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Student Testimonials
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Your diverse and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter is impressive.  It makes it easy to make the connection between optimal breathing and almost any activity we as humans perform. Every human should be taught to breathe at an optimal level; taught from infancy. It is almost overwhelming to think that it has been so overlooked, especially by those who consider themselves qualified to enlighten and educate. Little do they know.  Earnestine Nix, School Principle, retired.

Randall Langston MD, ENT
This course was outstanding. I have learned more in 3 days then I have in years. The course was clear and concise. I think this knowledge really needs to get out to the world.

Rebecca Sharp: Jacksonville FL
As an LMT, NMT health care practitioner, I am continuously seeking new modalities to improve my skills and offer more to help so many that seem to be in need of something that is not being provided in the allopathic arena. I am constantly being bombarded with complaints from my clients like "my doctor said "I just have to live with this", or "here take this pill and then another to ward off the side effects of the first one" or "here do A, B, C- and D at astronomical costs, only to leave them with the same problem that they sought to solve or in worse shape physically then before.  In short, my experience is the medical "house of cards” is falling apart at the seams.  The pharmaceutical world is getting richer and richer as sickness in this country is at an all time high. In an effort to maintain my own health, as I am diagnosed with a rare blood disease, coupled with my desire to help others, I found Optimal Breathing through a peer.  She said it helped her more dramatically then any other seminar that she has ever been to. My husband, also an LMT,  is on the same path. Looking, seeking, praying for SOMETHING that will WORK and will make a positive difference, permanently in his life and in the lives of those we touch.  Collectively, we contacted Mike and scheduled the time and money necessary to become certified in these Breathing Techniques.  If I had only known then, what I know now.  I would not have been so non-chalant about it all.  I arrived in North Carolina with little expectation, but excited about the possibilities as I had already saturated myself with the Web Site www.Breathing.com.  Please note my initial search was for ways to help others, I already KNEW how to breathe, don't you know, been doing it all my life.  I am active in Pilates, Chi-Gong, Stress Release Exercises, Meditation, been working out in the gym for over 20 years plus, retired ballet and ballroom dancer, have too many degrees to list, including a retired RN.  I am a holistic healing coach, eat raw foods and vegetables, take my daily regimen of vitamins, get plenty of rest, no longer use manufactured personal hygiene products, I make my own.  ...I KNOW HOW TO BREATHE, oh but I am willing to learn something new to help my clients.  So off to North Carolina my husband and I went.  I subjected my self to all the tests, as if I was a client, only to slowly discover I AM A CLIENT.  As Mike taught me the techniques and "how to's"  I became aware that I didn't know how to breath CORRECTLY at all and in fact, have spent my whole 44 years on this planet not breathing correctly.  I was in shock!  After the first day, I had a new sense of motivation.  I went back to my hotel room and read everything Mike gave me and did exactly what he said to do.  The second day was approached with much more vigor.  I took notes, asked questions and learned everything I could from Mike.  As the training proceeded I became awake to all the ways I can now help others but more importantly myself.  I had several wonderful personal experiences and I have chosen to share the most profound and unexpected one.  During a particular strapping technique, I felt "stuck" in my breathing in the area of my right sternum, near where the rib cage attaches.  As I conveyed this to Mike, he continued the technique in an attempt to release this area.  During this procedure I started to cry and was immediately overwhelmed by a memory of a childhood traumatic event.  When I was 3 years old, I almost drowned in the St. Lawrence River.  My Mother had left my Father in charge of my older brother and me. He left us on the bank while he rowed his small boat out a short distance to so some fishing.  As curious children are, he stuck his foot into the water...."ohhhhh it's cold,” he says as he pulled his foot out.  Well, as sisters do, I copied him. However my legs weren't long enough to reach the water without going in a tad bit further and I slid right into the river.  There is no shallow area and the water was 10-15 feet deep off the bank.  As I gasped for air I could not reach the top or the bank.  This went on for what seemed to be forever and I finally gave up the fight to save myself, I couldn't breathe and that was ok by me and a sense of peace came over my soul as the sun glistened through the water like a kaleidoscope of crystal colored light I tried to reach and hold in my hand. Well, I saw the oars of my Father's rowboat swiftly pulling him closer to me.  I felt his strong arm grab mine and pull me out by one arm into the small boat. I remember how heavy I felt as I was brought out of the cold water and into the boat, like a limp saturated dishrag.  Well by that time, my Mother was at the bank of the river, shouting at my Father for being so careless to allow this to happen and as they exchanged words of the event, he rowed ever closer to the bank.  She yanked me from the boat and into the house for some dry clothes, still shouting at my Dad, bless his heart.  Here is the point, I was never told "it's ok you can breathe!" She, in her fury with my Dad, didn't take me in her arms and tell me everything was ok.  So, I have spent my life barely breathing at all, waiting for someone to tell me "You can breathe, it's ok” I had been in the state of fluid filled lungs ever since, but only mentally. Physically, my body complied with this belief and my breathing was disabled for over 41 years.  Mike assured me that this was a normal occurrence and we kept the session going.  In ONE SESSION with Mike, this was released and for the first time in a long time I can really take in a deep, full body breath.  I was overcome with Oxygen, it felt so good and still does.  I am continuing to take in more air and feeling so calm, peaceful and HEALTHY.  Since returning home to my practice, I have been able to help family and friends put down their long time friends their “INHALERS.”  This work is beyond phenomenal; it is exactly what has been missing from all kinds of treatment, including the treatment of Cancer.  Cancer is an anaerobic disease; it cannot live in the presence of Oxygen.  Since I am a Lymph Drainage Specialist, I work with post-cancer patients.  This work is helping them to become productive and vital again!  Thanks Mike for your continued work in this field and FINALLY bringing true health back into the world of HEALTH CARE.   

Rebecca S, LMT, NMT

Cranial - Sacral Perspective
from a client of one of our students who is also a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist
The first link with the Optimal Breathing and the cranial-sacral system that I noticed, was when I went into still point, at the end of the prone assisted exhalation. My whole being was in that place of complete stillness. In cranial-sacral work, the still point can come about in different ways, some are intended and some just happen. The still point is when the cranial-sacral rhythm has paused, it seems that after this event, the rhythm resets, then returns having the chance to adopt a healthier pattern.

The second link I experienced was nervous system discharge during my second session of prone assisted exhalation. The cranial-sacral system was moving into balance by releasing unnecessary tension, as my hands twitched to let go.

Throughout the whole cranial-sacral process, the breath is a key indicator as to what is going on with the client. Often sighs arise and these are usually accompanied by a visible discharge (nervous system release). As the client balances their own cranial-sacral system with the assistance of the practitioner, the nervous system balances, the body chemistry balances and the breath often takes a new shape. Some techniques in cranial-sacral work involve diaphragm releases and unwinding. These often produce the most visible breathing shifts. Through awareness of touch, bought about by the practitioner, the breath can be directed lower for more grounding. This is often useful at the end of a session to enable the client to return comfortably to their day.

I am intrigued by the wave-like nature of the breath and the wave like nature of the cranial-sacral system. It is said that the cranial rhythm and breath can synchronize and that this can be a profoundly relaxing experience. I have tried to match my breath to the clients cranial sacral rhythm and when I achieved this for a brief moment it was an eye-opening experience.

I am thinking that Optimal Breathing would go very well with cranial sacral work as they both facilitate the body’s own natural balance. They both allow the client to release and trust the body to get on with what it knows how to do, but what life sometimes gets in the way of."

Comments from a Physical Therapist & OBDSA
This technique was fascinating b/c it is a very fast, efficient way to rapidly change one’s depth, breadth and perception of the breath in the cylinder of the torso. It also changes where the diaphragm is positioned in the torso, which in turn can have a very dramatic effect on the tensions in the neck, upper and lower extremities.  After simply doing a few strapping techniques I saw dramatic changes, for the better, in the Ober and Thomas tests, for example. When these tests are positive the very last thing a PT would consider is prompt treatment of the diaphragm.
These techniques also allowed me to feel and see how much easier it is to truly initiate a breath with the diaphragm, from the lower part of the torso.  In retrospect I believe I never understood just how low this breath is really initiated.  I feel I will now be able to help my patients with their own problems, both with much better tools and with an in depth understanding of where they need to go.
These techniques also allowed me to feel and see how much easier it is to truly initiate a breath with the diaphragm, from the lower part of the torso.  In retrospect I believe I never understood just how low this breath is really initiated.  I feel I will now be able to help my patients with their own problems, both with much better tools and with an in depth understanding of where they need to go. 
Reflex Breathing:
This is easier to perceive after strapping and is something I think I avoid as a PT because it takes a lot of inner listening, time and moments of non-doing.  Not a point of strength or habit in my repertoire.  In the pleasant environment in which it was learned it felt great to take the time to notice its existence.  I will make an effort to include it in my patient care.
Voice and sound:
This was great for me to have a session around because it gave me a sense of myself, my fears, anxieties and body posturing, in a way I have never before experienced.
I feel that I have learned both a number of wonderful techniques to help my patients and gained new insight into my breathing, body and mind.

From Aaron Butler:
When I signed up to spend four days with Mike White, I expected to learn a lot about how to deal with other people's breathing problems. What I didn't expect was to have a life changing experience that continues to affect me on a daily basis.

At first I found Mike to be a little imposing, very masculine very strong. But I would later find that through his training I too could come into greater contact with my masculine side. I have always been a very accommodating person, letting most people walk right over me, in the belief that it was better to not cause trouble. I've gotten better at standing up for myself in the last few years, but Mike gave me a realization of something I had been neglecting: my voice.

I had never really made the connection between breathing and your voice. But by using singing and breathing exercises I was able to clear and strengthen my voice. And what a difference it makes! My confidence grew a huge amount, and in such a short amount of time it was astonishing.

That was one of the most important lessons I gained from Mike: that progress doesn't have to take years. In fact, huge progress can be made in a matter of minutes!

Another area that exceeded my expectations was that of overall health. Mike was not just interested in my breathing alone, but my whole entire body. I learned dietary changes, and exercise routines that would help my body to stay healthy and breathing optimally.

And of course my breathing was the thing that improved the most. I did gain a good amount of lung capacity, but what was even more important to me was the rhythm of my breathing. Before, I had a very fast, very shallow breath. Through many different exercises, including strap work, body work, voice work and coaching, I was able to dramatically slow my breath down, and deepen my natural breath. This deepening of the automatic breath still brings me wonder as every breath I take, without any effort on my part, feels slow and deep.

The effect of these changes has included deeper sleeping, more energy, and most importantly a raising of my level of consciousness. Things are much clearer than they were before, and my health has taken an even higher priority in my life. The importance of breathing has finally taken its proper place. Thanks Mike!   Aaron Butler, Sedona Az.

Counselor in South Africa
I have a master's degree in counseling. The training course I have just completed in Waynesville under the guidance of Michael G White, has added greatly to my counseling resources. In helping my clients to breathe well I will be opening to them a door to a whole new level of living. How do I know this? From personal experience! As I feel my lungs expanding I believe that I have not only added years to my life, but what I think is even more important, I have added life to my years. Jerome McCarthy

Student testimonials pages: 1  2  3

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