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Martine Harvey, OBDSA
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Martine has been practicing and studying Yoga for over nine years, and teaching for around four years. She trained for two years in London with Ruth White for her teacher’s certificate. Her teaching is influenced by the Iyengar method integrated with her own Yoga experience and a sense of fun and ease. She especially enjoys assisting students to look for balance on the mat and in their lives. She teaches classes, individuals, has instructed at workshops and at retreats. Her strong background in Yoga philosophy is born from self study, group reflection and self practice. Martine’s Yoga instruction has a balanced approach, that encourages opening and expansion as well as grounding the Self in what is. Her aim when instructing a class is to encourage people to realize their infinite potential. She has attended Yoga for pregnancy training, Pranayama training, a Yoga for feet workshop, Ayurvedic workshops, Mantra recitation practice, Mantra initiation, Kirtan and she continues to learn and develop through workshops, classes, meditation, nature, books and good company. Martine has a Sports Massage Practitioner Diploma (LSSM) which enhances her anatomical knowledge and enriches her perspective on the Yoga Asanas.

Martine has an active interest in the workings of the mind and how the body relates to the mind. She is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist. She works with clients one to one and facilitates group sessions. Her areas of speciality include stress management and sports performance.

More recently, Martine has taken Cranial Sacral training and is completing study for her certificate. This work assists in resolving physical problems, by gentle contact to the spine, cranium and sacrum, balancing the nervous system and facilitating the development of healthier muscular-skeletal patterns.

Martine is also an Optimal Breathing ® Development Specialist Apprentice, assisting people in finding balanced, healthy breathing. Techniques such as strapping and body movement are used; the main assumption being that once the breathing is optimal, there can be a return to a balanced state of being.

Her love of mindfulness and unity are inspired by a background in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta philosophy. She has practiced with The Friends of the Western Buddhists, The New Kadampa Tradition, Peter Glover of The Himalayan Institute and The Study Society in London. She has two physics degrees (MPhys, MSc) and enjoys breathing, soccer, Kirtan, mountain biking, hiking and the countless expressions of life.

Optimal Breathing® and Yoga

Optimal Breathing® shows people how to get back to healthy breathing and stay there. It provides Yoga practitioners with a strong foundation for the many aspects of Yoga. For example when teaching Asanas, the breathing can become the strength from which the student can maintain the pose with ease. The breathing can be encouraged to the back of the body, lending itself to a natural core strength, a place were the sacrum can be in a neutral, safe position. Optimal Breathing ® enhances the practice of Pranayama by giving the student a grounded place to begin from, so the practice can evolve in a steady, comfortable way. Meditation is so very much more enjoyable once the breathing is balanced, so using Optimal Breathing® before a meditation can be a wonderful way to show students their natural capacity for a still mind.

Optimal Breathing® and Cranial Sacral Therapy

When working with the Cranial Sacral system, the nervous system is directly affected. This means that the breathing usually alters. Cranial Sacral work offers balance to the body, including the respiratory diaphragm and so the breathing becomes healthier as a result. Optimal Breathing® and Cranial Sacral therapy compliment one another. For example, Cranial Sacral therapy can be used after Optimal Breathing® techniques to integrate the changes, also Optimal Breathing® can be used to prepare the body for Cranial Sacral work by opening up the body via the breathing. Cranial Sacral diaphragm releases will also enhance Optimal Breathing® work.

Optimal Breathing® and Hypnosis

Hypnosis uses the mind to make agreed changes in a persons behavior. Common areas include improving sleep quality, pain management and anxiety/stress management. As breathing has so much input into these areas, using Optimal Breathing® together with hypnosis will achieve faster results. By working with the mind and the body together, the whole change process will be much more congruent and so more effective. The key thing to remember about breathing is that it is a gateway to controlling the nervous system.

Hypnosis offers Optimal Breathing® the opportunity to make the changes happen faster. Suggestions can be imparted to the client in the form of a CD that would speed up the process and to let the subconscious take on the new breathing patterns with a longer lasting dependability. 

Optimal Breathing® and Sports Massage

The main areas where I see Optimal Breathing® feeding into Sports Massage would be in freeing up the spine, relaxing hypertonic muscles, encouraging more efficient myofascial patterns and assisting in eliminating negative postural habits. It is impossible to breathe optimally and have bad posture and vice versa. Optimal Breathing® encourages the creation of space within the body, good posture and an elastic quality to the tissues which leads to a more supple, oxygenated body, therefore less prone to injury. In injury recovery, circulation for healing is crucial, breathing enhances circulation and so will aid recovery. I think Optimal Breathing® will also increase performance by maximizing use of the diaphragm, giving the muscles the oxygen they need to function to their potential.

Optimal Breathing® and Neuro Linguistic Programming
I would like to explore using NLP and Optimal Breathing® together when dealing with phobias and break states.  NLP works very well with phobias, as it gives the client an alternative reaction.  I think that Optimal Breathing® would be a good tool for a client to have in order to give the physiology a head start by being more in the parasympathetic nervous system.  Break states are techniques employed to move the mind out of an unhealthy pattern and I can see how breathing could be incorporated into these techniques. Physiology plays a great part in breaking state, for example, eye movements and so Optimal Breathing® would be another way of affecting the physiology positively, encouraging healthy mental patterns. 
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