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Exchange links with us? Copy and paste the above logo onto your site links page in the Health - Personal Growth - Alternative Health - Singing - Breathing-Respiration category Send us an email to with your link and one sentence site description. We require very synergistic sites.

Make the Connection is a public awareness campaign by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs aimed at helping Veterans overcome and seek treatment for mental health conditions. The campaign provides extensive resources for Veterans suffering from post traumatic stress, including:
  • VA approved treatment and support resources
  • Hundreds of video testimonials from Veterans who overcame PTSD
  • Information on how to recognize PTSD and seek treatment

http://maketheconnection.net/conditions/ptsd  A self treatment alternative

Medical Intuitive Health and Healing Support Integrative intuitive health and healing support for all phases of life.

Ashevile Integrative Medicine A leading edge MD in Western North Carolina

sober living Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living House located at 2611 S. Beverly Drive Los Angeles,CA Phone: 888-390-6229

Unconditional Love - This A Course in Miracles website offers a wide variety of resources for experiencing the presence of God within, including: meditation techniques, guided meditations, and online prayer request sites.

Total Health Secrets.com - We love this site! - Explore the Natural Approach to Unlimited Health & Vitality - Cleansing Programs, "Beyond Organic" Supplements", Live Foods, Books, Health Equipment, Free Newsletter - Health & Nutrition Consultations - Reverse Illness, Anti-aging, Fatigue to High Energy - Helped 15,000 in 15 yrs get extraordinary results! - They treat you like family, give great service, did the homework for you & walk their talk.

Charlotte Energy Solutions  Your Renewable Resource Connection.


Assistance Through Online Counseling
Create lasting changes in your life and in all your relationships.
Get the help you need, right here, right now

Ozone Discolysis - OzonePedia
In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.

The Living Foods website The largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about the benefits of living foods.

Health Directory
Health Directory

http://www.rawpower.com.au  We aim to inform people through our newsletters, retreats & classes about the benefits of A Raw Food Diet and lifestyle.


Selene River Press: Publisher and Distributor of Select Books on Health. Committed to the nutrition research and philosophy of Dr. Royal Lee. www.seleneriverpress.com

Codex Alimentarius is a looming threat to your health and health freedom. If you care about natural health care, visit healthfreedomusa.org to stop Codex Alimentarius and protect health freedom!


Don Hanlon Johnson

www.alissacohen.com - Alissa Cohen is an internationally recognized writer, speaker and consultant on raw and living food. Find her book and DVDs, Living on Live Food, and other raw food products here along with valuable information for going and staying raw.

Name: Florida Massage Therapy Schools
Descr: Listings of Schools and Colleges in Florida Offering degrees and diplomas in Massage Therapy. Other medical courses are also available.

Discover ancient secrets of Tantra, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, Sacred Sexuality http://www.tantramagic.com


SpiritCard Center
Free eCards

Intuition Training http://intuitionretreat.com
Develop your intuitive ability, step by step. Program includes a manual, four CDs, intuition deck, 16 lessons, and 25 processes.

Stop Smoking London
Using Advanced Hypnosis, latest NLP and CBT techniques Max Kirsten practices the "Stop Smoking in One Hour" program in Kensington.

Qinway Qigong Institute  www.qinway.org

Livingnutrition.com The best magazine about raw living foods.

www.myholistichealthshop.com  Selling many holistic devices.

I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too Click Here! http://www.bouncewell.com/ Lots of rebounders

The Priceless Self Improvement Directory

Health Insurance Quotes

Instant health insurance quotes for all 50 states without emails,
phone calls or unnecessary forms to fill out.

Chemistry resources - directory of Chemistry related websites.

Wise Women in Spain
Description: Yoga classes and private yoga instruction for your vacation in Spain, Costa del Sol. Yoga, meditation, relaxation for beginners and all levels.  http://www.wisewomenspain.com

Circle of Life Holistic Programs offers One-on-One Fasting or Raw Food Retreat on the ocean using nature, massage, yoga, qi gong, meditation, music and counsel.  http://www.circle-of-life.net

An ozone therapy and massage therapy spa in Las Cruces New Mexico  http://www.ozonetherapyspas.com/ozone-therapy-sites.html

www.onedream.com  Author, transformational coach Steve Sisgold answers your questions and offers breakthrough products including a film documentary about emotional renewal.

Authentic Breathing A website by Dennis Lewis, Author of the Tao of Natural Breathing. A different yet quite valid approach to breathing.

By the use of natural products and herbal medicines and breathing in clean fresh air with moderate exercise you can improve your quality of life.

http://www.indoorpurifiers.com/negative-ions.htm  Scientific

studies about the use of negative ion generators - Summaries of several studies about the use of negative ions for air purification.

www.SelfStudyCenter.org  "Lifestyle solutions to medical mysteries."

http://www.BreathWork.be is concerned with how breathing can be used to release old emotions and fears to enable us to lead fuller and richer lives.

Description: This site features a unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive readings, as well as a vast array of other resources for the spiritual seeker. Access your Spiritual Guidance - turn negative karma into spiritual gold! Amazingly accurate & detailed online psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity & compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a FREE reading today!

Golf training by PGA Professional Mike Lucas is a combination of a master instructor's knowledge of the golf swing with a psychologist's knack for awakening self-discovery and mental preparation.

DirectoryMedical.com - Health and Medical information for Public Health and Safety.

www.1healthyworld.com Everything you should know about holistic and alternative medicine, including the tools and information you need to prevent and reverse disease and create and maintain vibrant health in body, mind and spirit.

Inwiz.com Yellow Pages Add your site to the newest & most Comprehensive eMarketing & Resource Directories Online and build Substantial Traffic to Your web site!

The First on line publication on spirituality form the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.  http://www.tradimodern.com/frames.htm

Beyond Health Corporation – Special nutritional supplement formulas from an MIT trained scientist with a reputation for saving the lives of  of extremely health- challenged people and enhancing the lives of others.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
http://www.alexandertechnique.com "A comprehensive collection of Alexander Technique resources"

The Best Vegan Recipes On Earth! Join our vegan community, meet like-minded people, get our mouth watering "All-Vegan Holiday Recipe Collection", and get a delicious new vegan recipe every week by email - free! Plus, win a $320 Cuisinart food processor.

Alexanderworks An enlightened approach to posture-related diseases such as back pain, arthritis and asthma.

Don Lemmon is an NPC and IFBB athlete endorsed nutrition consultant who has worked with the winners of every pro fitness event and bodybuilding show imaginable. He has held numerous certifications and attended school in California for pre-med and nutrition. Don has also run his own gym and shared offices with the head of the medical board of USC and most recently with a medical team in Las Vegas. His book is available at www.donlemmon.com and has sold a whopping 50,000 copies the past 2 years! He has a monthly newsletter that reaches 100,000 homes and over 4 million people have been to his site. 


http://www.awakeningspirit.com Awakening Spirit, Inc.
 -The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. High quality essential oils for you. Send your tired body on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana and let your awakened spirit soar with our custom blended all natural personal care products. Refresh and relax, or stimulate and invigorate. It's your choice with Awakening Spirit's full line of therapeutic and essential oils.


Years To Your Health has been providing fresh,
high quality herbs, vitamins, extracts, essential oils,
and teas to the Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) area for over 17 years.


go-mom.com It's about YOU: raising teens & stepping out 

Vivant Skin Care, by Dr. Fulton, Co-developer of Retin-A, specializes in anti-aging alpha hydroxy products, Retin-A conditioning lotions, glycolic acid peels, fruit acid peels, chemical peels, vitamin-A anti-wrinkle creams, and teen or adult acne treatments and rosacea treatments.

Zdorovye™ - the Slavic Natural Health System - is the centuries old health system developed by the ancient Slavic peoples, and researched in the laboratories of the former Soviet Union and modern Russia as a means of Disease Prevention, Health Improvement and Performance Enhancement. Zdorovye - Nature's Legacy™ is a method of Somatic Engineering which integrates the respiratory enhancement, structural alignment and biomechanical efficiency.  Contact help@zdorovye.com or visit www.zdorovye.com/zdorovye for more information.

www.247you.com 247You.com is all about you, the individual, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specifically, we are dedicated to educating you about your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. We will help you discover the wonders of natural healing; to stay on top of new life-enhancing developments; and to take steps toward actualizing your potential and realizing your dreams.

Click her for friend Steve Sisgold's web site. Offers you an opportunity to explore your life's purpose and creative spirit. Steve is an author, coach, musician who recently completed his first film "Holocaust In My Body", where he and his friend Dr. Gay Hendricks visited Germany and Poland "breathing" through feelings Steve had about the Holocaust and how it affected him and his family

http://www.ecodirectory.com/linksSuppFood.html#Organic food directory

A new website of California based colleagues that specialize in all aspects of Peace.  www.compeace.org.  See also http://www.world-peace.com

Sunfood NET. A great website on the vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet,
containing free recipes, articles, information, resources, and more! 
Link to: http://www.sunfood.net

http://www.thenation.com/ One of the most objective and influential leading edge publications in the world. Stay in touch with core level issues of American democracy and government in action and confusion.

DAVID GORDON -  Spirit, Sound, Music and Health

Dr. Juergen Buche, ND, MI, NHC, Phy.D. Finally - a LIQUID source of all the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, macro minerals and trace elements known to man (and woman) in an Aloe Vera pleasant tasting formulation. Also, consult Alternative Cancer Therapies and get naturopathic healing advice - free."  http://seasilver.threadnet.com

Educate-Yourself is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions.
http://www.indoorpurifiers.com Indoor Purification Systems Air
Cleaners - This site features an in-depth air purifier buying guide,
negative ion and ozone air purifiers for sale, and tips for naturally
controlling asthma and allergies.

www.SpiritReleasement.org A highly specialized resource for healers, therapists, and individuals dealing with the psychospiritual challenges of spirit/entity attachment, past-life related problems, and extraterrestrial.

Crown Jewels . . . Strange Properties of Stones
FUN! ACTION! Send FREE Healing Postcards. Find your prosperity, birth, and astrological gems. 500+ Indexed Stone database. Online store. TRYX Hair and wirewrap Jewelry. Contest, Chat, Links, Classifieds.

Shirleys Wellness Cafe - A conscious collection of alternative healing approaches. http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/1158/OVERVIEW.HTM#breathing

Health Medicine Forum – a gathering of health practitioners of all types, dedicated to the collaborative exploration, practice and advancement of the emerging discipline of Health Medicine.

High Altitude Medicine Guide


Search The Infohiway


Tampa Hyperbaric Oxygen Tank  Company A leader in the field of wellness and life saving oxygen saturation equipment and techniques.  Optimal Breathing + hyperbaric will work near miracles.

Sacred Centers – Chakras are energy centers of the body. Look here for books, articles, workshops, and information on this ancient and profound healing system.

Magika Retreats – Psychological retreat programs for people with cancer including spiritual, psychological and physical purification, energy renewal and conscious connected breathing.

Cook's Recipes - http://www.cooksrecipes.com
A very large database of cooking recipes with Slices broken down by recipe category.

Natural Handyman - http://www.naturalhandyman.com/

Home repair tips and humor.

Classical Corner - http://www.geocities.com/wolfie_mozart/

Site dedicated to great classical music composers, with Slices broken down by composer.

If your language is not supported at that site.. this one supports about 20 additional languages, including Russian, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish,Swedish, and Dutch http://www.tranexp.com/InterTran.cgi

 WWW.AFFORDABLEVAS.COM - Virtual Assistant Services

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"Breathing is the FIRST place not the LAST place one should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself."

Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD Ph.D., The Oxygen Breakthrough

"He who breathes most air lives most life."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mike's Optimal Breathing teachings should be incorporated into the physical exam taught in medical schools as well as other allied physical and mental health programs, particularly education, and speech, physical, and respiratory therapy."

Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP


Several Marathons has inspired quite a few runners to use our breathing kit, looking to increase their breathing strength & endurance. This is on top of their fitness training programs. Having a major tune-up to re-establish energy-efficient breathing patterns has been of enormous benefit to both elite and recreational runners - young middle and old.




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The breathing improvement techniques, practices and products outlined in this publication are extremely gentle, and should, if carried out as described, be beneficial
to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
cancer, mental illness, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, you should consult your health professional before undertaking these practices.