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Questions and Answers responded to in our weekly survey
You may use the form at the bottom of the page to forward it to those whose health and well being are important to you.


Diagnoses: Obstructive Sleep Apnea, emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Rhino sinusitis, Asthma, hypertension, AAA, fatigue. Was on O2 for six years, 24 hr per day and numerous RX. Off O2 and RX's 3 yrs. except for Amlodipine Besylate 10mg. Question. Is it possible to overcome shortness of breath? Absolutely greatly improvable depending on how well you follow simple instructions. If so, How?
2. O2 goes down temporarily when short of breath. So does everyone else's.

Why my brain does the opposite of what I should want with breathing.
A number of years ago, I started snarling at the spring . I i stay underwater for a long time. Could that have unconsciously added to my breathing speaking difficulty? Absolutely.
I am overwhelmed by the helps on your site, I can't even find the breathing test.

My breathing is debilitating and struggle all the time. Have months when it is ok.
I notice if I do relaxation things improve. Makes perfect sense but not the all to be all.
Have had lungs checked - all ok. I would like to know if I can improve my breathing with exercises! Absolutely you can - click here

I am having difficulty with my speaking,
for some reason stress anxiety depression it seems to be getting worse. Get this program . How to breathe better at night. Develop your breathing during the day and that will carry over during sleep. How to be not dried out. Click here

Why my breathing seems laboured when I have had all tests and told my lungs are completely ok. I'm informed it is anxiety but never seems to have any rhyme nor reason.
Take our free breathing tests or get this program or both.

How do I know if I am breathing right? Take these tests. Does it help if I force deep breathing often? No, it can worsen your breathing.
Can my lung capacity be measured?  Definitely. Begin here

"Hello Mr White,
Since you teach voice, I wonder if you have had any success developing natural bel canto vibrato in those who don't have it. Which is almost everybody.
I'm a musicologist/musician/composer of retirement age who never had a good singing voice -- just the ordinary straight-tone baritone -- and never thought that a bel canto vibrato could be developed till reading David Jones' website several years ago. (
After that inspiration, for about the last 5 years I took lessons from almost a dozen highly qualified classical vocal instructors, some for longer than others, trying to develop a natural vibrato. All to no avail, the tone is still straight. I did succeed in quickly bringing out the squillo and thus reducing breathiness and improving timbre, on the advice of a laryngologist who diagnosed me as a "vocal underdoer."
Natural (from the abdomen/diaphragm) breathing was a component in some of the instructors' pedagogy. I think my problem is likely mental or muscular constriction somewhere in the vocal tract, but maybe breathing really is the key and I didn't practice the right technique long enough.
I'd be interested to hear if you have a successful development method for this issue".

Dear Douglas.Having my vibrato appear was in the 90s a revelation after 20 years of trying and failing to regain my singing voice. Often my students who have never sung will have some vibrato in a few hours of training (my hands-on and Breathing Kit techniques and exercises are a critical part that I did  not have for myself so it took years for it to appear strongly in MY voice).
I suggest you:
1. Take the tests here
2. Get the kit and see what you learn and then have it in your possession when we skype or you come to Charlotte
3. Consider skyping or coming to Charlotte.

Even tho I have no breathing issues under normal circumstances, I have trouble breathing at hi altitudes when hiking uphill, starting about 6000 ft elevation. That is, I have to breathe quite loudly, deep breaths & seems my heart doesn't get enough air, leading to high pulse rate and having to stop my hike to lower my pulse. Any way to help this?   Yes this is an issue of either volume or chemistry and you definitely can help this. Develop your breathing properly.

I have to make myself breathe sometimes than I get all anxious about it, is that normal? No. When you breathe you should know how to do it to not become anxious.

Breathing out of your mouth. 
Nose breathing article

What are your thoughts on the Frolov Breathing Device ?
They wanted me to market it many years ago. I did not.  My Kit is far superior.


What can a person do about bad breathing at night if they just can not wear a CPAP? Lots of folks like that.  Our sleep program addresses that. Some handle it with our O2E2, some with the Kit , some need skyping and some need to come to Charlotte.

Can candida cause copd? Probably. It for sure can worsen it.

What are the different breathing patterns/methods for the following goals:
-Good Digestion
. Reflex Triggering in the kit
-Reading/Focus. Focus and concentration theme in the kit.
-A lift in energy.  Energy theme in the kit

I have been diagnosed as acute, chronic asthmatic , adult onset, for 27 years.
Last year I was diagnosed as COPD, although I have never smoked or lived with
smokers, as I am allergic to airborne pollutants. How is this possible? Also I am trapping air. I then experience shortness of breath, which I interpret as asthma, I force myself to burp or expel the air, and get some relief. I have been diagnosed as chronic, acute asthmatic for 27 years.

We have had many who were either wrongly diagnosed or simply need to improve their natural breathing to eliminate any symptoms, which we did. Read about Charlie Boyle here 

(1) Practicing the "Wim Hof Method" I breathe through my nose on the inhale, out through my mouth on the exhale. It definitely causes some hyperventilation (which he says is good)
Are you familiar and what do you think?
He is unclear on the concept.
(2) I have one lung that that has a collapsed place on it .. technical term? Can lungs be brought back to normal with proper form?
They can most OFTEN be expanded. Never give up. Get our kit or come to Charlotte.

Information about diaphragm and palpitations. Optimal breathing often reduces or eliminates them.
Breathing and yoga. Stay away from most Pranayama.


Am an upcoming artist but I have problem with breathing well on the process of singing, what should I do?

Please I want to know what is the curses of snoring?

I was just diagnosed with COPD & Emphysema. How can I improve my breathing and prolong my life.

Hiatal hernia syndrome and breathing. Diet is critical and the breathing must be PNS based .


Dealing with asthma; a good daily practice. learn here

How to restore lung capacity. How to get healthier lungs. The proper ways to breathe normally.
Learn here

Can supplemental oxygen benefit everyone?
Yes excepting those with such poor lungs that they cannot process it. learn more

Are there any specific supplements that enhance breathing?
Absolutely  plus this

Can dust or mold cause "permanent" damage to breathing?
Yes as well as many other sicknesses. But you can often reverse the problems with proper care of your breathing.


Why I feel like I'm suffocating. Take these tests and see what you learn. Then email us at for deeper insights.


What can I do to get more oxygen? Work with our Optimal Breathing Kit.  Get an O2E2


How can I change my eating habits and exercise routines to improve my breathing capability? Get Building Healthy Lungs Naturally.


I understand from my pilates teacher, breathing should be around the chest and back area with the ribs staying down. Isn't that shallow breathing? Absolutely shallow breathing.

I want to learn how to play tennis. I need more wind power. How do I get it fast with your programs? Our energy program but be careful about thinking "fast". Begin here

Does better breathing help with peripheral neuropathy?
learn more

What are the two or three best techniques to reduce tissue carbon monoxide for people who have had either acute exposure or chronic accumulative exposures? learn more


Is it normal to not be able to get over the hump on every breath on command? Sometimes I try to and it just stops at a certain point, asking this because it just feels so much better and soothing when you get over that hump with a deep breathe, like when your yawning? No it is not healthy. It is a sign of UDB. Begin here.


I am continually fatigued and breathless. I have been in an accident where I was bedridden for 3 months. however that was 4 years ago, I was a previous smoker but stopped 12 years ago, have constant heartburn. Have been diagnosed, Emphysema, but no cough or Phlegm. Begin here

What's good timing for breathing?


How to treat copd.

What nutrients clean and repair the lungs from chemicals and infection?


Does better breathing help with peripheral neuropathy? Yes,  it has helped a great deal.


Good morning, my name is Sharon I am interested in learning to breathe to relax muscle contractions in my diaphragm and torso area ... I am 5 foot, 328 pounds and when I bend over I cannot get up on my own I have to pull myself back up to standing from what feels like contractions muscle spasm's . Very uncomfortable low back pain and weakness. I am 52. Better breathing and more oxygen burns fat. Get our Breathing kit and use the energy program.  It as well includes a lot of nutrition and internal cleansing information.

Do you reference any credible studies or data.
Clinical studies. I have hundreds of others.


How does breathing affect speech? Speech is air passing mebranes. No air. no speech

Correct breathing techniques? Must be varied.

How to remind myself to practice the correct way to breathe while sitting at the computer?
When developed properly, your breathing reminds you without thinking. I call it feelback.


What breathing techniques are most important in preventing "chronic" hyperventilation syndrome?  Our program called Deepest Calm .


What techniques can be used to treat active symptoms of "chronic" hyperventilation syndrome (e.g. shortness of breath)?   Our program called Deepest Calm .


How quickly can breathing techniques resolve symptoms and how quickly can symptoms return? Sometime instantly. They return usually based on stress levels and poor training to start with. 


How can I best use this to benefit my central sleep apnea? Address BOTH breathing and Oxygen.

I catch myself holding my breath when doing a task or have shallow breathing.
Many do this and it is quite ok if not in excess.

I want to find ways for optimal breathing for optimal sports performance.
Then get our energy program. I took a bronze medal at the senior games with only 5 weeks of training. I know quite a bit about energy.


How often should I breathe?  Breath Rate

Where should I breathe?
Start here.

When should I breathe?
When your body tells you to or for some specific purpose like blowing out candles or gently in your lover's ear etc. Mostly be your breathing instead of do your breathing. Make it easy and effortless

Why I stop breathing in the night?
Collapse or bacterial engorgement of the airways usually. Bad posture, poor nutrition and weak internal respiratory muscles and nerves makes it worse. Get our kit to improve all this.

What makes me snort in the night? Probably heading towards snoring or apnea.  Take our breathing tests to see what you learn.

What causes sleep apnea?  
Collapse or bacterial engorgement of the airways usually. Bad posture and weak internal respiratory muscles and nerves adds to it all. Take our breathing tests to see what you learn.

Stopping breathing in the night?
Collapse or bacterial engorgement of the airways usually. Bad posture and weak internal respiratory muscles and nerves adds to it all. Take our breathing tests to see what you learn.

Breathing faster-why.
Breath Rate

Shallow breathing?
Could be ok, might be restricted. Take our breathing tests to see what you learn.

Pulmonary hypertension - how to restore health to arteries and bronchioles? Nutrition is critical. Juicing and our Optimal Breathing kit's shortness of breath theme.  are the two most effective that I have seen to slow it down or back it off.


Will having shortness of breath caused by food sensitivities shorten my life? Probably. Consider dietary changes and regaining as much breathing that you have lost already as you possibly can. Our kit will help guide you through this.

I have had shortness of breath for my whole life and so do my three adult children, what could be the cause? Well, genes would be the first thought but epigenetics are showing us how they can be turned off and on depending on many factors and nutrition is a HUGE factor. AND you MUST also develop and maintain optimal breathing.


I am a 74-year-old man with a heart disease and every other disease .  I went to Denver Colorado in a couple weeks ago I could hardly breathe there.  I was a heavy smoker.  They told me year ago ago I had COPD but I could hardly believe them as every time I have a lung x-ray they said my lungs are clear. What do you think? I have had many people that were misdiagnosed. One is a 91 year old racewalker who was diagnosed with emphysema. He came to work with me for three days, went home and next day broke three state records. Now they are "not sure" about the emphysema.  But the bottom line is: 1. Denver's 5,000 foot altitude  should still be easy to breathe. 2.  Regardless of who says what you can probably improve your breathing a great deal with our Shortness of Breath Program. I guarantee improvement.  


Why does hot, humid weather make getting air difficult? It "thickens" the air holding dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and slows down oxygen uptake in the lungs.

Why do stressful situations affect breathing? They often reduce healthy carbon dioxide levels, make shallow breathing a habit that allows buildup of bad bacteria in the lungs.  Our program reverses this.

Does steroids really help breathing in COPD. They treat the symptoms, not the causes. Meanwhile the causes worsen making the steroids less effective until you can not longer breathe at all. Our mastery kit often reduces or eliminates the need for steroids.  Can't hurt and most often helps a lot.


I have Angina Pectoris. Is there a way with breathing to stop the pain attacks ? I have attacks in the night.

Can poor breathing cause your heart rate tho accelerate?
Can poor breathing cause your heart to skip or flip flop?
Can poor breathing cause you to feel light headed?


Why it stops, what will happen, will get a stroke?
Learn more about sleep apnea please.

Eliminate panic attacks.
They stem largely from a poor breathing pattern.

1. This may help but 2. the better choice is here as it also includes #1

The scientific evidence for the benefits of deep breathing. It depends.

How can I use my breath to direct myself to fall asleep anytime through the night? 
The C1,3,4 and reflex triggering techniques C21,22,23,24,25, in the Kit.

How can I connect my sense of scatter and anxiety into my body awareness and grounding?  The Deepest Calm theme in the kit


How to breathe properly. the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit
How breathing impacts diastolic readings?
It helps BOTH systolic and diastolic normalize.
How can we tell that our breathing is actually responding as a "lie detector"?
No clue and would not say if I knew.

I understand breathing effects so many functions of the body, but could you explain the difference in the effect of techniques? For example, how does quick breaths as in the breath of fire affect you differently than slow deep relaxing breaths. Please include anything associated with chi energy as well along with your response.
learn more

Learn how to breathe in every situation as well while doing exercising (martial arts). Get good with all the techniques and exercises in the Mastery kit.

Improve the tone of my voice. This program

How can I use my breath to direct my self to fall asleep anytime through the night?  Our sleep program and the Reflex triggering exercises on Cards 21-25


How to do it right. learn more
How it will help my current issues.
Begin here
How it will maintain better health.
learn more

Survey answer: That breathing is too fast for me and not deep enough
It said does this make you nervous? no!  But it is far too shallow for me..... 
These are valuable insights. You have better breathing than many. I encourage you to learn more.

1. How to slow it down, and how do you breathe right with bad sinus. learn more
2. Helps with stamina.
learn more
3. How do black people breathe?
No differently than any other race on earth.

1. I want to learn connected breathing! What kind of simple breathing should I always return to when I become aware of holding my breath as a rule of thumb? Breath holding is part of living provided it is not TOO OFTEN AND FOR TOO LONG. The more you properly develop your breathing the less you needlessly hold your breath.
2. Breathing to increase mental & physical energy.
Click here
3. The importance (or otherwise) of the Buteyko method which I find confusing & isn't breathing in meditation on auto pilot?
learn more


Do I really need to improve my breathing? Take our Free breathing test and decide for yourself.
How long will it take me to get improved breathing?
Sometimes in an hour or less.
How much time will I have to spend on exercises?
10-30 minutes daily.

I would like to know the best areas of the U.S. to live in to breathe more oxygen and feel better in retirement. Poisoned places by air pollutants USA

The Buteyko method endorses breath reduction and is against deep breathing. On your breathing CD you seem to advocate a deeper type of breathing as opposed to slow gentle breathing trying to slow down the breathing to as little as 4 breaths per minute. Your method seems to include both a hard and soft approach to breathing. Yes it does, depending. B is about 20% of optimal breathing. One size does not fit all. click here

How long should I hold my breath?  click here

How deep should i breathe?
click here


Why is it mentioned in this site that doing one single exercise in the long run could be of no value and even harmful?  To exercise anything only one way will eventually limit its variety. What if you only did barbell lifts on one arm in just one way, or squats on one leg, or only sang one note. Variety is the spice of life. Breath is life. Variety of breathing is more life than no variety could ever be.


How much oxygen do you breathe in in one breath?  It depends on the altitude. The higher the altitude the less percentage of oxygen.  learn more

Which is better, breathing through you nose or you mouth? Nose. Why?
learn more

How much less oxygen do people with asthma breathe in?  Quite a bit less. That is why is it so uncomfortable. 
Is it fatal? It can be. learn more

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