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#710. You Are The Target
BIG Tobacco: Lies, Scams - Now the Truth

by Georgina Lovell.  200 pages.  
It is part of our Stop Smoking Program.

Foreword by Ray Baker, M.D., F.C.F.P., F.A.S.A.M.
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine
"On September 11, 2001 terrorists murdered 6,000 people and the world mobilized in order to prevent it ever happening again. Yet the tobacco industry kills that many people every week  in North America alone, but their powerful ploys of mass psychological manipulation somehow keep us from reacting. Your book is just the medicine. It is passionate, articulate and readable...As a medical educator whose life is dedicated to prevention of morbidity and mortality from addictive disorders, I am delighted to throw my full support behind this important and very classy book."

Genesis: A Chronology of the Marketing of Nicotine Addiction
Follow the history of tobacco use from the days of Christopher Columbus when one of the first recorded smokers spent 6 years in jail for demonic possession because of the  smoke coming out of his nostrils, to the Philip Morris 1953 claim about their new "miracle ingredient":  D1-G1, di-ethylene glycol, more commonly known as antifreeze; to 2001 when the New York Times refused tobacco advertising dollars and precedent-setting legal victories affected tobacco the only place they notice: their bank balance. 

Chapter I: Women and Children First - Tobacco Targets the Vulnerable
For a century tobacco has targeted women, appealing to their  latent sense of rebellion against a world imposing male dominance and often unattainable expectations of beauty. Smoker Psychology Research, Project SCUM detail tobacco's ruthless pursuit of children. See for yourself how a cartoon character  (alleged by R.J. Reynolds not to be directed at children) boosted sales by $470 million in just three years, with adolescent males as their prime target.

Chapter II: They Will Go Down in History - Tobacco "Saints" and "Ain'ts"
Read about names you know and names you don't, including a Marlboro Man dead from lung cancer at age 53 and a former tobacco top executive who bravely  broke new ground by telling the long-concealed truth about tobacco tactics. No religious connotation about a tobacco "saint" - just high standards of morality and the willingness to place truth and service above personal comfort. What does it take to be an "ain't"? Anyone who places profit over people qualifies - unconditionally.

Chapter III: Tobacco Brand of Science: Junkscience in Its Purest Form
The so-called "light cigarette" scam, freebasing nicotine (a.k.a. "smoking"), asbestos filters sold as "health protection" to millions of trusting smokers: it's all here, with Big Tobacco and their loyal front groups, the same  who call  the World Health Organization World Health Oppression.

Chapter IV: Tobacco Brand of Silence: Why Tell the Truth When Lies Sound Better?
Recent litigation has resulted in public outrage and demand for disclosure from the tobacco cartel about its products. Learn about genetically modified tobacco (to double the nicotine), and a  tobacco executive's assessment of global expansion, "Thinking about Chinese smoking statistics is like trying to think about the limits of space."

Chapter V: Secondhand Smoke, Firsthand Pollution: Tiny Smokestacks Poison a Room
Tobacco prefers to call secondhand smoke environmental tobacco smoke to trivialize what it is: a known human carcinogen, compliant with all industrial standards to define toxic waste. Read how and why.

Chapter VI: Tobacco and the P.R. War - Two Sides of the Same Tarnished Coin
Big Tobacco struggles with creating the illusion they qualify as members of industry who can claim corporate responsibility. Polished public relations firms create advocacy groups ostensibly comprised of Mr. & Mrs. Average Citizen, whose members are carefully chosen to incite smokers to protest  clean indoor air.  Dead smokers do not require income, a place to live or hospital treatment - the reasons Philip Morris used in 2001 to urge the Czech Republic to veto a proposal to raise tobacco taxes.

Chapter VII:  The Beginning of the End - Smoking Bans and Legal Victories
Smoking no longer enjoys the status it once did, as a socially acceptable consumer choice. Smoking has been identified for what it is: the vehicle for delivery of nicotine addiction producing a by-product dangerous to everyone.  Legal victories demand tobacco accountability and send the clear message that tobacco-friendly judges aren't the only ones deciding policy, and jurors aren't fooled tobacco's lies anymore.

Chapter VIII: Millions for Billions - Millions Die for Billions in Tobacco Profits
90% of lung cancer occurs in smokers and ex-smokers; each cigarette delivers the equivalent radiation of one chest x-ray; smoking mothers have twice the average of ectopic ("tubal") pregnancies, deprive a fetus of oxygen and double their babies' risk of SIDS.  Read about the chemicals in secondhand smoke, many of which are not permitted in a sanitary landfill.

Chapter IX: Cigarette Lighter Side - Mouth Fires and Comical Tobacco Liars
There is nothing funny about nicotine addiction and the devastation caused by tobacco. The power of laughter heals and helps.  Enjoy the cartoons and Top Ten Lists re-printed with kind permission of the QuitSmoking Company - and quotes from tobacco executives and others so absurd they have become jokes.

Chapter X: Tobacco, Plague of the New Millenium
Where do we go from here? Smoke-free laws, high tobacco taxes and learning how the benefits of quitting smoking begin following that last puff have become the tobacco-free way forward.

Epilogue and Boycott Lists
Did you know Toblerone chocolate, Miller Beer and that Oscar Meyer hot dogs are brought to you by the tobacco cartel? Learn about tobacco's extensive non-tobacco interests, and join the boycott of Kraft Foods, RJR, Nabisco and more.

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