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Customer and Client Testimonials (Positive Results and Success Stories)

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A recent intensive client
"Dear Mike,

After working to process some of what I learned there in Charlotte in my time with you, I have to first thank you from the very core of my being for providing me with insights that are infinitely more valuable than any I have ever received from medical practitioners about my struggles to breathe. These struggles have been an unwelcome part of my life for so long and I never had any clue at all as to why, and though I have always suspected that they are connected with other aspects of my life I haven't been able to figure out much about it on my own.

Mechanically, what I understand now is that chronic dysfunctional breathing has made me intolerant of carbon dioxide in my blood and has worked with my sympathetic nervous system to maintain a flight response. . .and that this has all kinds of connections with ways I have been guarding myself emotionally, which I connect too with other life patterns of constant moving, with the need for identity-preservation and the unexpressed and unresolved grief associated with that, also divorce, loneliness, and the list goes on, etc. etc. etc. These insights are perhaps the most extremely valuable outcome of my time with you, though of course the tools you have given me to cope with and change these mechanics are also of immeasurable value.

The exercises are subtle and definitely time-intensive and while I am doing them religiously now (and breathing better, I might add), I wonder what will happen when I get blasted with a move to a new country and a full-time teaching schedule. I am hoping that I will incorporate them into how I live my life before then! You will if you really want to. You have the tools now. Intention and consistency is all that you need.

While I was there with you, I don't think I understood the value at the time of vocalizing on the vibrating platform. When you asked me how I felt and I could only respond "confused," which was not, as you pointed out, an emotion, we came up with "anxious" as a better emotional descriptor. But really on reflection, I think I was irritated, frustrated (are these emotions?) and verging on angry at spending time doing something I couldn't replicate on my own later.

But I've come to think of it in more metaphorical terms now, because finding voice is important for me--maintaining a low profile, embracing invisibility has been part of the survival mode I adapted in making many moves, a carefully-learned survival technique of traveling through different cultures that allows one not to stand out and be a target. In my home culture, it allows me to look normative, not to draw too much attention to the fact that I'm like an invisible alien, so my non-normative side remains unexpressed and authenticity is blocked. Blocking means I don't breathe in that parasympathetic way, to protect myself from scrutiny or betrayal of my most vulnerable self--I go into hiding. Finding voice, then, locating that sweet spot and vocalizing in the midst of being "shaken up" is an antidote to this. Groundedness is exactly what I have never ever had in my restless life. And whatever ways help me to recognize the ways I maintain this survival mode unnecessarily will ultimately help to relieve my struggles to breathe . So while I didn't actually understand the reason you were having me do that, seeing it metaphorically gives me another powerful tool for making changes.

For some reason the LEASE exercise remains my favorite. . .I can understand it intellectually and physically and it has some spiritual resonance for me, too. And it seems like it's quick to have good effects as I find myself trying to elongate my exhale in other activities, too, kind of without thinking about it. Good, then do it daily. You may find days you DO NOT do it do not go so well. Standing meditation is good, too, though the benefits of it are more subtle to me. It takes much longer which is another reason in addition to grounding, centering and connecting the voice to the feet that I use the Vibration equipment with the particular sounds I have you make.

I am a little unclear still about what precisely I should be doing with the strapping technique. Do it per the 176 DVD until you no longer feel any extra breathing space, then wait a few days to do it again. For the rest of your life until a few years after you retire then once every 3-6 weeks.

I think of those hours with you in your office as a time of intense self-discovery and learning, and I know I will be processing this new information for some time to come.

I am still unclear about some things--for instance, while I enjoyed hanging upside down, I am less able to fit that into the bigger picture of what I have learned. Low back pain control and elimination. The diaphragm connects to the 3rd lumbar. Low back pain (any pain actually) invites shallow breathing.

Can I get the same effect from inverted yoga postures? No. Gravity is the key (anti-gravity). Hanging and not compressing is the key. If we did not have gravity we would mostly not have low back pain unless we God forbid have a severe accident.

And there is some advice I resist, knowing I won't fully heed but might in truth work toward. Included here are an increased raw food diet, sleeping and awaking earlier, and moderating my "driven" modes of exercise. I can see the value in these things but resist making such changes in life style. Certainly not all at once---schooway. Take it slow and easier (notice I did not say "easy" as that may not be appropriate to addressing the tasks at hand) one day at a time.

Thank you for the books--I am reading them and also Barbara Kingsolver's book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, about her family's year of trying to eat in a self-sustained, local way--all three books are slightly different in how they approach this question of health and foods and life, and taken together they're provoking me to think about it kind of constantly. I like it.

So, Mike, I hope you can see that your input of time and information has been taken much to heart. I know I will continue to process it all and benefit from it as I continue to try to live in parasympathetic mode.

One parting question as I close this--do you know if hypnosis can help in disengaging from overbreathing and such sympathetic responses? Maybe depending on the hypnotist and your openness to the process. It will probably not replace rapidly changing and fine tuning the breathing mechanics while integrating it with the voice, personal power and mega doses of consciously created well being. But energy does often follow thought so I'd give it a good try. Hanging out with positive like minded people is also a great way to suport that process.

With much gratitude,   all my best to you,  Laurie 

Dear Mike,

Just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your great help in improving both my health and singing ability. As a young woman I had had a professional career in both opera and concert. Although I had had excellent teachers and coaches in New York, Vienna, Austria and Milan, Italy, I had never been  completely happy with my breath support. After marriage and having two sons, I settled back into singing in church and more local jobs. Then, about three years ago I discovered your web site and ordered your Better Breathing Exercises 1 & 2, as well as the manual. Well, they are truly marvelous! They've made me more aware of my posture, for every time I think of breathing deeply, it reminds me to stand more erectly. I had given up public singing except at family parties, or other such joyous occasions, but, as I began to practice in the shower with my new breath support, the voice was much steadier, and with a lovely tone. So-o-o, the next time I was asked to sing in church, I did, and they really liked it. Since then, I've been singing solos and duets quite frequently, and it gives me enormous pleasure.  Why is this so amazing? Well, though only my family and close friends know (because I look about 60),1 confess that I'm 75 years old. Just married my childhood sweetheart 20 months ago. (We hadn't seen or even heard from each other in over 50 years), but he is the love of my life.

Your tapes have also helped improve my health. Although I've always been into holistic health, eating nutritiously, exercising, and the power of prayer, positive thinking and gratitude, your help with better posture and deeper breathing has been the added fillip that I needed. I especially love your "Better Breathing Exercise 1". It's so relaxing...marvelous before meditation, or before any possibly stressful situation. In fact I sometimes work with it when I wake up in the middle of the night, and have difficulty returning to sleep. I just turn it down low so that I can just hear your voice, and pay no attention when you tell me to keep my eyes open (if! tend to fall asleep.) Usually I am off to dreamland before the Tibetan singing bowls begin their chimes. 

Then, when I know there's an especially busy day ahead, I love your "Breathing Exercise #2" to get the energy flowing.   One of these days I hope to be able to take one of your classes..

Joy T. Jacobs, Cordova, TN

Testimonials pages: 1  2  3  4  5  Performers

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