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Student Testimonials
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Recently Mike White brought a three-hour breathing course titled Detecting and Correcting Dysfunctional Breathing to present at the Triad Unit Meeting of the North Carolina Chapter of the AMTA held in Winston-Salem, NC. He did a great job of setting the stage for observing our own and other's breathing restrictions through a series of tests/exercises that measured specific breathing skill levels. I was shocked to realize that my breathing was so confined and limited, especially since I am a singer and athlete! I recommend Mike as an effective presenter and educator on bringing to our attention the dangerous aspects of decreased breath capacity, and I expect I'll travel to his office to study further on this important subject at one or more of his trainings.
Gail B. Williams, LMBT
Triad Unit Coordinator AMTA-NC

The April Optimal Breathing School session was snuggled in our own mountain chalet at www.sevenspringscenter.com with weather-to-die-for. Eight candidates for The Optimal Breathing School Breathing Development Specialist Apprentice Certification made up the group

Three men and five women who traveled from nearby North Carolina, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.  All of them seeking knowledge and experience about Optimal Breathing® and its relationship to internal peace, spiritual experience, energy, optimum health, mental clarity, sleep, longevity, speaking and singing, COPD, personal growth and personal power.  The group was made up of an extremely eclectic and experienced Florida chiropractor, a yoga and Feldenkrais teacher, 3 massage therapists, a natural vision trainer, a Qigong student, a nutritional oriented health professional and a wonderfully persistent person that is recovering from severe health challenges using breathing and her ever strengthening sense of how she wants to be.

Student comments

Dr. Bill H., DC

What is your impression of me and the way I run my school?
You know what and where you want to go with the material and where you don't.  You have a good grasp of how long it will take for us to get the info. You understand our need to "get in touch" with what we are feeling.  …..I think you run it with good control.

What are some of the major benefits you received as a result of working with me?
1. Getting in touch with my body.
2. Better understanding of the procedures.
3. Overall in personal improvement with my own health. (decreased coughing, breathing easier and hope for further improvement)

How would you describe me and  my work  to someone who might need or want my service?
I've been almost practicing that, talking about the differences between breath work and your work as the "nuts and bolts" of breathing, working with understanding it, changing depth, rhythm and rate. Overall improving function.  Teach the patient/client what they can do for themselves. Be able to evaluate what needs to be improved on.  Nothing else like it that I'm aware of.

Carol B, Yoga and Feldenkrais teacher, massage therapist.
It was awesome. I learned a lot about myself. More than I’ve ever known. And I am sure it is going to open up a lot more doors for me as I pursue this work for myself and with other people. And helping others will in turn inspire me to work more on myself.  It was a great experience. I will definitely be back.

Dwayne M, Alexander Technique Leadership Trainee
I came with exercise induced asthma. I am leaving here with the knowledge and physical feeling of what I was doing that caused this and how to retrain my breathing so this condition will most assuredly go away 100%.

Virgil R. Qigong student and aspiring spiritual teacher

What is your impression of  me and the way I run my school?
Your style of instruction is simplistic and to the point.  Fully enjoyed learning from someone who understands the importance of teaching to a variety of learning styles.  It felt great and refreshing to be around a truly real person. Bravo!

What are some of the major benefits you received as a result of working with me? An increased awareness of myself, my breathing, my spirituality.  It was transformational, empowering and totally engaging.

How could I have improved my service to you?
  Nothing that I can think of right now.

How would you describe me and my work to someone who might need or want my service?

Simple and effective.  Gains are witnessed throughout the instructional periods.  Virgil R. Qigong student and aspiring spiritual teacher

I am very impressed with your knowledge and commitment to optimal breathing.

One of my goals was to learn about my own faulty breathing sequencing because I really wasn’t very clear what they were other then my collapsed posture.

I am clear on specific exercises to effect change in these patterns. Thank you.

As I become clear about my patterns and my patterns become more healthy I think that I will be able to optimize breathing in others which is my other goal.

I as well as my regular practice teach a meditation and relaxation class in which I work with breathing.  I now have more techniques and exercises to help effect positive change in breathing in my students.

I am excited that by improving breathing I can cure and not just treat sleep apnea. I want to document this cure and have it gain acceptance in the medical community.

A lot of information has been imparted to me over these 3 days. Now I need to digest and work with all of this information.

The information imparted to me has been delivered in a very experiential and loving, free flowing environment which is rather foreign to how MDs are trained. I am getting used to it. I will continue using these techniques.

Jacalyn Nelson, MD

Esther Joy, Natural vision trainer
It was great. I feel like I am breathing deeper, easier, clearer and I am very happy. I am think that a lot of the learning process is still to come as we go out and teach other people. I look forward to that part.  From Mike: Do you think this will add to your natural vision training? Esther: Oh yes. Immensely.

What is your impression of me and the way I run my school?

You're extremely knowledgeable about breathing and how to overcome obstacles to optimal breathing in a safe and quick manner.  You care deeply about people and about teaching.

What are some of the major benefits you received as a result of working with me?
I gained an understanding that I never had of the breathing system, and I now have enough confidence in my ability to help others improve their breathing to begin teaching it myself. 

How would you describe me and my work to someone who might need or want my service?  From personal experience I can highly recommend Mike White, the expert on optimal breathing.  If there is anyone who can really help you breathe better, it's Mike, go check his website at the very least.

More from Esther after the training
I recently had a mother and 14 y.o. son come to see me yesterday for vision improvement, but for both the breathing needed most attention.  The son was only belly breathing, most likely due to a shoulder injury last year, and he felt things opening up when I used the strap with him.  The mother was impressed with her son's improvement, she met you at Living Now last year, she even bought your video, but hadn't watched it yet...  I recommended she dig it out and pay attention ;-)  She was keen to try the breathing improvements too and while using the strap with her she was surprised that she could already read an extra line on the eye chart.  She started smiling, something she's had a hard time doing this past year.  She kept saying 'Wow', and noticed great expansion in her chest.  She visibly brightened up a lot in the time they were with me.  It feels great for me to be able to help people so much more now that I've got your first training under my belt. 

Still more from Esther Joy
"I spoke to Gladys B. last week, one of the first people I did a breathing session for, last May.  She's an MD from California, she tells me she is doing well, ordered all your products (spoke to you on the phone too after that session with me) and she credits OBD with giving her 25% extra lung volume.  She was at 40% lung volume before the session and about to need medicair, but since the session she's been at 50% and says it has made a huge difference.  She can now walk upstairs without being exhausted, still out of breath somewhat, but nowhere near as bad as before.  If I get to that area again I'll do another session with her.  It was truly nice to hear this from her, so I thought I'd share it with you. Love & hugs Joy"

Carol B.  On the spiritual and optimal health path.  It was wonderful, great. I learned a lot of processes. It will take me some time to sort them all out. One thing I have to say is that it (life) is all about breathing.

Jan J. Health professional
What is your impression of  me and the way I run the training?
Very professional – and FUN. Everyone gets a turn to work  with each other (or as partners). What seems, at first, a silly assignment turns out to be one of the BEST things you’ll ever learn. Then when you know how to breathe better yourself, you can help others… That’s a VERY empowering feeling!

What are some of the major benefits you received as a result of working with me?
Everyone asks me if I ATE the Energizer Bunny! My energy levels used to be pretty high. Now I have no trouble sleeping and no need stopping to rest. NICE PROBLEM (especially at 60!)  

How would you describe me and  my work  to someone who might need or want my service?  Feeling tired and sluggish?  Brain fog?  Indecisive about many things in your life?  Schedule an hour or two with Mike White!  He’ll share some terrific information and techniques to help yourself breathe better, Improve your diet and gain a new outlook on life! Just from the changes I’ve felt in myself and observed with others in The April 2004 class and people who worked with Mike at raw foods festivals in New York the past 2 summers, I’d HIGHLY recommend that everyone should have a session or two with Mike! Hock something if you have to--- it’s WELL worth the $$$. Consider it an investment in your longevity – your future!

Margaret A, Massage therapist
What is your impression of  me and the way I run my school?
I believe you are very passionate and knowledgeable about improving people’s breathing, and in turn, helping them to improve their quality of life.  As you mentioned in class, your “bedside manner” could use some improvement, although I’m pretty sensitive and I didn’t take offense at your style because I believe you are sharing valuable information and that your mission is to help people.

I really found it beneficial to have the DVD and workbook ahead of time.  I like getting familiar with material first and then have it reinforced and expanded on in class.  I also recognized how essential proper breathing is to my sense of well being because I checked off so many symptoms on the UBD form.

What are some of the major benefits you received as a result of working with me?
I felt taller, my posture improved, I could take fuller, deeper breaths, I felt energized and focused while in class, and now I am motivated to do what it takes to continue to improve my breathing and posture.  I am more aware of my breathing and can catch myself when I am reverse breathing or holding my breath and then remember to take full deep breaths into my abdominal area.  I’m also planning to take some voice lessons!

How would you describe me and my work  to someone who might need or want my service?
I would say you have lots of experience working with a wide variety of individuals and you can help anyone improve his breathing.  Your techniques are easy and effective and someone can notice results and improvement very quickly.  I would recommend your class, your DVD and private sessions with you.  I would tell them to look up your web page and ask if they would be interested in filling out a UDB and intake form and letting me practice some of what I learned from you so I can go on to the advanced class!

Liz H. Licensed Physical Therapist
Strapping: This technique was fascinating b/c it is a very fast, efficient way to rapidly change one’s depth, breadth and perception of the breath in the cylinder of the torso. It also changes where the diaphragm is positioned in the torso, which in turn can have a very dramatic effect on the tensions in the neck, upper and lower extremities.  After simply doing a few strapping techniques I saw dramatic changes, for the better, in the Ober and Thomas tests, for example. When these tests are positive the very last thing a PT would consider is prompt treatment of the diaphragm.
      These techniques also allowed me to feel and see how much easier it is to truly initiate a breath with the diaphragm, from the lower part of the torso.  In retrospect I believe I never understood just how low this breath is really initiated.  I feel I will now be able to help my patients with their own problems, both with much better tools and with an in depth understanding of where they need to go.
Reflexive Breathing:

      This is easier to perceive after strapping and is something I think I avoid as a PT because it takes a lot of inner listening, time and moments of non-doing.  Not a point of strength or habit in my repertoire.  In the pleasant environment in which it was learned it felt great to take the time to notice its existence.  I will make an effort to include it in my patient care. 

Voice and sound:

      This was great for me to have an advanced work session around because it gave me a sense of myself, my fears, anxieties and body posturing, in a way I have never before experienced. 
      I feel that I have learned both a number of wonderful techniques to help my patients and gained new insight into my breathing, body and mind.

Jim M, Personal Growth student/spiritual seeker.
I wanted to open up more spiritually and knew that breathing was a huge part of that. The things that I learned I am going to put into practice. My energy increased, my voice strengthened, my relaxation deepened. I’m more excited now then I was before the weekend. I can put this into practice for myself and help others with it as well. I am VERY excited. It was worth every penny.

Coming to The Optimal Breathing School has been a life altering event for me. I learned how critical free flowing, coordinated, and balanced breathing is to our human existence. Mike White has many real life stories about clients who reported life saving experiences at the OBS as well as the hard numbers showing absolute results. What has happened to me though, is more up close and personal. It is precisely when I tried the breathing exercises that I realized how I need to breathe for optimal body function. It simply boggles my mind to now know how much power we humans have over our health and well being without relying on the “side effect” riddled pharmaceuticals and “pop another pill” mentality of the medical community. The equation is frighteningly simple. With a straight posture (resisting the pull of gravity into slouch) and smooth/full breaths a person increases oxygen to all body cells – improving body functions, warding off illnesses, and taking one to a place of true peace and happiness with oneself. Even athletes and singers would not breathe freely and coordinated, with proper posture unless they were shown how to do so or spent 30 years researching breathing like Mike White has done.

In addition to the breathing exercises I learned, Mike also introduced me to better nutrition with and emphasis on raw foods, reducing grain intake and DIGESTION. For a few years now I have had a serious problem with reflux. I woke up in the morning with a burning sensation in my throat and would experience bursts of acid after eating. An MD and an ENT advised me to tilt my bed, take a pill to reduce acid production stay away from acid producing foods. Mike suggested that I focus on digestion and make sure that the food I eat is broken down and absorbed by my body. He showed me information on how the body needs enzymes that break down out food to either absorb it or eliminate it.

When food is not broken down properly builds up as unwanted debris in the body as fat or “gunk” that sits around and feeds into many different illnesses. Since I have been taking the enzymes Mike suggested, I have had NO reflux and do not have the burning sensation in my throat in the morning. I have been sleeping better and feel more energized, with an inner peace I have not known her to fore.

I came here to learn breathing exercises to share with clients in my private practice as a Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in voice therapy and training, but I am leaving with a completely new awareness of the central role which breathing and proper nutrition play in optimal body functioning. I also learned what OPTIMAL BREATHING and OPTIMAL NUTRITION are. You can not do it right if you do not know what it is!

I am grateful to Mike for teaching me so I can now help others including my family and my clients. I have the opportunity to assist people I care so much about (at home) and those people I will come to know and care for in a clinical setting. Sam Leiter, Philadephia

Dear Mike:
I am finding watching the almost immediate results so rewarding and the expressions on the children's faces as they realize the ease in breathing and the difference it makes them feel is incredible. Thank you for it all and hope all is well. Karen Walker, Private Tutor, Sidney Australia

J. Michael Wood

Dear Mike,
First I would like to thank you for the training to become an Optimal Breathing Development Specialist Apprentice (OBDSA).  Not only was the "hands on" training a great learning experience, but it helped me get the "feel" required to work with patients and clients.
An added benefit was discovering the glitches in my own breathing mechanics and posture, and the chance to use the Optimal Breathing techniques to correct them during our classes.  It was particularly notable that I was able to reduce my pulse rate by 6 beats/min., and increase my blood oxygen level by 3% in just 5-6 breaths after correcting the problem. I have now been able to create the "over the top" breathing experience at will, and the paradox of more relaxation and more energy is constantly present.
I also noticed that while I was doing QiGong meditation in the supine position and using the Primary Rest Position, I had one of the best energetic meditations I have experienced in 4 years!  I will be looking forward to the results I achieve in moving meditation.
The backrest you made for my automobile allowed me to make the 4 1/2 hour drive home after the workshop without feeling the fatigue I normally experience. I was able to draw deep, relaxed breaths while driving with the backrest and the seat angle changes you recommended. I thank you, and my back thanks you!
Thank you again for sharing you knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in our class. It will provide a lifetime of relief for me, and I will be able to pass it along to the people I will work with in my practice.
J. Michael Wood, PBMC, OBDSA,Medical QiQong Therapist.

Student testimonials pages: 1  2  3

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