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Jan Jenson OBDS

Propelled into Action by a Headline!

A June 8, 2005 headline in the Washington Post  has propelled me from semi-lethargy (at age 62 and semi-retired) into massive action:
Over Half of Americans Will Be Mentally Ill
along with another headline in the June 7, 2005 New York Times:
Most Will Be Mentally Ill at Some Point, Study Says

        I have a never-been-drugged brain that WORKS nicely, thank you, fingers that type mighty quick and a mission to accomplish!
        How DARE these self-appointed GREEDY SOB's, who spent $20 MILLION of our taxpayers' money on a study whose (unacknowledged major) purpose is to increase the prescription of TOXIC psychotropic drugs, tell us that we are mentally ill!
        In my opinion (as a health consultant and publisher since 1967) humanity's MAJOR problems include (in their order of importance): POOR BREATHING, not drinking enough WATER and lack of NUTRITIOUS FOOD!  These three factors are critical for our body's continuation on this planet, plus each plays a major role in our lungs and overall body's health.
        More than 40,000 online breathing tests at http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm show conclusively that people with a breathing rate under seven (7) breaths per minute have NO diagnosed health challenges ... but as the breathing rate per minute goes UP (i.e. with Unbalanced Dysfunctional Breathing - UDB:  http://www.breathing.com/articles/udb.htm and http://www.breathing.com/articles/carbon-dioxide.htm) so does the number of "medically diagnosed" health problems!
         The most commonly diagnosed problems begin with allergies, bad memory, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, addictions, and panic attacks and get worse from there!
        Stress plays a HUGE part in our lives and begins at birth!  A slap on the butt of a newborn causes stress. Babies are very tender and fragile and aren't prepared for anything sudden or painful when only seconds old. Yes, breathing problems CAN begin that early... and our stress in life expands exponentially from there, as we take on school, jobs, families and LIFE!
        In An Introduction To Alternative Medicine For Psychiatric Conditions, Allan Darman says: "Although depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia, etc. are currently considered "mental illnesses", many doctors and other knowledgeable persons realize that this very simplistic outlook is incorrect. Mental illnesses are always whole body illnesses; they are never just mental in nature."

        My "mission" is to help educate and teach as many people as possible about Optimal Breathing®, pure water and nutritious food and show how inexpensive, tasty and FUN it can be to maintain or get back to Optimal WELL
th® during my next 60 years!

     I'm offering corporate and group talks/workshops entitled
"Become A Better You from the Inside Out."

We've confirmed via statistics gathered at http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm that the missing link to stress management is Optimal Breathing®. By the way, YOU get your test results back immediately upon finishing your own test - so you can see "how good (or  bad) is YOUR breathing?"
During corporate, group or individual  talks, seminars and workshops will also learn my  
Three (3) "keys" to a WELLthy  Life:  
#1 - HOW you  BREATHE can make you sick‹ or KEEP YOU WELL!  
#2 - WATER is the "battery of your body" and helps your lungs work properly!   
#3 - Learn to EAT & DRINK wisely for  optimum lung function.
Learn HOW to make it AFFORDABLE, EASY, TASTY and FUN!

Jan Jenson, OBDS
, The WELLth Coach!

Optimal Breathing Development Specialist
Publisher: The WELLth Coach  newzine
The WELLth Revolution newspaper

P.O.Box 5565, Mooresville, NC 28117
704-450-6115 € 1-888-791-8381

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
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