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Theme #891. Focus, Concentration, Memory
           for achieving your goals 
(including the ALL- IN-ONE Optimal Breathing Kit plus customized product theme options in the red bordered box

about ADHD in children

Irregular breathing patterns, poor nutrition and inadequate detoxification can invite difficulty in remembering. Mechanical breathing patterns distort present time while the nutritional and toxicity chemical aspects make cellular memory problematic.  

This program combines various breathing based focusing and concentration techniques and exercises to combine h the worlds of mechanics, chemistry and strengthened immune systems witin a balanced and synergistic format.

This Focus Concentration program theme features the 814 Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit basic breathing development fundamentals in the BLUE BOX plus a few Focus Concentration theme additions.  To this you have the option of adding the:
Focus Concentration Theme components of nutrition, cleansing, and healthy choices and habits in the RED BOX and included in the shopping cart.

The 814 Optimal Breathing Kit with #891 Focus Concentration additions.
Disks AND instant downloads included for PCs, Macs, Tablets, iPads and smart phones
Breathing Development Fundamentals
Optimal breathing skills and diaphragm development techniques to rapidly improve one's breathing volume, ease, strength, depth,  freedom and VO2MAX. Strengthens function of the lungs and bronchia as a prelude or prerequisite for any other breathing exercise undertaken.  The most basic yet inclusive/comprehensive place to begin.
DVD plus breathing improvement strap, measuring tape, audio,  and two key booklets for deeper insights and tracking progress.
$49.00 value.

Optimal Breathing Fundamentals 176 Training DVD  click here for an in-depth view

Diaphragm Strengthener
A very special breathing resistance/training device to strengthen your primary breathing muscle and increase its excursion (rise) to allow for deeper yet stronger and more balanced breathing in and out. It augments the 176 Fundamentals video to optimize breathing development. Strength, ease and flow are only part of breathing development but extremely important parts. 
$21.00 value. Offered only with the Optimal Breathing Kit
Better Breathing Exercise #1 #120
For initiating longer natural breathing pauses, deeper easier breathing and relaxation. 
51 minutes.  CD and optional digital download.
$15.00 value
Better Breathing Exercise #2 #130.
"The Tibetan Caffeine".  Access the life force by engaging the breathing process. Develop focused, energetic, alert relaxation. For energy, stamina, vitality, and recovery. CD plus a special breathing exercise aid.

79 minutes. CD and optional digital download  $24.00
The Watching Breath #150.
For mental focus, and deepened awareness and concentration. A special mind development practice handed down for 4,000 years from Himalayan monks and spiritual teachers.
53 minutes.  CD or digital download   $15.00
The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick... Or Make You Well
Learn and share the importance of obvious and hidden breathing deterioration and the potential to improve one's breathing.  
PDF download $15.00 value
The Breath of Life   Disk AND download. -
with Mike and Russell J. Martino, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and creator of Rip Roaring Health. They discuss several key breathing-related factors that you MUST know to live a LONG happy, healthy, life. $15.00 value

Holistic Health Questionnaire

PDF download of 29 page Holistic Health Questionnaire encompassing:  Acid alkaline insights and foods, Fat content as a percentage of total calories, Foods to avoid, Metabolic balancing, Detecting parasites, Glandular function test, Observations on health hazards' relationship to your dietary habits and choices, Lifestyle Questionnaire, Drug History, Hypoglycemia probability,  Basal Temperature Test for Thyroid, Food Frequency Check list and more     $25.00 value
Optimal Digestion PDF download article  on optimal digestion. Within this article is information you will learn about your digestive system and its energy and enzyme reserves; practices that drain it; and practices to support it $10.00 value
Energetic Calm PDF download about a world class live super booster food.
Awesome blood oxygen transport and calming energy food.
TOTAL #891 PRODUCTS before any options
1. The Breathing Kit = One DVD with two special tools, two program booklets. Hard copies in the mail
2. Better Breathing Exercise #1  Disk in the mail and download
3. Better Breathing Exercise #2  Disk in the mail
4. The Watching Breath Disk in the mail and download
5. CD of audio talk show. Disk in the mail and download
6. Emailed link to PDF eBook The Way You Breathe Can ...   
7. Emailed link to PFD article on Optimal digestion
8. Emailed link to PDF  Holistic Health Questionnaire  
9. Emailed link to PDF super booster brain food information

value for $97.95     
lus any of the below options that you choose in the cart

Optional items in the red box below to enhance this Focus Concentration program theme

Brain On   #749
Brain support. Concentrated memory food. Enhances concentration and attention and creates a feeling of well being.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $36.95

DMG #579  I find it particularly good for energy, mental clarity and recovery from fatigue.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional 
           $34.50  or $95.00

Mental Clarity Inhaler #852.
Our proprietary formula. A special aromatherapy blend made JUST for Optimal Breathing by a world class Aromatherapist. Extremely pure and potent. For your infuser.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional  $25.00

Heavy Metal Detox  #778
Removes dangerous metals from the body. Helps mental clarity. Double blind study.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $59.00  Multiple bottle discount

Optimal Digestion #571.
Supreme enzymes. Digestion is critical to healthy respiration.
1 bottle with 60 or 270 capsules, or 3 bottles with 270 capsules each.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional  $19.00 
(quantity discounts)

ProEfa  #575
Adds pharmaceutical grade essential fatty acids (the brain is mostly fatty tissue) critical to lung health, brain function, and heart beat regularity.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $23.00

Oxy-Cleanse  #199
Get the sludge out of your brain, lungs, and elimination system.  Allow the body to better heal itself instead of processing needless and excessive waste. The heart-lung system especially likes oxygen so we recommend an oxygen based internal cleanser.  If you've been ill or not cleansed in the last 3 months, you must get some Oxy-Cleanse.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $18.95 Multiple bottle discount


The Oxygen Answer #333.
The twenty minute read that could change your life. 
Choose separately in the cart for an additional

Grain Damage: Rethinking the High Starch Diet   by Dr. Doug Graham  #299
Learn how grains may cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer's, can clog up your brain, lungs, colon and add allergens and "sticky blood" throughout your blood stream.
39 page booklet.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $9.95

Blue Velcro Strap   #910.
Offsets the tendency of breathing too high into the upper chest. Rebalances the nervous system by forcing the breathing to be more consistently parasympathetic/grounded helping keep the awareness and concentration in present time.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $24.00

Vinpocetin  #529
Been known to enhance memory, concentration, vision and hearing. We do not make health claims. Google it and learn much more

Choose separately in the cart for an additional 1 bottle $37.95

Iodine- Liposomal Liquid #178  
I cannot speak too highly about this product. Liposomes, which use a form of nanotechnology science, also impressively and harmoniously, use the generalized nature of the Liposomes themselves to therefore increase the efficacy, bioavailability, absorption, and delivery of these certain entrapped dietary and nutritional supplements. This is an incredible source of natural energy.  I hate the taste of seaweed and kelp so never got into eating it. Iodized salt of course is mostly contraindicated due to excessive sodium and purity issues. So for years I took natural thyroid but I still had low energy.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional  $15.95 Multiple bottle discount
Adrenal Forte #586 companion product to Liposomal iodine
Choose separately in the cart for an additional  $56.50  Multiple bottle discount  
Oxylift #505.
Stabilized oxygen. Liquid oxygen and mineral booster. A super concentrate.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional  $26.95
Multiple bottle discount  
Prescript Assist #566
The best there is. Soil Based Pro and Prebiotic. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, digestion and assimilation are where one must begin.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $60.00  1-3 months supply depending how you use them. (including quantity discounts)

 #891 Focus, Concentration, Memory Program 
Your price: $97.00     Plus any of the above options that you choose in the cart

Some may wish a little bit of technical guidance to choose or get the most out of this program.  Therefore, we offer a free few minutes of phone consultation before and/or after you receive the program. Call 704.597.6775 Eastern Time Zone or email.

    Secure online shopping guarantee

To order by phone:

Toll Free (USA): 1-866 MY INHALE (1-866 694-6425)
International: 001 704.597.6775

To order by fax: 704-597.3927

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Satisfaction guaranteed. No risk guarantee. If not satisfied return within 30 days for a full refund less S & H.

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