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Core Faculty Member
Arthur M. Strauss DDS-OSB
Oral Systemic Balance

Dr. Arthur M. Strauss, DDS

To me Optimal Breathing® is a scientific approach to maximizing the mechanics of breathing through utilizing physical therapeutic techniques applied by a therapist and education, training and support in breathing methods and exercises to evaluate and enhance both qualitative and quantitative aspects of breathing.

The purpose is to maximize ease of breathing, chest, diaphragmatic and abdominal coordination and lung capacity for optimizing delivery of oxygen to the body through the parasympathetic nervous system contributing to a state of calm. This significantly reduces body need to compensate for any measurable or perceived reduction of oxygenation through body compensations, either postural and/or via continual elevated sympathetic (adrenaline) state (stress), thus - affecting all body systems and physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual states.

During the training I have experienced deep, open, relaxed, passive, unified breathing before, when in a state of oral systemic balance with balanced appliances in my mouth. Without this intervention this experience appeared to be either serendipitous or after going into an “altered” state via a physical and/or emotional “breakthrough” or with outside help in reaching a “spiritual” state of being.

Optimal Breathing work is teaching me how to utilize techniques and exercises that facilitate this state and develop my body to be more conducive to moving more air.

My work as an Oral Systemic Balance (OSB) Licensed Dentist removes limitations to air intake through the oral pharynx by influencing position and posture of the tongue, the back of which is the flexible and variable portion of the walls of the air tune.

This begins at the nostrils and mouth and ends in the lungs.
Tongue muscle tone posture, position and function appears to impact speaking, swallowing and breathing and body compensations to insure adequate air/Oxygen reception and adsorption. These compensations appear to be postural (total body posture), ANS stimulus to its sympathetic (fight or fight adrenaline) component and clenching and grinding of teeth that causes in TMJ, TMD disorders.

This Optimal Breathing work appears to compliment OSB by expanding the availability of air in the lungs, thus providing a buffer of air/Oxygen deficit by increasing lung capacity. Like Oral Systemic Balance, Optimal Breathing patients show measured results of improved posture, state of relaxation,
reduction of numerous symptoms throughout the body.

During training I personally experienced:
Improvement in posture, including ease in sitting and standing
Increased state of calm
Increased ease of breathing, including when speaking and singing

Recent email from Dr Strauss. 
"I need to reach noble laureates to back the fact that medicine is not scientific in its design in that it bypasses the structural impact of the jaw-tongue-throat complex in its influence upon the body actions and reactions in that it controls our body airflow and ease of breathing and allows for breathing. Given that it is needs to be present as an entity to be addressed in the areas of education, research and application and placed within the priority sequence that influences body activity, including the stress response. It comes before breathing as in CPR as it allow breathing to occur and controls ease of breathing and airflow.

At this time, this part of the body is ignored within this context and leaves us with a false and distorted view of the body and it’s integration of functions and functioning. Consequently conclusions we come to within the scientific community relating to origin of cause and effect other than symptom management are erroneous. "

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"He who breathes most air lives most life."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Mike's Optimal Breathing teachings should be incorporated into the physical exam taught in medical schools as well as other allied physical and mental health programs, particularly education, and speech, physical, and respiratory therapy."

Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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