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#813. Heart Beat Irregularity and Chest Pains

This program automatically includes everything in the blue box:

The Optimal Breathing Kit
. The Art, Science, and Fundamentals of Optimal Breathing Development DVD
Optimal breathing skills and diaphragm development techniques to rapidly improve one's breathing ease, strength, depth, and freedom. The most basic yet inclusive/comprehensive place to begin.
DVD plus breathing improvement strap. Includes free CD.
b. Diaphragm Strengthener
A very special breathing training device to strengthen your primary breathing muscle and develop breath support. Strength and flow are only part of breathing development but extremely important parts.

Building Healthy Lungs Naturally
Biochemical and environmental aspects of the Optimal Breathing Development System.
Paperback book included. Free optional digital download.
Be reading it while your other products arrive in the mail.

Pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. Best quality. Lungs must have it. Absolutely necessary for heartbeat regularity.

Free info on a live super booster food
Awesome blood oxygen transport and calming energy food. Free bonus.

Free 30 page report on Optimal Digestion
Free bonus.

All above items together are $99.00

Recommended optional items to enhance this program and included in the cart during check out:

Cleans your intestines of bacteria, toxins and accumulated debris so they will not be recycled back to your lungs. Also helps remove potential allergenic substances.
1 bottle.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $18.99

Good bacteria helps you digest your food, absorb key nutrients and enhance oxygen utilization. Adequate proper bacteria are essential for a strong immune system.
1 or 4 bottles. 
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $23.95

Optimal Digestion
Supreme enzymes. Digestion is critical to healthy respiration. Make sure your food is digested or some of it will end up in your lungs.
1 bottle with 90 capsules. 
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $19.95

King Bio Lungs and Bronchial Relief
Helps with bronchitis caused chest pains. For natural relief of shortness of breath, tightness in chest, wheezing, upper respiratory or bronchial congestion and cough, mucus congestion, symptoms of emphysema, wheezing, and pain in chest.
1 bottle.  
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $15.95

Concentrated blood oxygen transport enhancement.  Brain and heart support. The brain uses 25-40% of your oxygen. The heart goes into spasm due to lack of oxygen.  
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $36.95


Oregano Oil (Oregacillin)
Helps with bronchitis caused chest pains. Fights unhealthy bacteria in the lungs. Flu virus destroyed in 20 minutes. KILLS bacteria and candida NOW.
1 or 4 bottles.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $29.00

Grain Damage: Rethinking the High Starch Diet  by Doug Graham
Shows how eating grains may be causing allergic reactions to back up mucous in your lungs.  39 page booklet.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $9.95

Calcium Magnesium
Good and economic source. Lungs must have it. M
andatory for healthy cellular function. 
1 or 4 bottles. 
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $13.95

Optimal Immune (ThyMune)
Synergistic immune system strengthener. Balances thymus tissue for immune support. For avoiding recurrences of bronchitis.
1 bottle. 
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $21.50

Better Breathing Exercise #1
Relaxation isn't just a state of mind. The heart rate is often driven by the breathing rate. With this guided exercise your body will often  initiate deeper easier breathing, longer breathing pauses  and slower heart rate.
51 minutes.  CD or digital download
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $15.00

Better Breathing Exercise #2
"The Tibetan Caffeine".  Access the life force by engaging the breathing process. More evenly balanced oxygen supply can help regulate heartbeat.  Develop focused, energetic, alert relaxation. For energy, stamina, vitality, and recovery. CD plus a special breathing exercise aid.
79 minutes.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $24.00

Prescript Assist #566
Soil Based Pro and Prebiotic. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, digestion and assimilation are where one must begin.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional $60.00  1-3 months supply depending how you use them.
Iodine- Liposomal Liquid #178  
I cannot speak too highly about this product. Liposomes, which use a form of nanotechnology science, also impressively and harmoniously, use the generalized nature of the Liposomes themselves to therefore increase the efficacy, bioavailability, absorption, and delivery of these certain entrapped dietary and nutritional supplements. This is an incredible source of natural energy.  I hate the taste of seaweed and kelp so never got into eating it. Iodized salt of course is mostly contraindicated due to excessive sodium and purity issues. So for years I took natural thyroid but I still had low energy.
Choose separately in the cart for an additional   $15.95

Some may wish guidance to get the most out of this program.  We offer a free few minutes of phone consultation before and/or after you receive the program. Call 704.597.6775 Eastern Time Zone or email.

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Plus any of the above options that you choose in the cart

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Hi Mike, I received my Optimal Breathing order and have begun reading the Begin Here and watching the videos. This is better than I expected, as I didn't understand that you yourself had some of the same problems I did, and I didn't know that you had such a holistic outlook. So this will be a bit lengthy, I'll try not to make a habit of it.
I had the same abuse from my Dad, but if he was alive today, I would hug him. I knew that he had hurt me psychologically, but I never realized what had happened breathing-wise. Not until one night when I felt that my breathing had stopped when I was about to fall asleep. This set me into a panic, and I couldn't get to sleep for weeks. Finally I had a feeling like I was dying, and called an ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor calmly told me that I was having an anxiety attack, and the nurse pointed out to me that I was hyperventilating. She told me to consciously slow down my breathing. Since then, I have had much treatment for anxiety, but could never keep it in my head to watch my breathing.
Back to the breathing-stoppage I described, it was probably the moment at which conscious breathing becomes autonomic as one falls asleep. Due to my high tension state, it felt like my breathing had stopped, which it probably had for a moment. But it panicked me. To this day, I have a subconscious fear of breathing stopping, and you would be interested to see how I breathe. I take in a quick, short, shallow breath, pause momentarily, let it out and immediately take in another breath. I immediately inhale because of the fear of stopping breathing. I do this at a rapid pace. So my pause is on the inhale rather than the exhale. You can see how your reflex-breathing system can be a bit of a problem for me, as I am afraid to stop on the exhale. But I do it, at least while I am thinking about it. At this point, I am not certain if you intend that we should breathe that way all the time. I'm sure the material will clear that up. 
Regarding singing and chanting, I am currently living alone, so can do that. I liked Perry Como (as well as Elvis), and recently found a gem of his just re-released on CD, "Sing to Me, Mr. C." I sing along with that lately and find my voice and emotions improving, though I cannot touch Mr. C. I just shake my head at what he does on this album. And at the age of 75, he had a hit with Wind Beneath My Wings. I also do oriental chanting, and especially enjoy chants to the heavenly bodies. Whatever is visible at the moment, I chant to. Also Christian hymns. 
My doctors also want me to have bladder removed soon due to recurring tumors. Breathing may help that, though nothing seems able to cure it. 
Regards, John Elvin

From Mike: Great insights. Get into the natural hygiene world fast. They may be able to keep you out of surgery.

Keep breathing



Hi. My name is Brian S. I just received your secrets of optimal breathing and all the other exercises. This is great! I read most of the Secrets of Optimal Breathing already. I did both sides of the Breathing Exercise #2 aka The Tibetan Caffeine tape all at once. I could not believe the response i got from my body! 

I'm a practitioner of Chinese Martial arts (Shaolin - internal and external) and this is the same kind of response i got from doing Qi Gong breathing and meditation practices. But the Tibetan Caffeine response was MUCH more intense. As with Qi Gong, i felt the buzzing and heat, like energy flowing inside me. Also i missed a few Bowls because of uncontrollable, loud, spontaneous laughter. I couldn't hold back at all. More importantly to me, i feel completely relaxed and at peace. Whenever i did Qi Gong breathing, i got extremely hot, fidgety, and tense. With the Tibetan Caffeine (Breathing Exercise #2) i felt the warm buzzing without the tenseness and being fidgety. I can't wait to listen to all your other tapes.  For the past 4 years or so i've suffered from some form of chronic abnormality. I don't know if it's an illness or not. I really don't care. The symptoms are weakness, no stamina, insomnia, inability to get a deep breath in, sometimes feeling suffocated. Mostly i've tried to live with it and endure. I'm not into whining or complaining attitude. The thing is, i went to a few doctors complaining about this, and they couldn't help me at all. They said i was fine, and implied that this was in my head. One went even so far as to suggest anti-depressants, but i'm not a unhappy person and rarely get depressed. I came to the conclusion that Western doctors can't help me.

 I tried the very strict Candida diet at the suggestion of a friend who owns a herbal supplement store but this didn't help at all. All along i thought that when my fatigue was cured, my breathing would return to normal. I never thought that my incorrect breathing could be the cause of this until i read your  web site. It literally never crossed my mind. Hopefully, i can correct my breathing with your manual and tapes. Thanks a lot!  


I am a 58 years young woman, High School teacher, and have spent much of my life off and on going through periods of adrenal exhaustion (of which I really had no name for up until a few years ago) and wondering why I couldn't catch my breath, actually have to crawl up stairs sometimes, waking up at night breathless etc. This all would come to pass when I was going through some kind of loss or what I perceived as a loss, or just any old time especially during times of a great deal of change. Interestingly enough when I was not going through those times, I have amazing energy, accomplish a great deal and rarely get tired. It became clear to me about 15 years ago that losing my mother at 3 years of age and not being told until I was 5 where she went, and simply living in hell with my father in one of those abusive long term dis-functional stories (tragic but boring) put me in so much fear that I learned to hold my breath and do all of the stuff that goes along with the flight or fight syndrome. 

Long story short approximately 10 years ago described these symptoms to my doctor, adrenal surges, not being about to catch my breath, waking up at night many times gasping for air and feeling like I am suffocating was put on Zoloft or Paxil off and on for about 10 years. I would tell the doctors, that I didn't feel depressed and really had no idea why these physical symptoms would happen to me and be so debilitating, but they just treat symptoms with meds. People would tell me, well just take a deep breath. OK I'll do that I would say but I could not seem to get a handle on being able to get a real breath when I'm suffering this panic and anxiety.

One fine day last October it finally dawned on me, I do not know really HOW to breathe! With all of the Yoga, meditation, bodywork, no one has been able to really teach me "HOW TO BREATHE". So I got on the WWW and said help!!! Punched in "breathing" and Wa La came "" and Michael. Got Michael's tapes.

Breathing Exercise Tape #1 was such a shock for me, what I mean is I had no idea there was a reflex action at the bottom of the exhale breath that actually "breathed your body". The shallow breathing that I was in the habit of doing had never allowed the development of that reflex action. So naturally I'm waking up at night breath holding, panic stricken and clueless why this is happening. My body has been oxygen starved and getting worse as I get older. EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THE CHILDHOOD ISSUES ARE WORKED OUT, GONE, DONE WITH, the old breathing habits had remained, I was not aware of something better.

Breathing Exercise #2 was even more fantastic! The exercise uses what you have learned in tape #1 and gives you the tremendous tools and power over the physical disablement of  being oxygen starved and emotionally stressed.

Very soon after starting the tapes, I visited Michael for 6 days in North Carolina to get private instruction. I can only tell you all that it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am now of course still practicing proper breathing (50 years of bad habits), off meds, and have not awaked at night even once since starting the tapes and getting private instruction from Michael.

Again Michael, thank you a million times over for actually dedicating your life to helping people understand the importance of the breath and actually in detail showing how to really practice it.

PR. California


Greetings from London, England.
I thought some positive feedback might be of help.
I have been practicing TM since October of last year. I have also been practicing your Breathing Exercise #1 for the past few weeks since ordering the tape.
I enjoy TM but find it's effects variable and occasionally quite negative
(although this was pointed out as being natural by the excellent tutor).
Your tape on the other hand has been a total revelation from the word go.  I have been an asthmatic for 38 years and in just a few weeks of assiduously  practicing this one exercise I have received more benefit than in twenty years of practicing all manner of other breathing techniques. Now here's the really good bit. I decided I would try using the "Waking Breath, -Breathing Exercise #1-  whilst doing my TM even though in basic TM practice there is no  conscious breath control (the mantra itself is supposed to encourage shallow almost imperceptible breathing).
The result is a totally positive quality of experience both in the meditation session and afterwards. I can't speak for other TM practitioners but the moral seems to be that whatever practice you are engaged in get your breathing right first and it will  help and support everything else. It really is the place to start.
I can't thank you enough. (And yes, I am now going through the Secrets of Optimal Breathing!) C.D.

From Phil Madeley in Pategonia Arizona.
After working with Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2:
* Greater dream recall, and a couple of interesting dream awakenings
* Realizing how restricted my breathing is. (constantly blocking it by poor posture sitting/ standing even though my posture seems good... I definitely feel blocks which are intrinsically linked to my current breathing patterns
* Wonderful tingling sensations all over my body during the exercises
* Greater awareness/ connection with my breath (glimpse of where I should and am actually breathing from)
* A glimpse of something (non-physical) I have been blocking for a long time
* An understanding of how breath holding during pranayama is actually VERY restrictive, how to explain this to others is quite another matter!!
* Recalling as a child my mother told me I used to hold my breath until I fainted.... I probably still have the blocks from that time. 

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