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Overcoming Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) and or Stuttering   
Public Speaking or singing

"Hi Mike,

I wanted to thank you again for working with me last night around my SD.  The voice I had when I left I haven't heard in years!  I spoke to my husband on the phone on the way home and he said my voice sounded like me and so clear.  I started crying because this is the first time I have heard myself in a long time.  I am going to keep working on these exercises and hopefully I will get to that place more and more.  Thank you so much again, you have been the only person who has really helped me at this point.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Sarah  M"  69 VHI  September 2012

Thanks again for your time today. I feel like I'm making strides and staying positive through the SD ups and downs. It's great to hear my voice sound strong again. Peter S".  89 VHI

Pre intensive. A 95 Voice Handicap Index. 10 years of SD.
"I have spasmodic dysphonia and was interested in coming to your voice clinic. I was wondering if you have an opening either ... I am currently getting botox injections and got my last one on June 20. It didn't work that well so I'm thinking by October it should be mostly worn off. I didn't know if that would be a problem or if I should wait longer. Also, how many hours do you think I may need? You can reach me at..... CG

Post intensive Week 1.

I'm doing good so far. .... I saw a girl in my bible study this morning at church and she said my voice seems stronger. I still can't get the word hi out and I still have trouble starting a sentence if I'm not already speaking, but once I use my voice as long as I talk slow there is definitely an improvement. Thanks for checking up on me! C

Week 2.
I'm doing all of the things you trained me to do. Speaking seems to be easier. Some of the breathing exercises you showed me. CG

Week 3.
I just wanted to let you know things are still going good. I'm starting to recognize more how my voice "feels" when I use it properly and it feels REALLY good! I haven't had that feeling in 10 years and I'm getting it more and more. ....... I'm still having trouble saying hi to people and answering my phone, but sometimes it comes out sounding great which is always a pleasant surprise! Someday, that will happen all the time. I'm looking forward to that! Hope things are going good for you! CG

Bonnie. "Mike is extremely knowledgeable about breathing mechanics and can find the natural voice in anyone"

Brenda: " I learned through Mike that good breathing is the key to maintaining the voice."

Lidia; "With Mike I found that elusive singing voice that I hadn't had for a long time".

Lisa. "Mike is a brilliant breathing coach who can teach lifelong good habits for overall health as well as improving voice".

Barada  "Mike is a brilliant scientist and a patient, genuine practitioner"

Tarryn  "Mike is able to assist with getting in touch with your breathing and finding your voice. If your breathing is stuck/restricted you are not going to beat SD.

Sylvia. "I thank Mike for teaching me how to breathe properly, for giving me many exercises that I can take home to practice so that I can recover my voice".

Brenda.  "Mike’s work on breathing contributed a vital part in helping me understand the elements which were detrimental to voice production. These techniques work!"

Betty. "Mike helped me get in touch with my core again…stay grounded. I have given myself permission to speak freely once again."

Gopali. "Mike has a wealth of knowledge and tricks to share, always searching for the techniques to help each individual voice."

Analee. "Mike is a true breathing guru and an effective trainer. Learning to breathe was particularly helpful to me – a new, crucial component to my voice recovery. I am well on my way to full recovery of my speaking and most dear to me, my singing voice."

Richard. "After trying Mike White’s breathing suggestions I could feel immediate relaxation and calm throughout my whole body. That alone was worth the price."

SLP report of a 5 day intensive with Mike

A non-drug voice rehabilitation model. 
A 3-5 day world class Voice Rehab Intensive.

Individual work and take home practices stemming from insights and results from 5 years experience with one hundred people. Your voice will be significantly better when you leave our sessions. You will have the tools to rehabilitate your voice over time. The time you require will largely depend on your following my simple guidelines and exercises.

Taking 'Quick Fix' prescription drugs or injections is not likely to permanently relieve Spasmodic Dysphonia or muscle tension dysphonia and some can make your body even sicker. My voice rehab system is up to a 54 stage process with over 100 variables that change their sequencing depending on moment to moment needs of the individual. Many techniques used by speech professionals may cause tensions that one would rather avoid.  Raising the pitch and lip bubbling being two possibilities.  Raising ones pitch often causes or requires tension. And that tension limits the quality of vocal resonance.

Michael Grant White, The Facilitator began studying breathing in 1975 while attempting to regain his singing voice lost to severe physical abuse as a teenager.
Connie Pike, SLP Connie's testimonial   contracted SD. She was referred to me by a former SD client that I had helped regain her voice. As a result of my Optimal Breathing work, her SLP insights and her unbridled faith in her higher power, Connie regained a functional voice. Not a great voice but a functional one. Along the way Connie and I created The Free to Speak Voice Therapy Clinic for Spasmodic Dysphonia and/or Muscle Tension Dysphonia.  (SD and MTD are both included as there is some disagreement about how to diagnose SD or MTD.)

I was the breathing component of the clinic.  I have seen that breathing is the main issue for most of the SD people we worked with in the clinic. Most clinic attendees and subsequent private clients have confirmed that.  James Earl Jones was a chronic stutterer. He found the right teacher that focused on breathing. The breathing needs to be spot on and correctly deep to be able to successfully over time duplicate proper pitch and volume and that is no small order for many SD people. Many clinic voices were restored to adequate function while some 85% were significantly improved either immediately or over time IF they followed the suggested strategies and many did not as the strategies often did not have enough of the breathing component to support them.  There were several total failures who attended the clinic and one stellar success (Ron Cox - One out of 100).

I was never given enough time in the clinics with each person's breathing. My frustration with incorrect breathing insights given to attendees and not  enough time with each attendee finally came to the surface and Connie and I parted company. 

My program now encompasses the more relevant to me breakthrough aspects of the clinic to be delivered in private one on one training in Charlotte, NC and/or augmented via one on one Web cam sessions via Skype.  Due to my proprietary techniques that I have not trained anyone else to implement, your voice WILL greatly improve. Remember that even if it is but one degree off, a rocket ship gets farther and farther away from the originally targeted landing place as it travels onward in time. The voice is the same and the further out in time one travels the more that stress can damage vocal progress.

How good the breathing and its over 55 breathing relevant aspects reflects or mirrors how good the voice is. Hold your breath and try to speak and you will get a better idea of what I say.

Breathing related vocal quality analysis and rehabilitation will be conducted by myself, the Optimal Breathing Coach. The complete 3 or 5 day 15-25 hour one on one in house program involves total emersion including individual work on breathing and voice assessment, visual and auditory aids and direct work on breathing mechanics and voice production. One learns to discover or enhance correct internal mechanics needed to improve the voice. Discussion on psychosocial dynamics which may be contributing to the disorder and strategies for stress management will be trained in but the breathing is the key for most.

For a person with SD (and stuttering) very similar overcompensation mechanisms arrive and simply never leave. Never that is, until the person has been physically worked on and retrained to use the breathing optimally and to allow one's effortless natural pitch production with resonant sound and even more relevant, what resonance feels like. Good breathing cannot be taught but it CAN be learned. It, like chocolate, it must be tasted (experienced) to be learned.  One feeling can be worth a million words and without that feeling or internalized functioning, one risks spending decades of fruitless searching for the ways of speaking freely and easily. Faith needs right action lest faith become the seat of delusion.

Speaking is a somatic thing. Without a body and breathing we could not speak.  I have observed that preset physical vulnerabilities such as posture, vocal tract compression, trauma or local infection plus stress add up to most of what is diagnosed as SD or stuttering. SD and stuttering can and will be improved or eliminated given reasonable effort and/or simple day to day breathing and stress management factors. 

If you are a speech professional realize that SD and stuttering require hands on/touch techniques and can still be tricky to overcome/manage. Let me help your patient and send them back to you with deep insights that will allow you to guide them further.

Many believe they can not sing. This is simply not true. I use breathing to support singing as a part of my approach.  Many teach that speaking comes from different places in the body. To me  speaking and singing mechanisms come from the same place in the body. The popular music industry is highly competitive, which in itself is stressful, creating tension patterns and habits that readily induce or contribute to a disturbance of the breathing mechanism.

Many classical and/or popular singers do not have adequate breathing training, and consequently experience problems such as voice fatigue in later years. They think they are getting too old to sing but it is more about the way they manage their breathing and shape their vocal tract. Without adequate and precise control of breathing vital to support the voice, they endeavor to adapt the laryngeal and articulating mechanisms to sustain the performance, inevitably stressing the vocal system. My work has added years to their vocal articulation, strength and range.

More about SD

For my approach, INTENSIVE FEES will vary from 15-25 hours over 3-5 days depending on your individual needs, Voice Handicap Index and Breathing Tests scores.   Fees include approximately $200.00 value for books, breathing aids and technical material.

Private one on one training with me in North Carolina includes vocal and physical exercise room, far infrared sauna and hot tub. If you do not regain your voice sufficiently to your satisfaction I will pay for up to 3 hours of Skype work with Connie; one's mindset can be very helpful or hindering.

To register for an intensive with me go to  www.breathing.com/consulting.htm
and choose option 4.

Email any questions with speaking intensive in the subject line to or call at 866.694.6425 Toll free or international 704.597.6775.

My Skype handle is breathmike but you will need to email me an alert so that the Skype at my end will activated

To learn more about or register for the Florida clinic: http://www.freetospeakvoicetherapy.com

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