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Get Fit For Sleep - (Level 2)  Level 1

An holistic in person one on one training for developing better sleep, without the use of drugs, or surgery. To permanently eliminate need for sleep oriented mechanical breathing devices.
Sleep problems are not about obesity although it plays a part.  Not about throat muscle or airway collapse although that also plays a part. Not about allergy based airway engorgement although that also plays a part.

Many sleep approaches are temporary and do not deal with the primary cause of poor sleep whatever that may be. The sleep issue is multi-faceted and requires a simple practical affordable program with sufficient personal support to keep one on the program and change it as needed over time. This program addresses the causes, not just the symptoms. It includes one's individual lifestyle situations: breathing development, herbal supplementation, nutritional counseling, sleep education, and consistent follow up when needed.

The program needs to be administered depending on how the individual responds to each technique or tool. What we offer is easy, safe, and fun, and it really works. Huge results often occur in the first night or week on our program.  

        zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz meow!

Corporate Leaders ALERT! Are you at risk losing a valuable colleague to poor health or premature death. Many have sleep issues and many do not or will not follow traditional medial approaches. We offer an alternative to drugs and mechanical breathing devices and have a very VERY high success rate.

"Breathing is the FIRST place not the LAST place one should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself."
Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD Ph.D., The Oxygen Breakthrough

Basic Issue.
According to SleepQuest.com, fewer than 5% of people with sleeping disorders are diagnosed and treated. Most of these 46 million Americans will die prematurely.  Many can't get to or stay to sleep, snore or wake up not breathing. Some are so stressed they can not speak well or as well as they would like to. The basis of this program is that your breathing provides your primary source of energy and sleep provides your primary source of energy recovery.  They are interdependent.
Few realize that the way they use their voice stems largely from the way they breathe and shape their vocal tract. Also, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea partly stems from collapse and/or engorgement of the vocal tract often making obesity a contributing factor. But many obese people do not snore or have apnea and thin people do. Just like bending a water hose will slow down the flow, the vocal tract needs to maintain its round shape and muscle tone and when it is narrowed it slows down air flow and eventually causes friction and collapse of the passage of air. This compromises oxygen supply and hinders sleep.

Poor sleep greatly reduces your energy. Your voice is wind passing membranes and therefore is dependant upon breathing. Improper breathing adds to stress and anxiety while awake and often causes or worsens vocal issues.  

The sleep lab industry mostly uses equipment that forces air into one’s nose or throat while trying to sleep. While life saving for some, many (over 60% I have read) can not or will not use the devices thus putting themselves at risk for any number of maladies including premature death. ALERT to employers. Most employees will not tell you they are not using the devices.

We know that exercise is relevant but many exercise routinely and still have sleep issues including apnea. Some exercises, see exercise induced breathing problems can actually inhibit healthy breathing and that adversely effects sleep. Our approach to sleep is, along with an holistic program teaching the fundamentals of general health, to re-develop the breathing and vocal tract so well that it will not narrow or collapse. 

We introduce various tools and techniques as needed.

The Program. 
This program supposes that many aids to sleep other than breathing may greatly help and/or may be but temporary crutches that may work a while and then fail and must be replaced with something else that is also temporary. Breathing being the primary energy and sleep the primary energy recovery implies they must be first addressed to ensure all other sleeping aids get the best chance for sleep improvement.

Our self help program may incorporate classical voice techniques, easy safe breathing development exercises, massage or bodywork, booster foods, nutrition, detoxification, herbal supplements, sleeping aids and non religious meditations and an optional special oxygen booster.


  1. Insomnia elimination*

  2. Snoring elimination

  3. Waking up not breathing

  4. Waking up tired

  5. Eliminates the need for a CPAP or Bipap

  6. No naps needed

  7. Normalizes blood pressure

  8. Stabilizes blood sugar

  9. Restores positive mood

  10. Increases productivity

  11. Utilizes natural sleep aids

  12. Yawning reduced or eliminated

  13. Breath holding stopped. (Holding the breath during waking invited the same during sleep.)

* "Drugs do not provide a real solution to the problem of insomnia. In fact, sleep inducing medications are so ineffective in any real sense that it is difficult to understand why there continues to be such an overwhelming demand for them". Deepak Chopra, RESTFUL SLEEP

Frequency of sessions: Vary from Daily to several times a week. 

We pre-screen all candidates for this Fit For Sleep Program. Being accepted assures a high degree of potential success. 

Significant improvement is often achieved in one session after receiving our basic breathing development program and any tools or supplements arrived at during an initial $200.00 phone consultation.  
The consultation fee is credited towards a minimum 25 hour session for optimal breathing development goals including general breathing, anxiety, energy, sleep, depression, high blood pressure, weight loss, mental focus, life extension and more.

Fees are hourly on a case by case basis. Multiple hour sessions are discounted.  Though exceptions occur, most cases are handled in 10-20 sessions and run between $1500 -3100 dollars total.

We do not accept insurance billings but you may be reimbursed depending on your specific insurance policy or doctor's prescription.

Begin with taking our free breathing tests at www.breathing.com/tests.htm and alert me when you have done so. 
Then call 704.597.6775 for the phone consultation. 

We help you create a sleep program on a case by case basis

1. Phone or via Skype initial consultation fee  $200.00 per hour. Usually 1 hour is sufficient for good program planning.

Take our  free breathing tests to help me customize your needs and time here.

2. 3-5 hours over Skype and/or in person at Charlotte, NC $175.00 per hour.
You pay for 5 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  2 minimum

3. 6-10 hours via Skype sessions and/or at Charlotte NC $150.00 per hour  
You pay for 10 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  6 minimum

4.11-15 hours via Skype and/or in person at Charlotte NC $135.00 per hour You pay for 15 and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance  11 minimum

5. 20 or more hours via Skype and/or at Charlotte NC  $125.00 per hour 
You pay for 25 or more hours and if we do not need that much time we refund you the balance.  20 minimum

Take our  free breathing tests to help me customize your needs and time here.

Self Help Program 


Recent sleep client.
The man reports he is home and feeling more improved.
When he arrived he was nodding off every two or three minutes while sitting and talking to me. He left having stayed present for 45 minutes lying on his back where he usually jerked upright after a few seconds. He had told his wife he would rather die than be that way.

Took me about 30 hours plus some work in my gym and the local YMCA. www.breathing.com/consulting.htm
He doubled his sleeping hours from 2 to 4. His Self evaluation of breathing questionnaire scored 39 pre and 14 post sessions,higher being worse.. I modified his car seat as I do for most attendees.

I trained him (bodywork included) from the inside out in what it felt like to breathe easier, deeper and a balanced PNS/SNS way and for him to FEEL that and KNOW that was occurring in real time. I used my Capno breath trainer for a hour or so.
He left with several postural props to hold his body to facilitate EASIER DEEPER BALANCED breathing moment to moment. 
Apnea is one of my passions. Including exposing children being put on CPAPS (criminal IMO - instead of developing the breathing and teaching them to sing) and others when they will not be worn as many hate them and become a  huge health risk or do not really need them in the first place due to sleep lab bias or the MDs STILL do nothing to get them off the devices. Typical treat-the-symptoms- syndrome.
For MANY people - better breathing increases self care compliance ie personal power/self determination/auto-regulation often big-time and i am pretty good at getting people off and or keeping them from getting on BI and CPAPS depending on their willingness to take reasonable responsibility. 
The same 1,2 3 steps apply: 1. Get the kit/theme. 2. skype if you can 3. come to Charlotte. 3B ship me out of the country when affordable.

Breathing is our primary source of energy; sleep for energy recovery. NOTHING can replace them. NOTHING.
The bad sleeping buck stops with me. 80% of success is showing up.
I want to thank you for our work together. I had not slept more then 2 hours in succession even with medication for more then 5 years. In 2 days you had me sleeping 6 hours without medication and any need for a CPAP.  God Bless you Mike.

Ted D. Houston, TX.

I am now of course still practicing proper breathing (50 years of bad habits), off meds, and have not awaked at night even once since starting the tapes and getting private instruction from Michael.

Phyllis R., California

The day we had the first session I had to use my inhaler eight times.  Since that first session I stopped needing my inhaler altogether for three weeks.  Before that I had been using it every day.  My energy is going way up as well.


Learning to breathe under the guidance of Mike White has not only saved my life but profoundly altered its quality....The relief from asthma turned out to be only an introduction into fuller and more vibrant participation in life.  In the process of learning to breathe more deeply and easily, old fears and insecurities are beginning to dissolve.  I am discovering the joyful calm that supports life at its base.

Mary D, California

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