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Customer and Client Testimonials
(Positive Results and Success Stories)

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Yoga and Breathing
In my own yoga practice, good breathing has always been confusing. I have had experiences with teachers that were helpful and not so helpful. The best pranayama class I have experienced was taught in a very relaxing way, mostly laying down, dim lights, with plenty of calming asanas first. There was no pressure to time the breath or to hold anywhere. It was refreshing as I had been used to a more ‘formal’ practice. Sometimes it is assumed that if one can perform the asanas well, then pranayama will come easily. This is not my experience. Firstly, the seated pranayama techniques can be difficult for people who are not used to sitting for a long time on the floor. In my own experience, sitting cross legged was not a good idea, because I had a Psoas imbalance that caused lots of tension in the breath. Kneeling with support was much more preferable, but I still did not feel very relaxed. From this I conclude that breath work works much better to begin with in the supine position. There needs to be no tension whatsoever, this can be assisted by a teacher who is calm and accepting of all students, adapting to their needs.

Now in my second week of Optimal Breathing practice I can honestly say I am amazed by how it has transformed my yoga practice. The asanas have a flow, and ease about them. My jaw is relaxed and I am so much more aware of my body. Meditation comes easier, especially when preceded by the breath work, overall I have felt much more balanced in my practice, even in a class environment.

As a yoga teacher I have often wished for more wisdom about breathing. I have heard so many different ideas and theories it is hard to work out what is the best way to teach. If we look at Pilates, for example, there are useful things to learn from it, however, along with the strong core, there needs to be a softness. This is similar to the masculine/ feminine idea, also the idea of strength and flexibility or effort and ease. There is a time for rest and listening to the body and there is a time to guide the body. I believe that resting and listening needs to come first, that way we work from our very own experience, not what we think it should be. What could be the use of being shown how to retain breath when that breath is in only one area of lungs, the others being shut off by tension?

In summary, we need to know the basics first. So many people today are off balance in one way or another. They need to be shown their place of center and ease first, then they can proceed with more advanced practices at their own pace under experienced guidance if they so wish.

Personal Experience

The techniques

For a long time, I had the experience as if my body was split in two, my upper and my lower halves. All the energy seemed to be in my upper half and it was almost as if I was floating everywhere. For a long time I had been looking for a way of carrying myself and being that was more relaxed, picking up bits of information up every now and then, but not quite getting the complete picture.

Then I met the capacity of my lungs! The first technique involving a strap seemed so simple, but it was not. Breathing low down in my body was difficult, I was not used to it, just how could I relax my abdomen? Particular areas felt rigid and almost as if they were stretched to full capacity so they just couldn’t release anymore. I also noticed some fear of letting go. Then the amazing thing happened, it happened. Awareness and focus, the relaxation came, like a release. As my belly relaxed I was observing the next inhale, but there again my stomach was locked. Awareness and focus again, then release. This was obviously an ingrained habit. When the strap was gone it felt like my lungs expanded on and on, like I was taking up more space behind me.

Next was the prone encouraged exhalation. I really enjoyed the space between the exhale and inhale, is there any air left in there? It was freeing to empty out. The inhale was pretty amazing after I had got over the assisting part. It rushed in like a wave. That is one of the things that interests me about breathing, the control part, the giving up part and the in between. Breathing against applied pressure was wonderful, in that it really gave me a focus, I could visualize where the air was going. What surprised me was how I felt like the breath moved into bits of my body where there were no lungs. The Muscles in my lower back, particularly the right side felt as though they expanded then relaxed.

The next technique was forward bending sitting on a chair with legs to the sides. To have someone place their hands gently on the back to encourage areas to open was powerful. It required such focus, a concentration of mind and body to wake up certain areas. The right side of my body in particular felt more stuck, so again the process of gentle awakening begun. After this technique my center of gravity had noticeably changed as I seemed to be in the back of my body more. There was also a feeling of peace along with a sense of grounding that I had not experienced before. I felt my center, the energy in my body had descended, comfortably, I had firm roots. This feeling was centered more about my belly than my feet, which was a first for me. I also felt much lighter.

The Following Week

The first night after the session I slept so peacefully. I woke up feeling energized too. My clothes didn’t fit like they used to, my stomach had released from years of holding probably due to an operation that I had. There was a real sense of being myself, which felt like coming home. I felt rested and I had more confidence. On a more physical note, when I went for a run I found my breathing to be much more even and the softness in my belly allowed me to run more upright than I used to. My yoga practice was also different, there was a softness in my joints, particularly my jaw. My back and shoulders felt relaxed, like I didn’t need to hold them by grasping, I could just let go.

Professional Interest

As a hypnotherapist, when working with clients with anxiety I have been amazed how good the breath is at bringing people to stillness. It acts as a physical contact and in some cases it is a signal that ‘yes I am alive and ok’. As a yoga teacher I have discovered the importance of practicing with a relaxed breath, a breath that has no tension in it. If a student’s breath is disturbed, then something is in opposition. They need to pause and reassess.

As a sports massage practitioner I am watching the clients breath, it signals to me honestly, without filtering through language. I teach some breathing techniques but often think that I need more understanding, as so much I learn seems contradictory. I am also aware of advanced breathing practices which can benefit only a few as they need to be done very cautiously with great awareness that can take years to develop. So I am very interested in encouraging natural, simple breathing that takes people into their core and enables them to function comfortably.

Another thought I have is of the relationship between the fascia and breath. If the fascia is restricted then the breath can reflect that. So, it may work in the other direction, if the breath is easy and deep the fascia would be more flexible with a healthier tone. This could mean that Optimal Breathing could team up quite nicely with deep tissue work such as Rolfing.

From the sports perspective I am interested in the potential of Optimal Breathing in assisting greater performance. The role of the lungs during intense exercise is so important, it can make all the difference. In my own experience, my recovery rate when cycling was noticeably better after just two sessions of Optimal Breathing.

Cranial - Sacral Perspective

The first link with the Optimal Breathing and the cranial-sacral system that I noticed, was when I went into still point, at the end of the prone assisted exhalation. My whole being was in that place of complete stillness. In cranial-sacral work, the still point can come about in different ways, some are intended and some just happen. The still point is when the cranial-sacral rhythm has paused, it seems that after this event, the rhythm resets, then returns having the chance to adopt a healthier pattern.

The second link I experienced was nervous system discharge during my second session of prone assisted exhalation. The cranial-sacral system was moving into balance by releasing unnecessary tension, as my hands twitched to let go.

Throughout the whole cranial-sacral process, the breath is a key indicator as to what is going on with the client. Often sighs arise and these are usually accompanied by a visible discharge (nervous system release). As the client balances their own cranial-sacral system with the assistance of the practitioner, the nervous system balances, the body chemistry balances and the breath often takes a new shape. Some techniques in cranial-sacral work involve diaphragm releases and unwinding. These often produce the most visible breathing shifts. Through awareness of touch, bought about by the practitioner, the breath can be directed lower for more grounding. This is often useful at the end of a session to enable the client to return comfortably to their day.

I am intrigued by the wave-like nature of the breath and the wave like nature of the cranial-sacral system. It is said that the cranial rhythm and breath can synchronize and that this can be a profoundly relaxing experience. I have tried to match my breath to the clients cranial sacral rhythm and when I achieved this for a brief moment it was an eye-opening experience.

I am thinking that Optimal Breathing would go very well with cranial sacral work as they both facilitate the body’s own natural balance. They both allow the client to release and trust the body to get on with what it knows how to do, but what life sometimes.

From Phil Madeley - Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Pategonia Arizona.
After working with Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2.
* Greater dream recall, and a couple of interesting dream awakenings
* Realizing how restricted my breathing is. (constantly blocking it by poor posture sitting/ standing even though my posture seems good... I definitely feel blocks which are intrinsically linked to my current breathing patterns
* Wonderful tingling sensations all over my body during the exercises
* Greater awareness/ connection with my breath (glimpse of where I should and am actually breathing from)
* A glimpse of something (non-physical) I have been blocking for a long time
* An understanding of how breath holding during pranayama is actually VERY restrictive, how to explain this to others is quite another matter!!
* Recalling as a child my mother told me I used to hold my breath until I fainted.... I probably still have the blocks from that time.

Hi, Michael.  I wanted you to know that I tried the  first tape, the one with the simple exercise where you lie on a pillow to open your chest up, and when you start to take a breath, take control of it and take an intentional one, and then with no pause, just let go of it.  I used the tape only that once, but I got the best night of sleep I've had in eight years!  (I've had fibromyalgia for the last 8 years.)  THANK YOU, MICHAEL! 

When I read your manual, I knew you had something that I need to learn, but it wasn't until I tried this tape that I got such  shockingly vivid positive results.  What happened to me was undeniable.  I felt so relaxed and sleepy and comfortable after doing that tape, it was delicious! 

I look forward to trying the other tapes.  If they are half as good, I'm sure I'll order many more of your tapes. Sincerely yours,  Karen B.

Hi Mr. White.

Wanted to share a quick note with you.
I have been listening to your Tibettan caffiene tape on and off fore several years.
The times when I did the exercises I always had more energy.
I recently took a job out of state -about a fifty mile commute each way, each day.
Well, the other day, Thursday, a Nor-Easter hit us.
Within 10 minutes I was in gridlock situation.
This continued for seven hours.
Fortunately I brought a can of almonds to munch -some peanut butter and a plastic spoon, drinking water, (sand just in case I got stuck), apples, bannanas, a flashlight, a turkey sandwich on whole wheat  bread and some Tibettan Caffiene in the form of your tape which I had purchased several years ago.
The net result was that I arrived at work seven hours later fresh as a "spring bud"- I am not kidding!
I went on to pull an all nighter until 6:00 A.M. the next day, popped in the tape again for the ride home and arrived home feeling fine.
You are not kidding when you say that proper breathing can support tremendous emotional, mental and physical stamina.
Thanks Dude !


Dear Mike:
Finally, I've started practicing your Breathing Exercise #2, and it's the best breathing exercise I've found yet. I mean, I'm really excited about it. I think it's going to change my life in a big way. I am also starting to practice hatha yoga. That plus your breathing exercises are going to really bring me closer to achieving my material and spiritual goals. I practice meditation regularly, but have experienced deep chronic fear for most of my life; only in the past three or four years as a result of spiritual growth have I been able to operate without being totally controlled by fear around survival issues. The meditation technique I use is very effective, but my breathing is terrible: not surprising given my history. I was guided to research breathing and have reviewed some programs, but yours is the best that I have found. Of all of the techniques that I've tried, the ones you teach are the ones I'm most comfortable with, and I really appreciate the care you put into the instructions on the CD and the tibetan singing bowls. Your work is excellent.

Gilligan J.

Chest Pains

Aloha Mike! I am ordering your tapes because my Dad has had great improvement in his health with them. He was having chest pains (after two bypass surgeries) and high blood pressure, both of which subsided/went down, after practicing the breathing exercises #2 for a month. He is 73yrs. and sounded very pleased and enthusiastic - the best I've heard him in years!

Energy Program

What inspired you to order what you ordered?

Answer here: I have had great success with Breathing Exercise #1 and would therefore like to try #2.


 I have just started Ex 2 a few days ago and I wanted to get back to you. Both of these tapes are absolutely amazing for many reasons. I am very much impressed with your work. I can see you have put your heart and soul into this life's love, and I know that, that isn't always easy to do. It takes a great deal of love and commitment, and sometimes being on your journey alone, but thank you, I really appreciate that you did it.


From JB:
Daytime, night time, or even in the afternoon. In today's busy world, we all have so many things to do, and can't all ways stop, to go to the gym, or health spa. If you don't have the time like most people, then you need to use this amazing breathing technique.

It will save you much more time and  money in the long run. Those are the two things we all need more of. Instead of going to the spa, or the gym, you could be doing something you really want to be doing, and at the same time use the breathing exercise.  It's like that old saying, "kill two birds with one stone", and have more fun doing it, too. More $money$, and more time!

After using this special breathing technique, for about four weeks, or so, you won't want to go a day without using it. By the way try Air Jordans Shoes Daily sneaker news and info about your favorite shoes.

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