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OBDSPA - Optimal Breathing Development For Speaking, Singing, and Personal Power Apprentice

Group Training for Trainers and the General Public.
Not for severe speech language pathology

Two Trainers:   Mike White    Dwayne Morgan

Apprentice Level
This is for BOTH students AND general public that just want to sing or speak better. Prerequisite: None.
All attendees will be worked on by Mike and Optimal Breathing School Practitioners.

Learn for yourself and for others to how to Find One's Natural Voice.

Mike will combine touch and non touch experiences to develop your breathing and then use it for singing and chanting. This experience is guaranteed to break through many barriers you might have or simply add several levels of ability to an already workable singing or public speaking voice. A colleague visiting from Australia will join him and lend her expertise to "introducing the singer/speaker to their natural sound and becoming one's best friend with their voice".

Benefits you may experience include some or all of:

  1. Learn to sing or speak or sing better.
  2. Transform your life by improving your voice.
  3. Learn how to quickly improve another's voices
  4. Increase the size and power of your voice.
  5. Learn about projection, resonance, and control.
  6. Lose self consciousness about speaking in public
  7. Create a compelling presence with your voice.
  8. Correct stutters, lisps, vocal damage, and speech problems.
  9. Improve strength, stamina and experimentation
  10. Access parts of speaking and singing not able to reach or ever knew existed.
  11. Strengthen coordination between ear and larynx
  12. Learn ways of using your voice that naturally develop your diaphragm.
  13. Integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and creative aspects of communication.
  14. Get more in touch with the power of natural attraction
  15. Change the quality and tone of your voice.
  16. Get in touch with CORE LEVEL personal power for breaking through barriers and getting what you want in life.
  17. Strengthen your self concept.
  18. Discover powerful breathing techniques.
  19. Training for professional singers and actors.
  20. Coaching for presentation skills and public speaking
  21. Overcome being told you had an ugly voice, sang too loudly, that you did not know how to sing or were were excluded from class singing or the choir and still feel hurt about it.
  22. Reduce or eliminate tendency of developing neck wrinkles, thyroid or thymus stresses caused by overactive accessory breathing muscles.
  23. Improve chest, middle and head voice

It is important to know that the diaphragm is much more than a mechanical shifter of air. It is, above all, a muscle of emotional expression. Most people have had experiences of just how infectious it can be when someone nearby suddenly and spontaneously laughs or yawns. We usually laugh or yawn right along with them. Why? Partly at least because there is both a physiological and energetic  response in the diaphragm that causes it to react in sympathy with what is being expressed by someone else. Singing for instance, relies on the importance of wanting to express emotion. If the diaphragm is thought of only as a pump then such thinking will greatly diminish the function of it and limit its invaluable contribution to vocal expression. At that point one's personal vocal expressions will have to have to have had develop a breathing technique to compensate for the lack of spontaneous and reflex action in the diaphragm. Breathing exercises not respecting this are often limiting and counterproductive.

Breakthrough techniques for simple to difficult cases. Anyone will benefit for this including speech language pathologists, singing teachers, public speaking coaches, personal growth mentors, any kind of  coach, wind instrument players, and a those who wish to improve their voice for speaking or singing or both. We will integrate techniques from the Bel Canto opera school, Alexander Technique, Carola Speads, Carl Stough, classical voice, and Mike's proprietary blend of dynamic body and breathing restructuring and voice development techniques.

Day 1.  Private and group sessions where all students view each other being worked with by Mike and Dwayne while they integrate Optimal Breathing and Alexander Technique to accelerate your progress as a singer.

Day 2. More private and group sessions where all students view each other. Experience in singing: Karaoke style. all day and your voice will not get tired. 

Day 3. Training to do what you just saw done with you and fellow students. The how's and why's.  Still more experience in singing: Karaoke style. 

Day 4. More training to do what you just saw Mike do with the students. The how's and why's. Still more experience in singing: Karaoke style. 

Day 5. Getting everyone on an even keel with the others. More experience in singing: Karaoke style. 

Where we often stay for $50.00 per night

TUITION-OBDSPA $999.00 =  5 days

Airfare deals

Call with questions. 866 Myinhale

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Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP





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to your overall physical and psychological health. If you have any serious medical or psychological problem, however, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
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