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Optimal Breathing

  Michael G. White

My Search for Optimal Breathing

In 1978 I had spent years trying to regain a singing voice I knew I had as a child. It was not about my voice changing, it was about having been verbally abused and beaten as a child to the point that I could not even scream, let alone sing. This emotional  and physical abuse while growing to full sized adulthood caused restrictions and distortions to my breathing mechanics and implanted body/cellular memories of pain, and anxiety.

Singing, as well as speaking, requires great breathing and eventually I realized there was something wrong with the way I was breathing. It has taken almost 25 years to discover what was wrong and how to make it better. During that time I spent a fortune looking for answers in all the wrong places. I discovered what did NOT work. Knowing what I do now would have shortened that time considerably and saved me a lot of frustration, confusion, relationship problems and money.

Concurrently I had spent years of studying different spiritual and psychological disciplines. I discovered that almost every well known or broadly accepted spiritual approach, had within it one or more specific ways of addressing the way that someone used the breath and breathing. If they had one thing in common it was a strong respect for prana, chi, ki, elan vital, spiritus, pneuma, kundalini or what I call Optimal Life Force. If it was so important to all those spiritual disciplines, there must be many secrets kept about it that could benefit the human condition.

My father was a police detective and always counseled me to look for the common denominators. The common denominator became more then the simple fact we breathe, but rather why, how and in what way? This idea of the way, the how and the why pointed me towards something I could, without risking harmful prescription drug side effects or hidden spiritual agenda, feel and measure on my own giving me a dependable sense of tangible evidence that I was heading in the right direction.

From my research I found that the breath affects every aspect of our existence including oxygen levels, energy, heart health, bacteria virus and fungal invasions, emotions, mental processes, attitude, performance, longevity, sleep and stress.  One cannot understand the breath without making a study of it. And to know respiration, the breath and breathing, one must experience it all directly and preferably be guided by one who is familiar with the internal terrain of sensing and feeling, awareness and optimal function.

So it was because of this quest to regain my singing voice that my path became to study the breath. From this the Optimal Breathing System was born.

Though I know that you may not yet fully understand or believe what I have learned about the importance of optimal breathing to your health, well-being, performance and longevity, and though I know you will have to go through your own search in your own way, I have tried on this web site and in the various products that I offer to give you insights, practices and natural drug free approaches that can help you come to new appreciation of why ancient teachings have often said that "Breath is life".  

Goals and purposes and the Optimal Breathing System    How good is YOUR breathing? Take our free breathing tests and see

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