael Mayer tells me there are over 2,400 different styles of Chi Kung or Qi Gong in the world.  At least. I do not believe the head of Falun Gong has tried ALL of them so that he knows he is BEST. This "superior" attitude may be drawing negative attention.  I am unfamiliar with the FC agenda but I do know that developing one's internal powers and then combining many people for a single cause or the betterment of the group will threaten any autocratic system.  Especially if it is suppressive in nature already which China clearly seems to be. And often even more so if it works. It Could be a political party in the making.  I do not think the present establishment will permit that.  My Kit is as good or better.  Recommended product

Asthma #3

Mike, I have to talk to someone about the problems I suffer from now. I am reading your material, Dennis Lewis’ book about natural breathing, Jankhes book about the healer within, and I do really try to train and live from the knowledge that breath is very important for my health. The problem though is that when my asthma starts making problems for me, which has been going on for the last couple of months, my will power doesn’t keep pace with the loss of oxygen.

My chest is getting bigger, as I told you before, and it seems as my summer-holiday must be in a city were I can keep away from the little "yellow-fever", the pollen from the trees, grass and flowers. I'm on medicine for it, good one probably. I go to the Karolinska Institute, which is the best place in Sweden to get help, but they never talk about the importance of breathing, maybe they just want the medicine to be sold… At the moment my peak flow meter is at the top, 350. I can reach 500 when I am in good shape (with medicine) I really do not know why I send this Mike, but maybe it is because I have found that talking to you, and making plans of going to see you as soon as I can find an appropriate time for it, is making me feel better psychologically.

From Mike:
I agree that the medical industry often overlooks basic information about the breathing process. The breath measuring meters can actually make the problem worse by causing one to tighten up the rib cage on the forced inhalation and exhalation. I am not convinced that the peak flow is an adequate measure. Many people with good peak flows have not had the internal sense of power of people with much less peak flow. There is something to be learned here. I reach 200 consistently. Take the Breathing Tests for hidden signs of breathing blocks. Purchase the Shortness of Breath Program for an exercise and strengthen your insights with my study called “The Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing”.

Meanwhile try this.
Optimal Belly Breath Exercise. Extending the Exhale and Strengthening the Diaphragm.
Stand, make an ssssss sound until you have no air left. Then let the big effortless unassisted in-breath occur. At the top of the in-breath make a strong OM, Ah, HA, SHAH sound slowly repeated as long as you can. Pull the belly muscles above and below the naval into the spine as you maintain the Ha sound. Keep your chin above the horizon and make sure you do not bend forward during this exhale. When you no longer can make a strong Ha sound, let the easy breathing reflex occur. *Can be very good for asthma. Do 10-20 times twice a day. Observe if your inhaler use is diminishing. May be contraindicated for those with Emphysema and COPD. Diet, environment and attitude are also very important. By attitude I mean that many are convinced they will be asthmatic for life and perpetuate the illness this way. Asthma can be beaten.

Pranayama #2

Hi Mike,

This is Vijay from India. I have been to your site and found it very enlightening! I have recommending it to my friends by word of mouth and also by e-mails. Also, I have been practicing some of the techniques given by you. I must say they are quite effective. Thought I would share something with you. The Hatha Yoga gives some excellent techniques of breathing called Pranayam. Though they are very difficult to practice, simplified versions can be practiced by anyone. I have been practicing one for quite some time, and with a good result to show. It is called Bhasrika Pranayam. The technique is:

Sit cross legged on the floor with both hands on knees.

Exhale completely by pulling in your stomach.

Then inhale deeply.

Now exhale with a force and quickly.

Inhale with a force and quickly [all through nose].

Do this repeatedly and increase the tempo. This makes breathing very noisy. Also, it clears off the nasal channels. Do this continuously for a minute.

After this you will get a beautiful feeling of peace and calm.

Enjoy this now breathing normally.

This is a very effective technique and cures a number of illnesses connected with breathing.




From Mike:

Good to hear from you.

ANY extra breathing has the power to heal. If you do the SAME exercise too long though you will restrict the mechanics of breathing and distort many perceptions as well as natural breathing..

I have included many different and safe exercises in the manual and tapes to offset this tendency.

Hatha Yoga is in many ways God’s gift to the human body. I am not comfortable with the cross legged position. It blocks the energy into the legs, forces the person to bend slightly forward compressing the mid breath, and the sitting position stresses my knees.  See the PRP and Straw Experiment in the DVD2 video and Secrets manual for more on this.

Blessings, Mike


Re: acute hiccough It is certainly wise of you have hiccoughs for several days or even of several hours duration that don't go away, to check in with your doctor. Very occasionally it can be due to a neurological condition and a good medical workup is helpful It is a contraction of the diaphragm muscle. If it is the more simplistic type of hiccough, it is amazing how many "cures" there are, since you are hoping to get out of that repetitive pattern. It is wise to try some breathing lessons, such as those Mike White has. This may stop it or at least will keep you breathing in the best possible way, so that there is not additional breathing disturbance. Sincerely, Margaret Leong, M.A.,P.T.

Recommended product

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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
cancer, mental illness, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, you should consult your health professional before undertaking these practices.