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Press Release High BP

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There's a new training technique that may help lower blood pressure with no side effects. It is available on the internet without prescription. It is a recorded guided exercise adding very special sounds and a very particular way of breathing that has caused many to reduce high blood pressure, even when drugs were unsuccessful in doing so. It is called Optimal Breathing Exercise #1 aka The Serenity Breathing Meditation. The company web site has a page that first assesses one’s breathing. From there you can order the tape and use it in the quiet and safety of your home or office. After one or more sessions with the tape one’s breath rate begins to lower. The pause rate lengthens as well. Often within a few days of use, blood pressure is lowered, with no side effects.

Diet and exercise can be a valuable adjunct. Available through OptimalBreathing.com on the internet and Waynesville, North Carolina 1 704.597.6775


Orthopedic Specialist

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. I was delighted by the degree of insight and sophistication that you bring to "breathing". I am now opening up and breathing in a much more relaxed manner, I look forward to another session to go a step further. I will also be recommending your approach to my patients.

Dr. Richard Gracer, Orthopedic Medicine

Chronic Pain

My pain is manageable without medication. I sleep better too. LT, Retired


I’m cutting back on the use of my inhaler. Recommended product, Mark D.

Classical Singer

My high notes have returned to stay. 4 Maria H., Opera singer


Mike White is truly a master of the breath. As a long time martial artist, Chiropractor and singer Product I thought I had a handle on breathing. What I had in fact was created non optimal breathing patterns by over emphasizing the abdominal aspect of the breath. This was depriving me of the fullest expansion possible. Mike’s due diligence and keen powers of observation helped me open up. As I breathe easier I am letting go of patterns of effort in my life. The breath is truly a living metaphor. Thank you, Mike. David Miller, D.C.


It seems prudent to me to explore these safe, non-invasive modalities, especially when the potential for a negative effect with selected approaches is zero. When conventional therapies have little or nothing to offer, searching for additional possibilities becomes our responsibility. Len Saputo, MD

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