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Customer and Client Testimonials
(Positive Results and Success Stories)

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My Doctor's Discovery
Hello Mike,

I would like to share with you what has happened over the last two years since I began to use your products, suggestions, and materials.  I considered myself pretty healthy, until I contracted a virus in my heart sac, pericarditis, from drinking milk.  I forced myself to a local doctor.  He scheduled an EKG immediately thinking I was having an heart attack.  By mistake, the nurse thought the doctor wrote something about giving me a breathing test.  In turn, the nurse tested my breathing volume and pressure.  The doctor laughed, but said since I have these results I will tell you about them.  He said that my inhale was slow and that I was not breathing right.  I thought to myself, I have been singing since I was five.  How can I not be breathing right? This was the start of my adventure to learn more about breathing. 

After little time on the internet, I came across  I called you and asked you what product I would need.  After a few minutes of talking to me, you said, “slow down, you are too anxious.”  You began to question me.  I rambled with untrue answers because I was unable to see I had a problem.  Finally, I began to tell you I wore my belt tight to look thin.  You said, “Now, you’re talking.”  You immediately began to read my life with statements like, “You get anxious too easy,”  “You have difficulty with premature ejaculation,” etc.  I was floored.  You suggested that I start with Breathing Kit, so I did and faithfully commented myself to the suggested exercises.   I saw some results, yet I later called you again.  You still heard a little anxiety in me. So, you told me to put down the phone, inhale, hold it, bend down, and do a yoga roll back up, then release the breath.  You asked me how I felt.  Still not satisfied with my answer, you told me to repeat it.  That I did.  Unsatisfied again, you suggested that I order the Blue Velcro Strap I did and wore it religiously.  Although it felt like a bra, I wore it.! 

After some time, I began to sense a change.  First, I my voice colored with tone and breathing pauses in my sentences were precise when speaking.  My family and friends wondered what happened to me. 

It wasn’t long until I called you back to praise you. You recommended that I use the Diaphragm Strengthener and  get The Watching Breath CDI did.  Tremendous results happened!!   Everything began to fall in place!  After listening to the C.D. twice a day, I began to sense my breath or breathing consciously throughout the day. During the moment on the CD when you said breathe through your toes and feel the breath all the way to your head, it hit me. I realized I could feel the pauses on my exhales and inhales, the rise and fall of my diaphragm.

Also, I have ejaculation control. Public speaking and singing has become easier.  With singing, there is a flow from head to chest registers. I can sense when I am not sitting correctly.  Meditation and yoga is relaxing, not tiresome. Mike, thanks for sharing, “The Light of Breath” with me.  I will forever be grateful to you.  Patrick H, Kentucky

Weight Loss

I learned to breathe better and right from the start I had more energy and felt more like exercising. 
Katherine H. Computer programmer 
Recommended Product

From one of our students. Yoga and Breathing

"In my own yoga practice, good breathing has always been confusing. I have had experiences with teachers that were helpful and not so helpful. The best pranayama class I have experienced was taught in a very relaxing way, mostly laying down, dim lights, with plenty of calming asanas first. There was no pressure to time the breath or to hold anywhere. It was refreshing as I had been used to a more ‘formal’ practice. Sometimes it is assumed that if one can perform the asanas well, then pranayama will come easily. This is not my experience. Firstly, the seated pranayama techniques can be difficult for people who are not used to sitting for a long time on the floor. In my own experience, sitting cross legged was not a good idea, because I had a Psoas imbalance that caused lots of tension in the breath. Kneeling with support was much more preferable, but I still did not feel very relaxed. From this I conclude that breathing work for some works much better to begin with in the supine position. There needs to be no tension whatsoever, this can be assisted by a teacher who is calm and accepting of all students, adapting to their needs.

Now in my second week of Optimal Breathing practice I can honestly say I am amazed by how it has transformed my yoga practice. The asanas have a flow, and ease about them. My jaw is relaxed and I am so much more aware of my body. Meditation comes easier, especially when preceded by the Optimal Breathing work. Overall I have felt much more balanced in my practice, even in a class environment.

As a yoga teacher I have often wished for more wisdom about breathing. I have heard so many different ideas and theories it is hard to work out what is the best way to teach. If we look at Pilates, for example, there are useful things to learn from it, however, along with the strong core, there needs to be a softness. This is similar to the masculine/ feminine idea, also the idea of strength and flexibility or effort and ease. There is a time for rest and listening to the body and there is a time to guide the body. I believe that resting and listening needs to come first, that way we work from our very own experience, not what we think it should be. What could be the use of being shown how to retain breath when that breath is in only one area of the lungs, the others being shut off by tension?

In summary, we need to know the basics first. So many people today are off balance in one way or another. They need to be shown their place of center and ease first, then they can proceed with more advanced practices at their own pace under experienced guidance if they so wish."

Retired Athletics Instructor

Dear Mike: You took professional interest in my health situation, and have given me so much helpful information.  I am forever grateful!  For over 50 years,  I have taught aerobics, water exercise, swimming, dancing, and helped people to relax to reduce their pain.  Your breathing information would be a help in ALL of these activities and situations as well as improving health and enjoyment of life. MT, retired.  Recommended Program


Just dropping a line to let you know that I was looking at that animation of the lungs in operation, and then I started to try and imitate the animation - that is, I tried to actually breathe as I was observing on the screen. (I had just looked at the streaming-video cybercast, where I saw you describe the myriad benefits of proper breathing)

Hell, did I notice a difference or what!!!!!!!!

I can't believe the difference it is making to my level of anxiety. I feel a hell of a lot better. I feel convinced that I can bring (as is pointed out in the cybercast) about a significant improvement in my frame of mind.

I know its only a minor effort in comparison to what I can get from studying the kit or attending a workshop (which I intend to do), but, I am now  committed to learning to breathe, whereas before I only understood it on an intellectual level.  .......Now I KNOW it works.

I hope in the near and far future  I can find ways to get the word out to as many people as possible.  I am off to send the site address to some friends.  Thanks for getting the message out.  You're the Man!

All the best,  
Pat Walsh 
Recommended Program

Addictions Counselor
I believe that the work with you has added a dimension to my work as an addictions counselor that I wouldn't have thought possible had I not experienced it firsthand. In addition, I think that my own practice of optimal breathing as taught by you - has been personally transforming on a number of levels. I would recommend your training and breath-relate products to anyone, anytime. Allen Gaskell

Orthopedic Specialist

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. I was delighted by the degree of insight and sophistication that you bring to “breathing”. I am now opening up and breathing in a much more relaxed way.  I look forward to another session to go a step further. I will also be recommending your approach to my patients. – Dr. Richard Gracer, Orthopedic Medicine  

Recommended Program


Mike White is truly a master of the breath. As a long time martial artist, Chiropractor and singer. I thought I had a handle on breathing. What I had in fact was created non optimal breathing patterns by over emphasizing the abdominal aspect of the breath. This was depriving me of the fullest expansion possible. Mike’s due diligence and keen powers of observation helped me open up. As I breathe easier I am letting go of patterns of effort in my life. The breath is truly a living metaphor. Thank you, Mike      David Miller, D.C.      Recommended Product


Our modern medical paradigm bases pulmonary function on factors that relate to the anatomy and physiology of the lungs. At times, the mechanical relationships of the chest cavity and of the diaphragm are considered important, but for the most part, they are rarely considered in the ordinary management of most pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, asthma, and restrictive lung disorders.

     The bulk of our management of these kinds of disorders is aimed at pharmacological intervention. While this is a reasonable approach that often is quite valuable, it fails to appreciate the potential role of posture, rib flexibility or diaphragmatic excursion as independent factors that can improve lung function. This can be life saving to people with severe pulmonary insufficiency.

     It would be unheard of in the development of opera singing, powerful public speaking, or world class athletics to ignore the importance of respiratory faults, accessory breathing muscles, and breathing coordination.  When the pulmonary reserves of these highly trained specialists are examined, they are clearly superior to that of the average, untrained population. There have been but few clinical studies undertaken to explore the seemingly obvious benefits of this kind of  training..

     It seems prudent to me to explore this safe, non-invasive, and easily taught approach, to patients who are willing to invest a minimum of money and time especially when the potential for a negative effect with selected exercises is zero. When conventional therapies have little or nothing to offer, searching for additional possibilities becomes our responsibility.

     Len Saputo, MD   Recommended Program


I’m cutting back on the use of my inhaler. Recommended program
Mark D.

Brahma Bull Rider

My vertigo is gone after 10 years of unsteady walking.  Recommendation Rich C., Brahma Bull Rider

Chi Kung - Qigong

Dear Mike,
I wanted to tell you how effective I found your techniques for improving breath capacity and a sense of smoothing out the mechanics of both my inhale and exhale. I drew the best breath of my life when you used the "strapping" methods you employ.
I also appreciate your efforts with the football players, and your work with the strength and conditioning coach that so remarkably improved their performance in the timed drills. The return to fluid movement, even after they had been pushed to exhaustion, showed how effective your techniques were in their improved performance and comfort under duress.
Thanks again.
J. Michael Wood      Recommended Program

Tai Chi Teacher

"This work is very beneficial for my Tai Chi students as it opens up their breathing to natural full expansion and thus frees up blockages in the chi flow throughout the body. I feel it will accelerate their progress in Tai Chi and help to stabilize their life energies."

Master Michael Brooks, DC  Milton, Florida

Therapeutic Bodyworker

Mike has the skill, the depth of experience and the commitment to guide you beyond yourself to new horizons of capacity.
 Gary Hagman, Therapeutic Bodyworker, San Francisco 

Chronic Pain

My pain is manageable without medication.  I sleep better too.  LT, Retired    

Recommendation   Click here for newspaper article about this


Working with you I’m able to access feelings stored in my body that I can’t access with words. Recommendation   
– Joan P. MFCC, Psychotherapist

Better Sleep

I can sleep all night for the first time in 20 years.
Rose W., retired

Recommended program


After forty years of stuttering I’m now stuttering much less. 
– Mary W     Recommendation

Chest Pains

I had  a history of  chest pain. After many tests my doctor concluded that I was not breathing properly and was tensing up my chest muscles at the same time. After practicing  from Optimal Breathing I was able to eliminate this pain.  Jim G      Recommended Program


I'd like to get the manual to learn more about other breathing exercises. .now I am doing the one from the video with the strap everyday and for the most part the occasional wheezing that I was experiencing has gone. Torey T.  Recommended Program


Learn every day by reading your posts. I realize how lucky I am when I read of the problems of others. Twenty years ago I started going downhill in what was called lung capacity.  First they told me I was 30%  then twenty---and recently they just check to see if I need oxygen. They quote  a figure of under 15 but say the figures men little as some who are 20 capacity can equal those who are 40.
The interesting thing I have for you all is the past year---  I HAVE IMPROVED???? I owe it all to the internet and a person named Mike White whom I have never met.  He is called the breathing coach and you can learn how to help yourself by reading his website.  I can't wait for an appointment if he is ever in my area. Everything is cheap compared to hospitals medicines and not breathing well. 

The site is free and he will give you help free. I doubled my walking capacity within three months by reading his website and devoting an hour a day to his advice. After that I bought one of his inexpensive books and progressed more.  I am excited. Look it over--  two Doctors have told me ---can't hurt.  check
After a week you will say "There is something to it"

Don  ---Fl. Recommended Program

Sleep Apnea

My sleep apnea is gone after twenty five years and my asthma is lessening. – Mark B.    

Recommended Program

High Blood Pressure

After five years of using prescription drugs to unsuccessfully control my high blood pressure, your breathing exercise finally got the job done. I feel great     – Judith P., Interior Designer      

Recommended Program


After the last session with you my running really smoothed out and my recovery time is much lower.    – Jeff S., Triathlon contestant.     

Recommended Program

Workshop Attendee

You mean all I have to do to feel this good is to breathe?
– Joan R.  
Recommended Product

Business Executive

I got my sense of internal power back, in a very real way.  
– Ron B., owner, performance management company.


Phobic Trial Attorney

I just crossed the San Rafael bridge doing your breathing exercise and my fear of crossing bridges is gone.   – Kelly K., Trial Attorney
Recommended Product


My asbestosis symptoms are almost gone. Thank you, Mike.

– Dennis M., construction worker.  Recommendation

Workshop Attendee

I learned daily exercises to relieve stress and balance my chakras. 
– Marcia O.     Recommended Program

Pranayama Student

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your web-site and, what I suspect is your passion. My experience with pranayama and other eastern breath practices for going on 25 years has been, shall we say, a "learning" experience. The path I took would have been better served having had someone like yourself around to correct the unintended mistakes (learning from experience is not always the best way). My current understanding certainly supports and agrees with your well-written perceptions. 
Thank you. Gary A, NC   Recommended Product

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Dear Michael,

Thank you for sending the "Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing" to me so promptly. I did get it in plenty of time to take it to ........... with me. There I simply read it several times without trying to do any exercises or assessments.

In the past few days I have been trying to work with the exercises. I have also worked with the tape once. I intend to continue all this because already I have had some significant help.

I do plan to come up for some individual work in the next few months. I am quite taken back by your work. I recently finished a pulmonary rehab program at Vanderbilt University; and this morning when I walked (hobbled for a few blocks) I thought: "Well everything I did in that program was a kind of forcing; and now for the first time, I am glimpsing what it means to take a real breath."

When I got home my oxygen saturation jumped up to 99% for the first time.

Thanks a lot. I have a long way to go. In addition to my COPD I am now struggling to recover from a back injury. I will continue with your basic exercises for awhile and let you know when I might make a trip.

Thanks, Phyllis P     Recommendation

The Special Introductory Program is Great
Hi Mike, I received the  Special intro and have begun reading the manual and listening to tape # 1. This is better than I expected, as I didn't understand that you yourself had some of the same problems I did, and I didn't know that you had such a holistic outlook. So this will be a bit lengthy, I'll try not to make a habit of it.
I had the same abuse from my Dad, but if he was alive today, I would hug him. I knew that he had hurt me psychologically, but I never realized what had happened breathing-wise. Not until one night when I felt that my breathing had stopped when I was about to fall asleep. This set me into a panic, and I couldn't get to sleep for weeks. Finally I had a feeling like I was dying, and called an ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor calmly told me that I was having an anxiety attack, and the nurse pointed out to me that I was hyperventilating. She told me to consciously slow down my breathing. Since then, I have had much treatment for anxiety, but could never keep it in my head to watch my breathing.
Back to the breathing-stoppage I described, it was probably the moment at which conscious breathing becomes autonomic as one falls asleep. Due to my high tension state, it felt like my breathing had stopped, which it probably had for a moment. But it panicked me. To this day, I have a subconscious fear of breathing stopping, and you would be interested to see how I breathe. I take in a quick, short, shallow breath, pause momentarily, let it out and immediately take in another breath. I immediately inhale because of the fear of stopping breathing. I do this at a rapid pace. So my pause is on the inhale rather than the exhale. You can see how your reflex-breathing system can be a bit of a problem for me, as I am afraid to stop on the exhale. But I do it, at least while I am thinking about it. At this point, I am not certain if you intend that we should breathe that way all the time. I'm sure the material will clear that up. 
Regarding singing and chanting, I am currently living alone, so can do that. I liked Perry Como (as well as Elvis), and recently found a gem of his just re-released on CD, "Sing to Me, Mr. C." I sing along with that lately and find my voice and emotions improving, though I cannot touch Mr. C. I just shake my head at what he does on this album. And at the age of 75, he had a hit with Wind Beneath My Wings. I also do oriental chanting, and especially enjoy chants to the heavenly bodies. Whatever is visible at the moment, I chant to. Also Christian hymns. 
My doctors also want me to have bladder removed soon due to recurring tumors. Breathing may help that, though nothing seems able to cure it. 
Regards, John Elvin
Recommended Program


Dear Mike:

You can read as many books as you like, watch as many videos or read as many web sights as you can. It is the Realized knowledge that hits you in the back of the head when you least expect it that grabs you and changes your consciousness and understanding of any subject. As you know I have taken an interest in your breathing exercises (probably doing them wrong, but I'm doing them). I especially like the Tibetan Caffeine exercises. Any way, I was at work yesterday. I work for a large recently merged corporation where there is a dismal aspect of life due to many rifs (reduction in force layoffs). Lots of shallow breathing there! Not to mention lots of over-perfumed people to wreak havoc with those of us who have sensitivity to such airborne "solvents". One of my colleagues became extremely sick -sneezing and coughing wheezing etc. I could feel my own lungs tightening up too.

I went outside in the fresh air and did a series of your caffeine breaths (had to imagine the bowl strikes) 15 minutes later, I came back in to the office and started talking in what I thought would be my normal voice and out came the voice of a stronger -healthier and much "larger" man! -or so it seemed. I was truly amazed at the difference in my voice after this brief exercise session. I was not sure that I could see the link between your questions about voice quality on your free breathing test but I do now. It is interesting to me to have rather inadvertently observed this correlation between quality, depth, rhythm of breath and voice sound.. M.A., Boston Mass     


Martial Arts Practitioner

Hi. My name is Brian. I just received your secrets of optimal natural breathing manual and all the other 8 tapes. This is great! I read most of the Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing already. I did both sides of the Tibetan Caffeine tape all at once. I could not believe the response i got from my body! I'm a practitioner of Chinese Martial arts (Shaolin - internal and external) and this is the same kind of response i got from doing Qi Gong breathing and meditation practices. But the Tibetan Caffeine response was MUCH more intense. As with Qi Gong, i felt the buzzing and heat, like energy flowing inside me. Also i missed a few Bowls because of uncontrollable, loud, spontaneous laughter. I couldn't hold back at all. More importantly to me, i feel completely relaxed and at peace.

Whenever i did Qi Gong breathing, i got extremely hot, fidgety, and tense. With the Tibetan caffeine i felt the warm buzzing without the tenseness and being fidgety. I can't wait to listen to all your other tapes.

For the past 4 years or so I've suffered from some form of chronic abnormality. I don't know if it's an illness or not. I really don't care. The symptoms are weakness, no stamina, insomnia, inability to get a deep breath in, sometimes feeling suffocated. Mostly I've tried to live with it and endure. I'm not into whining or complaining attitude. The thing is, i went to a few doctors complaining about this, and they couldn't help me at all. They said i was fine, and implied that this was in my head. One went even so far as to suggest anti-depressants, but I'm not a unhappy person and rarely get depressed. I came to the conclusion that Western doctors can't help me. I tried the very strict Candida diet at the suggestion of a friend who owns a herbal supplement store but this didn't help at all. All along i thought that when my fatigue was cured, my breathing would return to normal. I never thought that my incorrect breathing could be the cause of this until i read you web site. It literally never crossed my mind. Hopefully, i can correct my breathing with your manual and tapes. Thanks a lot! Brian s    Recommended Program

Manic Depression

My breathing feels locked up and when you unlock it I go from a  anxious and angry to calm and relaxed.  (This man has a steel rods on each side of his spine for about 8 vertebrae that were inserted due to an accident that almost killed him.  They freeze up his natural reflexes and take his nervous system out of balance).   Recommendation

Walt P.

Manic Depression-Bipolar

I've been so much for stable for months now that I am starting to work with my doctor to back away from my medication. Nick D.   Recommendation


I have progressed significantly! When I first got the Audios and book I was at about 89 for the extended exhale count, now I am at 130+ . I was having breathing problems before. For example, every time I went to visit my Pop who has Alzheimer's, I would come back wheezing and coughing from the change in relative humidity and who knows what else. Since I started listening and practicing the Tibetian Caffeine (Better Breathing Exercise 2) I have a more relaxed and cyclical breath.

I've got a long way to go but I feel better. Before I got the Audios I used to lift weights three or four times a week and was particularly proud of my bench press of 400lbs+. After listening to the Audios I kept hearing you say "never hold your breath" and I thought about how I did just that each time I held the barbell straight up for a few seconds before I would "rack it". Well, I haven't been anywhere near the health club for 6 months and I don't really miss it. I feel better, more relaxed in spite of many trials and tribulations (trust me on that).

I also purchased some orthotics for my feet and that has helped me as well. I have also modified my diet to restrict carbohydrates and starches to one meal containing carbos-starches-per day. The other two meals I eat salads and some protein (tuna) and sometimes bacon and eggs for breakfast (Judging by what you say on your Audios about devitalized foods you probably don't agree with the bacon and eggs). As a result of the change in eating patterns I have lost weight as well (15 lbs).

The net affect of all these things is that I feel as if I am getting younger! I am still a bit of a porker at 300lbs, but I don't get the chest tightness that I used to and I feel lighter on my feet. I think that God has put all of these programs in front of me exactly when I needed them. It sure is fun getting younger. Now if I could only get back to lets say...

25 yeah that's a good age (about half of my physical age). I spent 3 hours shoveling snow this afternoon and I still feel great! Cant Complain. When I get the blues I take St. Johns Wart. If I am having tightness or circulation problems I take Cayenne pepper. I also take some Chondroitin Sulfate and Gluchosamine Sulfate for my "creaky knee" It works GREAT. If you know of anyone with Arthritis, I highly recommend it. peace and happiness-Keep up the good work! Bud S.    

I recommended your program because:
From Eli Goodwin psychospiritual facilitator in Cambridge, Ma.
I recommended your site because several weeks ago, I had a conversation with Mike; I am conversant with many personal growth modalities and I used to teach anatomy to massage students. I've also studied meditation and some of the breathing approaches used. From my experience, I recognize the power, subtlety and originality of this work. I intend to explore it and would like to share it with people I care about.   
Recommended Program

"About 3 years ago, I called and got you on the phone.  I was beside myself with fear.  I thought I had COPD and the doctors were wanting me to go on different puffers for a few months.  I instinctively knew that was the wrong thing to do!  The respiration tests I failed.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very kind and positive words that helped and boosted me  past this difficult stage.  I bought the videos and breathing equipment and straps and applied them diligently every day for at least 6 months.  I want to let you know that I am doing fine today.  I don't have the breathing difficulties that I had back then.  I owe all of this to you and the amazing knowledge that you have passed on for those of us who are willing to participate and reclaim back our health.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Sincerely,  Beth Palmer"


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